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This Donne paper is slow starting. Or slow continuing, rather, as I know my beginning is solid.

The problem being that I need to talk about Helen Gardner to establish some background and on the first critical problem statement, McDowell warned me against focusing on her too much. Because we basically all know she sucks she has problems her sequencing is wonky.

So I'm a little worried there's too much Gardner. Which is dumb, because if I could just finish this little bit of Gardner I can move on and forget about her, getting into my own argument.
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Nineteenth-Century French Novel: DONE
Chaucer: DONE
Donne: Not done

Today has, so far, been a crappy day. But it's looking to shape up now that I've turned in my finals for today and (finally) taken a nice, long, hot shower with Philosophy's Vanilla Ice Cream body lotion (yum). I feel deliciously clean and warm now.

And now there may be margaritas in my future. And people I see very little of these days. So those are pluses. Let's hear it for a relaxing afternoon/evening! I'll focus on Donne tomorrow.

But I feel like I need to send special shout outs (woo) to Natasha and Rachel for being so amazingly awesome and supportive and understanding.

Y'know, really? Love to everyone on my flist. I may not comment a lot, but I read everything and think y'all are fantastic. When I need a break from essays, you keep me sane. So, thank you. :)


Jun. 4th, 2007 11:18 am
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I love it when it rains here after it's been so hot and muggy.

I'm posting because I'm stuck on this French novel essay. Well, not stuck. Avoiding. Even though I'm supposed to have the rough draft done by 1:30 to give to my peer reviewer.

So I'm avoiding by making this completely pointless post and watching The Colbert Report.
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::does Hiro arms::


Was a beautiful day in Seattle. Sunny and warm, just right for turning in those last finals.

Now if only my throat wasn't quite so scratchy...
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A few days ago [ profile] sheafrotherdon held a comment festival of John/Rodney kisses. For once, I felt like I actually had something to contribute.

Kissing Drabble )


In other news, I'm two pages away from being finished with the final paper for Asian American Lit. Also must do the take-home part. Well, not "must" because he's made it optional. But I'd prefer to have slightly less weight placed on the paper. Especially because I feel like I'm doing nothing but repeating "authentic," "performative," and "identity" over and over.

Tuesday night I got back from work feeling pretty crappy. Woke up in the next morning with my throat almost swollen shut. It was not fun. Still went to work, though, because otherwise I felt mostly fine.

Caught the episode of Futurama with Fry's fossilized dog Seymour ("Jurassic Bark"?). I didn't know Futurama was capable of making me cry. Sneaky bastards. So very sad.

Watching the end of Strictly Ballroom. Shiny, shiny movie.
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I was really anxious about today. I didn't get to sleep until sometime after four am yesterday because I was wide awake. Having not had any caffeine since lunch time, there was no reason for this other than the slow constriction in my chest commonly known as me freaking out over finals. Even though I know I'm going to be fine. And, yes, I'm well aware that it's pushing three am. This is normal for me.

Things I Did Today (Monday):

- Turned in Yeats paper. FINALLY. Irish Literature is done. Last Friday we watched Gaelic football. I could actually see myself getting into it. Unlike American football, which always seems to be full of waiting for things to happen if you ask me, those guys didn't stop moving once. Today we watched hurling. That was fun, too.

- Wrote seven pages of the (minimum) ten page paper for Masculinity. They're not as bad as I thought they would be. I'm a little concerned at the organization of the thing, but other than that it feels pretty solid to me so far. Due tomorrow before 4:30/5:00.

- Watched The Riches on FX with Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver. I'm going to give up watching The Black Donnellys to watch this instead. Weird hearing EI without his accent, though.

- Refrained from posting fanfic. Apparently my avoidance technique when it comes to writing essays is fiddling with fic. I think it has to do with being forced to stare at the computer and having all those wordy documents waiting to be opened.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) I Will:

- Finish the Masculinity paper, turn it in, and do a dance of triumph. Okay, so maybe not the dance. And if there is dancing it will definitely not be done in the English Department. That would be awkward.

- Meet with people from Asian American Lit to go over the take home final. Apparently half of the people in the group that was meeting decided they weren't going to do the take home (it was optional). Which is all well and good, but then it was just going to be me and one other girl and I'm not necessarily very helpful with stuff like this. But someone else is coming too, so hopefully we'll all get something out of it.

- Work. Which will be less annoying than it sometimes can be (it's really not bad at all) because I don't really have any homework to worry about completing. Just a paper that's due Friday and the take home mentioned above.

After tomorrow afternoon, I'm taking the rest of Tuesday and at least half of Wednesday to do nothing at all. Read for fun. Watch TV. Sleep in. Y'know, lazy things. Lazy, pre-spring break things.

Speaking of spring break, [ profile] olivelavonne is coming home with me! I'm excited. Hopefully she won't be bored out of her mind.
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Two weeks, in a glance:

- Thursday: Asian American Lit. Exploratory Narrative
- Monday: Irish Lit. Essay
- Tuesday: Masculinity Essay
- Friday: Asian American Lit. Essay, Take Home Exam


There's also a quiz on Wednesday. No big.

Bought the new album by The Shins. Haven't had a chance on listening to it yet, though. That's what work's for. :)

Also saw Stranger Than Fiction over the weekend. Loved it. And pre-ordered season two of SGA. Because it FINALLY comes out tomorrow in the US and I won't be shopping anytime soon.

Mom's threatening to look up BSG spoilers and then call me randomly with them. I told her I'd just stop answering the phone.

I also think I'm coming down with a cold. Blah.


Dec. 8th, 2006 08:13 am
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I've had about 3/3.5 hours of sleep, but I've just finished e-mailing all of my finals off.

I declare my work for fall quarter '06 officially DONE.

Excuse me while I go giggle hysterically in relief and exhaustion.
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In some ways finals at home are easier because I'm away from the stress of school.

But mostly it's just really hard to do school work when I'm at home and my body's going "VACATION" at me.

One paper down. One paper and some questions to go.

Then I can finally catch up on all those shows I've been putting off.
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I am officially done with finals. Thank goodness. In the middle of packing for check-out at 1:40. Can't wait to get home and crash. Also, puppies! Puppies to play with!

There is some sad, though. Half of my friends graduate on Sunday. I hope you guys know that I'm going to miss you all. A lot. ♥s the lot of you.


Jun. 8th, 2006 12:24 am
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Work was semi-crappy because of all the books flooding in and then I get back to the dorm and find that somehow I didn't save the new page I'd added to my film essay.

Damn it.

It's not that big of a deal, but it's just one more page I have to get out. Again.
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I've gotten a lot less done today than I planned. I'm about half-way through my Lone Star paper and half-way through my Ethnic American Lit paper.

Hopefully I'll finish LS after I get off of work tonight. I'd also like to get more done for Tung.

Thursday all depends on how much I can make myself do before I go to bed.

Sara dropped her plants and sea monkeys off so Natasha can watch them over the summer. They are the biggest sea monkeys I've ever seen. Which isn't saying a whole lot because I haven't actually seen that many. But whatever.

I blame the weather for me procrastinating.

Ah well, work now. Where I will probably spend four hours shelving. Ick. Good thing I've got my tunes!
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Today is a better day than yesterday. This probably has to do with the fact that the pesky Asian Religions final is out of the way. I didn't study for it for very long, but I feel pretty good about it. Next quarter's Buddhist Philosophy should be interesting.

I am also half-way done with my paper for Ethnic American Lit. Approximately four more pages to go and it's not technically due until Friday. I've watched Lone Star twice and taken quite a few notes.

I need to:

- write Lone Star analysis
- finish Ethnic American Lit paper
- do EAL take-home
- pack and vacuum.

But right now I'm going to take some time to relax. I just had a frappacino and I'm sitting here with spice drops and new pictures from SGA (and what a nice treat to find on the internet during finals). It's not too hot in the room and work is three and an half hours away.

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I started this morning with two solid pages for Ethnic American Lit (going on to the third page), and now only have one and an half solid pages. Was completely dissatisfied with the sucktastic-ness of the paper and scrapped it.

Okay, so it did suck suck. It just...wasn't that great. I'm having a lot of trouble writing it, which is ridiculous considering I had the exploratory narrative done for it last week. I think this is just me not wanting to do anything.

I want to finish it today and study for Asian Religions. Then tonight I think I'll watch Lone Star again, taking notes this time. Tuesday I'll work on/write the paper for film class and get Asian Religions out of the way. I'd like to be done with everything by Thursday so I can have that day to relax, see people before I leave, and pack. Hopefully this will work out.

Friday night I'm totally curling up with some sci-fi and alcohol and totally not doing anything school related for at least a month.

This day is made better by the new profile of David Hewlett from the SGA DVDs.
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As of last night I am done with classes for spring quarter 2006.


Finals Week -

- Monday: Nada!
- Tuesday: Asian Religions final, Work
- Wednesday: Work
- Thursday: Art of Film paper (Lone Star)
- Friday: Ethnic American Lit paper and take-home final, MOVE OUT

I'll be home Friday afternoon.

Today I finished watching season one of Sports Night. Pretty much love it to death.

Good times.

Although, Seattle weather is wacky today. First it was overcast and then it poured without warning and now it's sunny. Natasha and I got caught out in the downpour and had to make our way through the parking garages but we still got soaked. We were barely out there and the rain soaked right through my sweater.

I'm not complaining though. I love the rain.
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Brokeback Chaucer.

I found it amusing.

Just need to type up acknowledgments, print the paper out, and turn it in before I can say I am officially done. Take THAT winter quarter!
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Yesterday Sara came over with mashed potatoes (hand mashed!) and meatball-things. We traded episodes of Farscape and Space Above and Beyond. Good times.

Today, Natasha and I walked downtown so that I could buy my own copy of BSG season one. I'm so forcing the miniseries on my parents over break. Also bought a Vienna Teng CD. I've just recently gotten into her music, and I really like what I've heard so far. Especially "My Medea." (Woo, mythology!)

Meanwhile, I have four and an half pages written about Paradise Lost. Need about four more pages to finish it. And then I am *done*.
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My Texts in Context final was this morning. Not too difficult. But waiting for Dr. Bean to get there and administer the test was kind of annoying. Luis (the creepy one) came in and was talking to, well, basically the majority of the girls in the class and one guy about their studying. In the course of five minutes he used the word "hella" lord knows how many times.

"Did you get quotes? You got a lot? That's hella tight!" "I took hella notes on that." "...hella different terms."

Now, I have been known to, on occasion, say "hella." Mostly I'm not being serious. But, y'know, if it's your thing, go with it. However, every sentence does not need to contain "hella." It's hella annoying.

For a Creative Writing/English major you'd think he'd have a larger vocabulary.

Also, for the first time today I heard the Black Eyed Peas "My Humps" in its entirity. Um. Yeah. No words. So then I watched Brad Paisley's video for "Celebrity," which I kind of adore a lot. Especially the end with William Shatner. "I like the end." "You mean the part where the guitars go high?" "No. The end. When you stop. I like that."

Anyway. I'm kind of taking the rest of the day off, except for work tonight. Just a paper to write for Texts in Context and that's due Friday, so I've got some procrastination time that I'm going to go ahead and use right now.
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Why are people being loud? QUIET HOURS. FINALS WEEK. SHEESH.

Finished the first half of BSG's second season. Wasn't planning on it, but decided that things weren't that pressing for tomorrow. Ten episodes left and I'll be caught up with the show.

Creepy, icky Lt. Thorne was Fred on Nero Wolfe. It was bizarre seeing him be so awful when Fred was slightly bumbling. Also, Lorne from SGA is supposed to be in the next ep.

Anyway. I'm going to take the mini home with me so I can force it on my parents. While I'm home for break we're supposed to go see V for Vendetta. I kind of want to talk Tom into going to see The Hills Have Eyes with me. I know, I know. It's not my usual thing, but damn if I'm not curious having now seen the original and talked to Kasey about it.

I'm also going to sit Mom down and make her watch "Grace Under Pressure." Because I can't keep going on and on about that episode and not have her know what I'm talking about. We did talk after she watched SGA's finale. The first thing she said was, "When are they just going to make it the John and Rodney show? I mean, they've already picked up each other's mannerisms!" Heh. Then we briefly talked about the 'To Be Continued.' )

It has recently occurred to me that I don't have to take any more philosophy. HA. Take *that* Jesuit education!
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No more classes for me! WOO. One in-class exam, two take-home exams/papers, and a final paper to go and then I am done for this quarter. Go me.

Had a fun time at Kasey's last night. Went over and watched the original The Hills Have Eyes. OMG, so bad! So so bad. But I can't really remember the last time I laughed that hard for that long. Then we watched a thing about Anne Frank. I'm not going to explain that, but we had our reasons. Plus, I finally got to see an episode of Clone High. I think I'm going to have to see more, because that was kind of brilliant. :)

Now I'm waiting (patiently) for my aunt to give me a ring and (impatiently) for Dr. Cumberland to e-mail the take-home exam. I suppose I was hoping for too much when I thought she'd get it to us in a timely manner.


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