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Sep. 13th, 2008 04:50 pm
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There could be things in here that make no sense. My excuse is that I've been up since 5:30.

SGA - The Queen )
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Today I got to thinking, thanks to WaT, about how much I want CSI to lock Wendy and Hodges in a closet in the lab until they crack and just make out already. Geez. And then I realized that Hodges and Wendy? Totally McKay and Sheppard. )

Project Runway - 5.07 )
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Today was a good day.

Untitled drabble from May. I'm really quite pleased with this one. Thanks to [ profile] trademybike for helping me figure out how to turn 101 words into 100. ::hugs::

Sheppard/McKay. Apparently I like to stick them in bed together. A lot. I don't know how often I send Kasey something that involves cold feet and/or sleeping.

Sometimes when he's sleepless, Rodney watches John. )
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Hey, I finished something! Short, but finished.

McKay and Sheppard. I wouldn't call it gen, but the Sheppard/McKay is more implication than anything. Involving the events of "The Last Man." Not all hope is lost.

Tomorrow )
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SGA - The Last Man )
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Carter, Keller, and McKay?

Pre-episode thoughts, aka I have way too much time in which to think about this stuff )

Now I'm going to go watch Torchwood and be wonderfully distracted.
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Earlier today Mom and I had a bit of a discussion about Rodney, Katie, John, and SGA in general. Mostly Rodney, which prompted Mom to point out that "he's not real." My response was basically, "Look, I just spent four years talking about fictional people and situations as though they were real, bear with me."

Going back to my last post about interpretation and my own more laid back responses to a lot of the reading I did at SU, I see more and more that my classroom behavior carries over into my everyday behavior. Certain things I will get angry and bitchy about. But when it comes to most works of fiction, be it novel, movie, or show, I tend to get more twitchy than anything. A much lower level of annoyed. Because what good does getting angry about it do me? Not much. So I let things slide and I take what works for me and leave the rest. It keeps me from going crazy with annoyance.

Plus, I like discussing things and the more level-headed I can be, the more I can enjoy the actual act of discussion.

(What's under the cut kind of got away from me. My brain makes weird connections and jumps all over the place and sometimes I just like to type things out. This is what happens when I "think outloud." It can get confusing in person. But maybe some of it will make sense here.)

Anyway, we were talking about Rodney and Katie )


Jan. 18th, 2008 08:07 pm
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So my last post? Yeah, that can basically be ignored now. Short version being: Worked for me.

SGA - Quarantine )
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Started re-watching SG-1 today.

You know what I realized during that first scene with Carter?

Early Carter is totally early McKay. I mean sure, her people skills are better, but she's got some serious attitude about being the best there is. I can see McKay coming in and needing to prove himself like that, coming off as full of it in the process.

They're more alike than Carter would like to admit.


Sep. 19th, 2007 11:41 pm
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I know that there's been some talk about exploring Sheppard's backstory on SGA, but last night while I was watching random bits of season three I realized that it's really Rodney's backstory I'd like to know more about. Partly because leaning Sheppard's has the potential for being really disappointing and McKay's background has already been a little more seeded throughout the series.

Watching parts of "McKay and Mrs. Miller" and "Tao of Rodney," I noticed that Rodney specifically mentions his father and what his father would think/do. But there's no mention of his mother. Which later got me wondering about Rodney's childhood and family life. In "Redemption," he does tell Sam that his parents hated each other and blamed him, which holds with Rodney telling Zelenka (and the rest of the group in "Tao") that his father blamed him for things Jeannie would do. Sounds like Rodney got blamed for a lot of things as a kid. So it's not a complete surprise that he would turn out defensive (and offensive) in his handling of people. Barrel through them and what are they going to do? Can't blame you if you're always right.

I'm just a lot more curious about Rodney's childhood than I am about John's. And that's probably because we have gotten little glimpses into it. With John it's a blank slate so far.

I guess what this strange sort of flipping back and forth between McKay and Sheppard and trust/no trust in the writers really comes down to is my desire for new SGA and my fear that it won't be any good.
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SciFi played SG-1's two-parter "Redemption." Which meant I was flipping back and forth between a marathon of ANTM and that just to catch the good McKay bits. Like his Anubis mocking. And the pianist confession. Oh, Rodney. Seriously, I think even if I had seen him on SG-1 first I still would have liked him.

Then EB came over and we watched Doctor Who (during which she was a bit tipsy, which was amusing) and Azumanga Daioh. The song from the end credits is now stuck in my head. It's fine, but all I know is "raspberry heaven" and that's partially because it's the only part in English. At least, that I can remember.

Of course, we could have gone to Hastings for the Harry Potter release party, but we didn't. It will be at least next week before I buy/read it. Partly because I seem to have become generally contrary and partly because I am willing to have it last a few more days. But if anybody spoils me? DOOM. Though I will admit to being mighty curious about what everyone has to say. So staying away from reviews/responses will be hard until I've read it myself.
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Rodney is no poet. )
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This came about because I was trying to distract [ profile] olivelavonne from her day-before-a-new-job jitters. What started as simply imagining John and Rodney in a Costco environment turned into imagining John in an apron and then John baking. Which has sort of become my new favorite image. Then [ profile] ginnith got involved and I couldn't not write something. So comment fic. In which John owns a bakery. The whole conversation is here.

The newly added title makes me giggle.

Hot Cross Buns )
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While I should have been working on something school related, I was writing this. Many thanks to [ profile] trademybike for giving me feedback. Without it, I would have gotten fed up with this and it would be unfinished, collecting dust on the hard-drive.

Set after season three's "Sunday." I don't actually mention who has died, partly because I didn't feel it was completely necessary and partly because I didn't want to blab it to Kasey. So without the specifics, I guess you could pretend it was anyone's death.

Half-Light )
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I'm wondering how long I can go without spoiling myself silly over season four of SGA. So far the only things I know about involve casting, and that's very general. Hopefully, I can control myself and keep it that way.

Spoilers are such a funny thing for me, too. For the most part, I don't like to be spoiled, but sometimes something just snaps and omg I don't care tell me now! I like going into things not knowing anything, though. Keeps things more interesting and less angsty for me, because usually the spoilers I actually end up hearing have gripes attached (which is fine!) and that makes me unhappy with the show. Which usually turns out to be pointless because I end up enjoying everything anyway.

Seriously, I am so easy to please. As far as SGA's concerned anyway. Except for "Irresponsible." That was, well, irresponsible. I'm very disappointed with them and their choices there. Oh, and their continual use of the "Even McKay" line. Although I can happily live in slash-land and pretend Sheppard doth protest too much. (The doofus.)

I will say that spoilers aren't completely bad. I had vague spoilers for "Trinity" that really made me worry for McKay and Sheppard and their relationship. (Friendships are relationships too!) So the fact that I was freaked out about how badly it could potentially go only ended up highlighting how good it actually was. The sense of relief that things hadn't gone completely to hell just added to my enjoyment.

And I love that episode. At that point I was still watching Smallville and was basically fed up with Lex and Clark and their inability to talk to each other about anything or admit that they were wrong in front of each other. I was thrilled by the final apology scene between McKay and Sheppard. I also kind of like that it reminds me of his apology to Sam in "Redemption." There's something very subdued and slightly awkward in both of those scenes.

Anyway, not the point! The point is that I think this season and much rather not expect anything and let things come as they may. That way hopefully expectations, either good or bad, won't be built up.

Although, man, I really want to know if there's anything out there that would have me tearing my hair and crying, "Why PTB? WHY?!"

::tries to practice self-control::
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SGA - Submersion )

Maybe later today, if I can get some actual work done, I'll be able to watch last week's episode. That way I'll be all caught up for, omg, the season finale.
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When I'm supposed to be working on school work, I tend to retreat into all of those AUs I'm not actually writing. Like the one where Sheppard's a spy, McKay's a Bond girl (except not really), and Beckett's a harrassed doctor friend (so like normal). )

There's a part of me that wishes I'd just go for original characters, but these ones are so much fun to play with. I've got several scenes in mind for this, but I am crap at plot. Blah. So now this has become one of my ways of getting through really boring classes.
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Oh, Nip/Tuck. See you whenever you come back, you crazy crazy show. Favorite line of the night? "Don't forget to sage the nursery, his ex-wife screwed a dwarf in there." I will add... )

Now that I've finally seen the new ep of SGA, I can comment on it. Exciting. Probably lots of repetition under the cut.

SGA - Tao of Rodney )


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