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I plan on making two cuts in this post, both to hide movie spoilers. So there. :)

Friday Natasha and I went downtown and had lunch at Mexico. I had their excellent Borderline margarita (half-lime, half-strawberry - yummity yum yum) and the chipotle mango chicken. Gooooood. Also half of Natasha's margarita. Yea margaritas. Then we saw Waitress.

I really enjoyed it. Everyone was great in it, especially Keri Russell who I honestly hadn't seen much of having never watched Felicity. And Nathan Fillion was lovely.

What I particularly liked about the movie was the ending. I liked that Jenna and Dr. Pomatter didn't end up together and that his wife didn't appear to be a horrible woman. I mean, yeah, awful that he cheated on her, but one horrible spouse was enough in the movie. I loved that this wasn't really a movie about a love story or a man saving her, but Jenna finding herself and becoming whole and healthy herself.

I was just looking up the movie (so I could spell Russell's name) and was lead to Adrienne Shelly's biography. I don't really have any words. Just a big sense of loss as the movie and character and so the writer/director/actress is still fresh in my mind.

Then Mom came over and on Saturday we went with Kay and Tris to see PotC: At World's End.

First I will say that despite the length and the complete and utter ridiculousness of the whole thing, I liked it. I was amused for a few hours. There was ships and sword fighting and some really pretty/cool shots and I am super easy to entertain.

That being said, there was a part of me (tiny, tiny part) that thought I probably wouldn't miss much if I left after they killed Norrington.

And the thing is that I was fully expecting it. I just knew Norrington wasn't going to make it. I mean, what else were they going to do with his character? Sure, he could have continued as he had been prior to Dead Man's Chest. Or he could have become a pirate like everyone else in the movies. (Seriously, is there no other occupation?) But neither of those would have been quite right. So with the whole character arc they had going, the only way it really could have ended was with Norrington's redemptive death. Which, yeah, I have no problem with.

My issue is with how they did it. I won't bring up the lack of screen time, because he's not a main character. But they offed him, like, half-way (less? more?) through the movie. He could have gotten off the Dutchman with Elizabeth and been killed later doing something heroic. And, okay, I'll admit that really I just wanted to see him stickin' it to the man with everyone (::cough::jack::cough::) being a little weirded about about it because WTH, they thought Norrington was the man. I like it when people are thrown by people they thought they knew.

So, y'know, kill him if you have to, but at least give me some interaction with Jack and some of that lovely snarking.

But in a 'verse where bringing people back when they're only dead isn't that hard, I guess there's always the possibility of return.

Beyond Norrington (admiral!), though, Jack got crabs from Tia Dalma. Who turned out to be Calypso. I know it's stupid that I should be all willing to believe cursed pirate treasure and crazy tentacled pirates and then have trouble believing in goddesses being bound in human form, but I have to admit I found that a little ridiculous. And then a lot ridiculous when they released her. It was a little, well, cheesy.

And Jack made eyes at a goat! OMG. Mom and I sort of looked and clutched at each other in an disbelieving/horrified manner.

I actually found Will and Elizabeth (and Will/Elizabeth) interesting. Yea. And I loved the bit at the end of the credits. Plus, apparently there was a scene cut from the movie in which they explain that if the person on land (Elizabeth, Tia Dalma/Calypso) remains faithful to the one on the Flying Dutchman (Will, Davey Jones) than after that first ten years the curse is broken. That's nice for them. Pity they didn't explain this AT ALL in the film.

Liked the circularity of the whole thing, too. And the Jack and Gibb's "bros before hos" moment near the end.

I had other things to say, but mostly I wanted to get that Norrington stuff off of my chest.

Today was the last day of classes. French novel was canceled and we had Donne in a bar. McDowell had a Guinness while we talked poetry. I find this amusing. It was also my last night at work. I'm very sad to be leaving Trish and Brian.

It has occurred to me that with EB spending July on the farm, I can force Doctor Who and BSG on her. Mwuahahaha. Yea.


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