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Because it's the end of the year and I've been thinking about writing a lot, I thought I'd actually post my thoughts, go back and re-think a few things. What better way than a meme?

It may not be a lot for other people, but there are a few things I'm proud of. Especially the fact that I branched out more than I was expecting. I went from toying with just SGA, to toying with Due South, High School Musical, NCIS, Torchwood, Wilby Wonderful, and Without a Trace. For me, this was very exciting.

A Year in Writing )
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Today was a good day.

Untitled drabble from May. I'm really quite pleased with this one. Thanks to [ profile] trademybike for helping me figure out how to turn 101 words into 100. ::hugs::

Sheppard/McKay. Apparently I like to stick them in bed together. A lot. I don't know how often I send Kasey something that involves cold feet and/or sleeping.

Sometimes when he's sleepless, Rodney watches John. )
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A drabble I found sitting around in a file from late last year. Thanks go to [ profile] trademybike for helping me cut this down to my self-imposed target length. I hate leaving things untitled, but oh well.

Untitled. John/Rodney. First kiss.

John should be scared. )
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My ability to fit anything into 100 words is broken at the moment. I keep trying to drabble things, end up going over, and then can't bring myself to cut or change things. This one's 110.

Anyway, a couple of days ago [ profile] ginnith asked for rain and a porch and got NCIS fic that didn't quite hit the prompt on the head. Every time I tried something, all the characters would stop me and say, "What porch where?" But then John and Rodney showed up and all was right with the world.

In my recent ventures into other fandoms/shows, I forgot a little how much I love these guys.

Small Miracles )
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Hey, I finished something! Short, but finished.

McKay and Sheppard. I wouldn't call it gen, but the Sheppard/McKay is more implication than anything. Involving the events of "The Last Man." Not all hope is lost.

Tomorrow )
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Written a couple of months ago. This is one of those fics that makes me giggle a lot and then I feel lame because that's kind of like laughing at your own jokes. I'm going to blame [ profile] trademybike for this one. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't have the pick up line.

John/Rodney. Pick up lines.

Discovery Channel )
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Thanks to [ profile] trademybike for reading through this and giving me a hand.

John/Rodney. Mentions some of the events of "Miller's Crossing" very briefly. A slight change in focus occurs.

Seen Through )
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Not all the SGA fic I write involves Sheppard and McKay. Just most of it. About a year and a half ago I wrote this almost-drabble about Weir and only recently realized I never posted it outside of a private lock. I figured it was maybe time to post it publicly.

The title's from T.S. Eliot's "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock," which is one of those poems that I love (and isn't by John Donne) and one of those poems that I think everybody probably uses part of for a title. For whatever reason, parts of it have become connected with Elizabeth in my mind.

Weir. 110 words. Set after "Before I Sleep," but no spoilers for anything. Elizabeth dreams and walks.

'Til Human Voices Wake Us )
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Another older piece. Thanks to [ profile] trademybike for helping me clean it up a bit and pushing me to explain things instead of falling back on words like "somehow." It even allowed me to fit Walter in there! Barely.

John/Rodney. Set between "The Siege Part 3" and "Intruder." John needs a place to stay.

Home )
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This is not at all new. Except for the parts that [ profile] trademybike helped me fix up. It's fluff and I think most of my friends have read it in some form already, but I thought I'd post it so it doesn't become lost in the rest of my files.

John/Rodney. Off-world. A moment of realization.

Not a Big Deal )
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Seattle for the weekend! Birthday things and seeing people. It'll be great.

Last night our internet just stopped working. Turned out power had been lost...somewhere. But before that happened, I wandered over to [ profile] sgastoryfinders because I was mildly bored. And sometimes there's some good stuff. But sometimes...Sometimes I stare and go, "OMG, fandom. Really?" and then hide. Not to be, y'know, disrespectful or anything, but there is some crazy stuff out there.

I don't know why I haven't mentioned this here before, but I have a TV rec. Pushing Daisies on ABC. Lee Pace (who I loved in Wonderfalls) plays Ned, a pie-maker, who can bring the dead back to life with one touch. However, if he touches them again, they die for good. If he lets them live for more than a minute after he's touched them, someone else has to die instead. The concept may put some people off and I've read reviews by people who thought it was too weird for weekly television. Which makes me wonder about myself as well as them because I didn't bat an eye at the idea. I just thought it sounded neat.

Anyway, I am...ridiculously in love with it. It's beautiful and quirky and imaginative and I want to curl up with it and a fluffy blanket and a cup of tea and never move.
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Last Sunday was kind of crappy for me, so I spent the afternoon writing what is basically hurt/comfort fic. Only the hurt is really only hinted at. Mostly I was interested in the comfort part. Many thanks to [ profile] trademybike for reading it over and telling me what sounded wonky and what didn't.

Home Safe )
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Rodney is no poet. )
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This came about because I was trying to distract [ profile] olivelavonne from her day-before-a-new-job jitters. What started as simply imagining John and Rodney in a Costco environment turned into imagining John in an apron and then John baking. Which has sort of become my new favorite image. Then [ profile] ginnith got involved and I couldn't not write something. So comment fic. In which John owns a bakery. The whole conversation is here.

The newly added title makes me giggle.

Hot Cross Buns )
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Written a week or two ago. Schmoopy. But sometimes you've just got to write.

Now, seriously, back to the paper.

Touch )
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While I should have been working on something school related, I was writing this. Many thanks to [ profile] trademybike for giving me feedback. Without it, I would have gotten fed up with this and it would be unfinished, collecting dust on the hard-drive.

Set after season three's "Sunday." I don't actually mention who has died, partly because I didn't feel it was completely necessary and partly because I didn't want to blab it to Kasey. So without the specifics, I guess you could pretend it was anyone's death.

Half-Light )
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A few days ago [ profile] sheafrotherdon held a comment festival of John/Rodney kisses. For once, I felt like I actually had something to contribute.

Kissing Drabble )


In other news, I'm two pages away from being finished with the final paper for Asian American Lit. Also must do the take-home part. Well, not "must" because he's made it optional. But I'd prefer to have slightly less weight placed on the paper. Especially because I feel like I'm doing nothing but repeating "authentic," "performative," and "identity" over and over.

Tuesday night I got back from work feeling pretty crappy. Woke up in the next morning with my throat almost swollen shut. It was not fun. Still went to work, though, because otherwise I felt mostly fine.

Caught the episode of Futurama with Fry's fossilized dog Seymour ("Jurassic Bark"?). I didn't know Futurama was capable of making me cry. Sneaky bastards. So very sad.

Watching the end of Strictly Ballroom. Shiny, shiny movie.
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I'm finding Capellanus's The Art of Courtly Love hilarious.

From Book I, Chapter V, "What Persons are Fit for Love" -

"You should know that everyone of sound mind who is capable of doing the work of Venus may be wounded by one of Love's arrows unless prevented by age, or blindness, or excess of passion."

Later it says, "Blindness is a bar to love, because a blind man cannot see anything upon which his mind can reflect immoderately. But I admit that this is true only of the acquiring of love, for I do not deny that a love which a man acquires before his blindness may last after he becomes blind."

I'm having entirely too much fun reading this. And the thing is, even though it's all ridiculous, a lot of it's pretty true. I think the hilarity comes from the fact that these "rules" are laid out on the page, right there, and they're stated so matter of factly that you can't help but laugh at them. And then there's the fact that, seriously, everything is hilarious when I'm tired.

Oh, like today the girl I sit next to in Irish Lit was telling me about how her friend's boyfriend just got deported. Which we both found inappropriately funny. And then she told me he was deported to Canada and that just made it better for some reason. I think we were both a little stressed over the midterm that was minutes away.

Midterm went well enough. Don't want to think about it anymore.

I've been doing a lot of writing lately. I have a Word document entitled "Drabbles & Things" which is a catchall for very short stories and drabbles and the occasional random idea or line and I just realized that it's thirty pages long. Thirty pages of random stuff. I was skimming through it earlier and found some things that made me pause and go, "Wait a minute, I don't remember writing that..." And then it all clicks and I wonder why I stopped.

Like this one, where Rodney and John are captured by restless natives... )

I'm not sure where I was going with that. Well, specifically. I can imagine where I was going with it generally.

Vaguely inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. By which I mean I go the idea while watching the movie. I remember digging through my bag for pen and sticky note and scribbling it quickly in the dark. This is exactly why I have sticky notes in every bag I own.

Okay, back to courtly love.

And it's funny that I just typed that about blindness and love and right now Music From Another Room is on TV and the blind character is currently in the process of falling in love.
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When I'm supposed to be working on school work, I tend to retreat into all of those AUs I'm not actually writing. Like the one where Sheppard's a spy, McKay's a Bond girl (except not really), and Beckett's a harrassed doctor friend (so like normal). )

There's a part of me that wishes I'd just go for original characters, but these ones are so much fun to play with. I've got several scenes in mind for this, but I am crap at plot. Blah. So now this has become one of my ways of getting through really boring classes.
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Written during winter break. Apparently, this is what happens when I'm exhausted after a quarter of English and philosophy and attempt to cheer myself up.

SGA Fic. Alternate universe. Sheppard/McKay.

Spring Break )


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