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I have this random desire to see Vala and Jack Sparrow in fic together.
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I plan on making two cuts in this post, both to hide movie spoilers. So there. :)

Friday Natasha and I went downtown and had lunch at Mexico. I had their excellent Borderline margarita (half-lime, half-strawberry - yummity yum yum) and the chipotle mango chicken. Gooooood. Also half of Natasha's margarita. Yea margaritas. Then we saw Waitress )

Then Mom came over and on Saturday we went with Kay and Tris to see PotC: At World's End )

Today was the last day of classes. French novel was canceled and we had Donne in a bar. McDowell had a Guinness while we talked poetry. I find this amusing. It was also my last night at work. I'm very sad to be leaving Trish and Brian.

It has occurred to me that with EB spending July on the farm, I can force Doctor Who and BSG on her. Mwuahahaha. Yea.
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I just squashed a bug that was like a centipede but not a centipede. It was an an inch and an half long and it was gross and wriggly.

And I'm wired and I can't sleep.

I blame television.

And I'm having an awful time finishing Dogeaters. (I typed "Godeaters" at first. That'd be an interesting read.) I'd start something else, but I feel I have to finish this one first.

Maybe going to see PotC2 with my parents tomorrow. Told Mom they should have cut out the whole bit with the cannibals. "Because there wasn't enough Norrington?" Yeah, pretty much. Less flesh-eating, more ass-kicking.

Watched some of the behind-the-scenes stuff on Doctor Who and, hey, they're narrated by Simon Pegg.

Why can't my brain just have an off-switch?

Yo Ho

Jul. 8th, 2006 11:42 pm
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So, that new pirate movie came out. Which, actually, makes it sound kind of gay. Which, actually, it kind of was. Something I have no problem with. Yea subtext.

So basically )

Now I want to go dig out the Jack Davenport DVDs I own and read novels by C.S. Forester and Patrick O'Brian.

Speaking of DVDs, tonight at Hastings I saw a row of Danielle Steele movies and, just for giggles, looked for the one with Joe Flanigan. They had it. Showed it to Mom and explained it as the one "where Joe is a gay photographer." She took one look at him and said, "Well, he looks like a gay photographer." And, hey, Leo from Charmed was in it. I forgot about that.
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Been home since yesterday. Yea, I guess. Wanted to e-mail and catch up with people, but the internet decided to stop working. So I tried writing, something I didn't do the whole week in Seattle, and ended up with some stuff I'm pretty happy with and other stuff that just wouldn't come out the way I wanted. I'm going to blame that on the tiredness.

Let me get a rant out of the way. )

So, yeah. Obviously that's something I have issues with. And maybe I can admit that part of my reaction to the e-mail is specific to the person who sent it. I don't want to name names, but this person has used the phrase "blinded by God" in a completely serious way. Now, I don't want to come off as making fun of any religion, but I'm finding more and more that things like that just sound silly to me.

Now, random, more fun stuff.

Am slowly making my way through last season of Doctor Who. I'm kind of ridiculously charmed by all of it. And the music gets stuck in my head whenever I think about it. I like the fact that things specific to the Doctor Who-verse are explained along the way. My mom was a big fan of the show when she was younger, and I'd seen enough bits and pieces on PBS to get the general picture, but not enough to understand how things worked. It's nice that if I have a question about something within the show, it usually gets explained by the end of the episode. Now, if only I could actually find it on DVD. [ profile] olivelavonne should consider herself warned for being subjected to another show in the fall. I think she would enjoy the Doctor.

I wasn't planning on seeing Pirates of the Caribbean 2 until sometime next week, but last night I saw a behind-the-scenes special on Starz and, well, I have no self-control. And then Neesha suggested we see it and I was going to suggest that we wait a couple of days, but then I thought about the special and, yeah. I can't wait. Overall, I don't know how I'll feel about it after seeing it, but I think I'll be happy as long as the clip with Norrington that they showed last night is in the final cut. Because guh. Maybe I'll change my tune about Orlando Bloom. Wouldn't that be weird?

This morning I had a dream where I was on campus but not. There was more lawn and there was some modern sculptures and lawn furniture and places to hang out. (It actually reminded me of some of the Tollan stuff on SG-1.) I can't remember how it all worked out, if e-mailing happened first or if I randomly ran into him and we hit it off, but I ended up meeting Richard Dean Anderson. We really hit it off and soon he was coming around all of the time to do stuff. It was kind of weird, but a lot of fun. I think I kept trying to post about stuff we did together (I think we played chess outside at one point), but every time I went to write something I'd decide that actually, no, I didn't want to share that RDA and I were BFF.

And then I think Mom woke me up.

Finally saw the Stargate promo with McKay in the elevator. I love him when he's smug. And the rest of the time, too.

Staying away from SG-1/SGA spoilers is getting harder, but there's only a week left and I am determined to make it. I know some broad things. It's the specifics I don't want to hear.
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I went to church with Grandma this morning. First time I'd been since, hmm, Christmas I suppose. It wasn't too bad, but there seemed to be some weird undercurrent going on. Or maybe I'm just bored and looking for subtext where there's only text. The priest at my home parish is fairly regularly late to mass, but today he was, according to some people's watches (not mine), on time. Grandma turned to me before hand and said something amounting to, "I guess someone called him on it." Maybe that put ideas in my head. But then the deacon gave his sermon and midway through said something about, "No offense to Father." Either I missed something, or there's been more tension than usual at our rinky-dinky church. It's quite possible I missed something though, I kind of zoned out at one point. Shame on me.

Mostly I went because I feel guilty not going when I'm at home. And I won't be around next week.

Anyway, after mass I talked to a few people. Twice people mentioned how wonderful they've heard my writing is and asked when am I going to be published. Before mass Neesha's grandma asked me the same thing and reminded me that when it happens she gets a first edition signed copy.

And all I could think was, wow, I'm going to disappoint all of you.

And then I was a bit depressed.

So we came home and I finished reading Jasper Fforde's The Big Over Easy: A Nursery Crime. It was fun and enjoyable in the way that all of Fforde's writing has been so far. (I still highly recommend his Thursday Next series. Especially if you're into literature.) It was slow reading for me, though. I don't know if that was because of a fault on the writing's part, or just me having trouble focusing on anything. I think mostly it's the latter. There was some strange word-thing going on at the beginning of the final chapter, and either it was an editing/publishing error, or Fforde just didn't explain it. Sometimes you can't tell with his stuff.

I think I'm going to finish reading Jessica Hagedorn's Dogeaters. It was the final novel assigned in Ethnic American Literature and as I already had the focus of my final paper, I let it fall behind. is my friend. The other day I ordered, among other things, Sports Night. Because I need to see the rest of it! And because I love every character. And it's great. I'm excited to get it.

I'm going to Seattle on June 28 to return on July 5. Mom and I will be house- and dog-sitting. Sometime during that period we're going to kidnap pick up Natasha at SU and go apartment supply shopping. Mom says it's also highly likely that we can see Superman Returns as well. Now if only I was in the Seattle area for Pirates of the Caribbean as well. I've got the theme music stuck in my head already. And every time a preview comes on I'm like, "OMG Norrington!" and Mom goes, "Where? Where?" So I pointed out his arm. And then I showed her pictures and she went, "ooh."

And, wow, the week after that's out, SGA and SG-1 come back. The beginning of July is going to be good.
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So, Natasha and I are sitting here watching Queen of the Damned. I'm totally re-watching it for Paul McGann and Claudia Black. (Paul! Claudia!) Watched Jeepers Creepers with Lisa earlier. Whoop-de-doo. It's fun, really. Nice to just sort of relax and chill for a bit. Of course, if it weren't Halloween, we'd probably be sitting and chilling and watching Smallville. But that's neither here nor there.

Thursday Natasha and I are going to see a special sneak preview thing of Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. Jana got a press pass thing because of her radio job and she's letting us use it. YEA!! I'm so excited for this. Like, a lot.

I read today that Jack Davenport is working on Pirates of the Caribbean 2. You cannot imagine how extremely happy this makes me. I'd see the movie regardless, but if he's gonna be in it for sure, than I'm definitely going.

I really need to get back to my writing. The other day in American Lit. I found a way to get a start in the kinda-alternate-universe-creepy-things story I've been mulling over for, like, ever. The prologue is fine. (I posted that a while ago.) But I've been struggling a bit with what comes next. However, I think I've found an opening line and that makes me happy and helps me feel creatively accomplished. Yea.

Y'know, watching this vampire movie I am reminded how vampires used to be the one traditionally scary thing that I could never handle. And now they don't bother me at all. At least in the things I've seen. Probably the result of years of watching Buffy and Angel. I just think it's interesting. Added to the fact that zombies, which used to not bother me so much, are moving up on my "I can't handle that" list. V. strange. Especially after Shaun of the Dead.

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I am no longer a teenager. Well, I haven't been since Sunday. Tom made the very "deep" observation that 20 is a forgotten year. You are no longer a teenager, but neither are you a full adult. Nineteen is sort of awkward as well. But, jeez, 20.

I find something bizarrely hilarious about that.

Anyway, it was a good weekend. Natasha threw me a surprise party. No one's ever done that for me before. It made me very happy. I have to say that I did suspect it a little. She kept acting really odd. "Oh, Mary, why don't you watch one of your new DVDs? You want to watch Firefly? I think you should watch an episode! ::on the phone:: Yeah, it's taken care of...No...Yeah...We need to do that. ::to me:: I'm going to go study in the lobby for a couple of minutes..." Who the frell studies for "a couple of minutes"? Heh. Very sweet of her and my other friends on the floor.


Gypsy Woman came over the weekend and so on Sunday night I got to indulge in my Jack Davenport luv. And my DVD player really is region free! Rejoice!!

Saw Shaun of the Dead on Saturday with Mom and yesterday with Natasha. Friggin' hilarious. Mom and I knew we were seeing it with the right audience when *everyone* laughed at Chucky blowing up Britney Spears in the preview for Seed of Chucky. The audience last night was less receptive, although *I* was giggling during the whole damn movie.


Something has finally distracted me from the Sparrington obsession that took control of my brain over the summer. It's all about Smallville now. Clark/Lex! How screwed up am I? I caught the marathon thing they did on ABC Family last weekend and was all "omg, how come I never got into this show?" and now it's my shiny new obsession thing. 'Cause it was time for a change. The show is actually pretty lame and kinda goofy and some of the acting leaves something to be desired, but, damn it, I'm loving it a lot.

I think it was time for a obsessive-fandom change anyway. I'd gone through, what I consider, the excellent Sparrington stuff and am patiently waiting for more excellent stuff to be written. But this is a whole, large, shiny, new fandom for me to explore, and that makes me happy.


Kasey's seeing Flogging Molly this weekend. Kasey sucks. ;)

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Watching Pirates of the Caribbean makes me ridiculously happy (especially when I watch only the parts involving a certain naval figure (and pirate) and ignore the parts involving a certain whiny blacksmith).

Norrington makes me very happy. (That fellow that plays him makes me pretty happy, too. Tee-hee.)

Watching the scene on the dock after Jack saves Elizabeth (in other words, When Jack Met James (It totally is, don't even try to deny it people.)) makes me squee and giggle and I would probably be embarrassing myself if anyone was around. There is no way I'll ever be able to watch that scene without noticing all of the undertones. It's all in the eyes.

Sparrington makes me ridiculously happy.

Massive love.

Also? I like being happy like this. It's loads of fun.
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I've finally started packing for school. Probably a good idea since we're leaving Saturday. It's not too hard, most of the stuff is still packed from coming home, but I still have to figure exactly what books and VHS/DVDs I want to bring and whathaveyou. (I finally found a good background-noise movie while looking for my tape of Mansfield Park. Our Mutual Friend. It's long, it's Dicken's, and it's quiet. I love it loads, but there are parts I don't *need* to watch and it won't make me rant. Woo. Also contemplating bringing A Room With a View.) I know what I want to take with me, like, exactly. It's just getting it all together that is a hassle.


I found one of my old copies of Creative Screenwriting in my pile o' magazines and found an interesting quote (at least I found it interesting) about Pirates of the Caribbean and its structure. Also? Ted Elliott quotes Neil Gaiman at one point in the interview.

When developing characters... )

Also, seriously, when you've got the writer's bringing up Neil Gaiman and quoting his work almost randomly in an interview how can you not just appreciate that?

I need to go read some Neil. Everyone else should, too.


Went to the dentist today. Everything spectacular. Came home and finished watching Buffy Season 6 as I'd never seen the ending before. It made me cry. (I'm such a weenie.) And Giles came back! And was very cool and spiffy and I love him so. (What is with me and these older British men, really?) It made me want some Giles/Anya fic for some reason. I loved her reaction when Giles and Buffy hugged in the Magic Shop and you could just *see* how much she wanted to be part of that. (Poor Anya.) Watching it also made me miss the old Scooby days, so tonight I watched "Welcome to the Hellmouth". They're all so *young* looking! *hearts 'em all*

Aw, memories.


I am completely in love with the Garden State soundtrack.
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The problem with having nothing to do is that you have a lot of time in which to do nothing.

Today my nothing-ness has included: reading, writing, and watching Horatio Hornblower and deleted scenes/bloopers from Pirates of the Caribbean. Which is all fun, but really not very productive in any sort of way. Except for, perhaps, the writing.

I noticed on HH today that in Duty Bush is totally ready to climb into the cupboard to get away from Maria's mother's advances. I hadn't noticed that before! "Tell me, are you married Mr. Bush?" "No, I am not..." He's just about bent over backward to avoid her. Poor William. Also, I rather like Midshipman Orrock. And, of course, Admiral Pellew. Who is almost attacked by Maria's mother as well. I wonder what Pellew's back-story is anyway?

And then watching the deleted scenes/bloopers from PotC I realized that Kasey was, in fact, right. There is no way I will ever be able to put PotC on at school and not be sucked in. Even during the Will parts. I will spend the entire wondering why Elizabeth is such an idiot and lament the fact that no one loves the commodore. (Except Jack, but that's another distraction all together. Heh.) The other half of the time I'll be distracted by Commodore Norrington himself and Captain Sparrow. Because, yeah.

Oh, I hope my grades don't suffer too badly.

Speaking of Will though. I think I've figured out my problem with him. A bit. It's not Will so much as it is Orlando. And not so much Orlando as it is his method of acting. It's strangely declarative and that kind of bothers me. Possibly this will improve with more roles that involve more acting and less action I will come to appreciate Orlando. But as it stands? Give him to the penguins.

But I suppose the declarative way of speaking does serve the character of Will. He's young and naive and pretty opinionated. And young, naive, opinionated people like to state things. *shrug* I don't know. I do find that I'm liking Will in several of things I'm reading, however, so I'll just blame Mr. Bloom at the moment.

So, yes. This is all true.
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So, like, I would have been on-line last night, but the blasted internet refused to cooperate. Sigh.

Tom started school yesterday, first day as a high school sophomore, and apparently it went well. Tomorrow is his birthday and we're going to Wenatchee. Whoopdy-ding.

Today Neesha and I met for lunch at a new Mexican restaurant in Royal. It was pretty good, although I couldn't finish. How Neesha finished I will never know. And I'm not sure I really want to. :) Then we went up to the hs and bothered random people/teachers. It was odd to be semi-introduced to Mrs. Neiffer's September Experience student teacher with first names. Sometimes I forget that I'm old enough to be allowed first names now. Hmm. So I came home and we all had dinner at Grandma's as an early sort of birthday thing for Tom. Fun fun. I made the salad (so HA crazy aunt!) and the rice. And they didn't suck. So there.

I only have one more chapter/story left in Mr. Midshipman Hornblower and then I can continue on. Unfortunately I have now watched all of the HH movies that A&E has thus far made. This makes me somewhat of a sad panda. :( Although I can re-watch and re-watch as much as I like, but still. I want more Horatio! And Pellew! And Bush! And Styles and Matthews!

I also just accidentally allowed my Commodore Norrington Love to approach "insane" again. Whoops.

I also re-established my utter geekiness by ordering a Farscape poster. To keep my map of Middle Earth and Neverwhere poster company in my dorm room. *big geek*


And now, some messages for my friends:

[ profile] overjoy - I'll try and continue writing. Good luck with your first day of high school!

[ profile] bunnysan - Good luck at the job interview!

[ profile] trademybike - I read the bit of script that you sent me, have comments, but AIM is being uncooperative. Arse. Also, happy (slightly early at the moment) birthday!
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I promised Neesha that I would write her a story of her choice for her birthday. There were some things I refused to write, like the PotC/Farscape thing and the Muppets thing, but for the most part I gave her free range in her choice. I figured, okay, I can write a short story and have done with it. :)

And then I did something really stupid.

I shared a large paragraph-type thing with here that I had written in class one day (probably History or something *snore*). It has actually ended up kind of haunting me when I go back through notebooks, because the main character(s) stepped almost fully formed into my mind. And so did the look of the period and the world. This does not happen often for me. Or rather, it does, but it does not hit me so hard as this has seemed to.

At any rate, I'm posting the large paragraph-type thing because I can and because I'd like some input on the formatting (ie. possible paragraphs) as well as any other helpful suggestions and/or ideas. I'd also like to know if it's repetitive at all.

Prologue Rough Draft )

Hmmm. I think I'd like to add more to it, come to that.
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Oh, look, all of the counted stuff in my subject starts with "s". Heh.

Y'know, it's really frustrating when you really need/want to talk to someone on-line and they just refuse to get on. (You probably know who you are, but to remind you, your initials are NLS. Get ooooooon.) Argh. I have fic and I need feedback!

Today I listened to all of the commentary left on my Coupling DVDs, so I've finally exhausted the newness that little resource of pleasure. It's reminded me of the American version, however, and my feelings of "bleh" concerning that. I s'ppose it would have been nice for it that to have worked out. I only say this because there were a couple of times at school that I was going somewhere with my DVDs and someone on my floor would ask about them. When I tell them Coupling I don't exactly want them thinking of the American version. Because that's not even close to the glorious hilarity that is the original UK. And some people just don't know this. So I guess it would have been nice for it to have been funny and successful and whathaveyou just so more, ahem, "uncultured" Americans could appreciate it. (I don't mean that in an offensive way, I just couldn't think of another word.) On the other hand, the UK one is just better. Now if only I had some form of BBC...

I also finished Dune. FINALLY! It was the book that wouldn't end. Yeesh. Good, in its way, but hard to get through. At least for me. I'm now reading The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell. It's Jesuits! It's space! It's Jesuits in space! ("I'm gonna kick yo ass like a Jesuit!"-- Natasha wants me to write, produce, direct movies like Kevin Smith and we talked about dealing with Jesuit ninjas, because hey! at least the colors are similar. Or something. Never mind, really.) Should be interesting.

Also continuing my Sparrington addiction. Am now reading a fic that is absolutely brilliant and beautiful and leaves me wanting more and more and more. I wish I could write like this. Le sigh.
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It's been a couple o' days and I haven't posted, so I thought I might. ;) Not that anything has actually happened though, 'cause that would be ridiculous. I have continued to (over)indulge in my POTC/Sparrington/Norrington/Sparrow obsession(s). And connected to that, by Mr. Jack Dav, I've finally finished season three of Coupling and will now have to wait for who knows how long for season four to first finish its run and then come out on DVD. Argh.

Oh well. Doesn't anticipation just make things better once they finally get there?

We all went to Moses after church to get away from the non-AC'd house. Mom and I saw I, Robot, which I really enjoyed. And I was right about it, too! It only took Asimov's rules and went, "Huh, what can we do randomly with these?" basically. Also, I <3 Alan Tudyk v. v. much. Sonny! Whee! I kept thinking that it would be kinda cool to see J. August Richards from Angel in a movie like it, though. From like the first shot of Will Smith. Go Gunn!

Mom and I are going to Seattle tomorrow. She has to buy stuff for Valentine's and Mother's Day at the convention thing. So it'll be just Monday night and Tuesday morning, but still. It's there, not here.


Jul. 14th, 2004 12:24 am
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I've hooked Neesha on Farscape and Firefly! At least, I'm pretty sure I've hooked her on both. The first one for sure.

Go me!

Anyway. I've been home since Sunday night. Mom came over Saturday and Kay, Greg, Tris, my mom, and I all went and saw Spider-man 2 because Greg wanted to take Tris to something. He's such a good kid to take to movies. Not a peep out of him the whole time. And it's funny, but each time I see the movie they, I see almost completely different previews beforehand. Except for I, Robot. That's always there.

Speaking of which, I have something to say to nit-picky people. Exactly how many people are going to realize it's taken from an Asimov book? I'm willing to bet not too many. I mean, yes, people will know that it's based on it and whatever, but how much of the mainstream movie-going public even know who Isaac Asimov is? I do think it's interesting that at they have written "suggested by book" next to Asimov's name.

Although this also runs me into the corner with the hypocrites as concerning my feelings over the marketing of King Arthur. As I mini-ranted to Kasey, they have to market their story as "real" because they think it will draw a better crowd or generate more interest or who knows what, when what the movie really is is just a bunch of British guys with swords on horses and half-naked warrior women running around pre-Britain (I can't remember exactly what it was, and am too lazy to find it in my brain). They could have said, "Here is a fun movie that just happens to resemble some of the stuff some people might read in Arthurian legend classes. Or maybe even during free-time, lame-o's." (Do not take offense, I myself am a self-proclaimed nerd/lame-o.) But no, it has to be "real" and use old plot lines to get attention.

So, having not actually seen I, Robot or King Arthur yet, I would just like to say that generally they disclaim that these are based on something and do not claim to be exactly word-for-word what you get in actual text. It's a movie. It's mindless entertainment. Enjoy it.

Rant over, I can say that I'm seeing King Arthur *checks clock* today. Looking forward to it. Should be entertaining. Can't wait.

Today I finished reading Me Talk Pretty One Day. Loved it. David Sedaris is terrifically hilarious. Meanwhile, I'm still pushing my way through Dune.

Also, new Norrington/Jack Davenport icons because I finally had to give in. Someone please talk me out of completely changing my journal. Again. Because it would be cool to go all ships and pirates and Norrington and Sparrow and Aubrey and Maturin and Hornblower, but I really really shouldn't. Self-control, Mary! Self-control.

And, damn, but I would give anything to be able to write Sparrington.

Ah Frell

Jun. 21st, 2004 03:17 pm
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Sparrington strikes again.

The other day I happened to catch the beginning of Pirates of the Caribbean and now my frickin' love for Norrington and Jack is back with a vengeance. I even had to bring back my crappy icon. *points*

So now I really want to see the movie again, but am avoiding it because of Orlando Bloom. (Want to know a secret? I don't like him.) For me, the movie is all about Jack Davenport and Johnny Depp. Come to think of it, Kiera Knightley's pretty good, too. The interaction of those three at any given time is great. And I <3 the commentary with Jack and Kiera.

Damn Orlando for keeping me away from the movie! And damn Jack and Johnny for being such a draw!
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So. In the past two weeks there have been bats in the kitchen, toads in the hallway, and snakes in the bathroom. Tonight it is a porcupine in the pick-up.

Life is very strange.

Speaking of strange things, Neesh was being cryptic on MSN so I threatened her with writing bad slash. Not that I've ever written slash before. Or will in the near future. But, hey, it got her attention and she thought it was funny. (You did think it was funny, didn't you Neesh?) Speaking of slash. At PotC with Neesh (she shows up a lot) I told her at the beginning that Jack and Norrington would end up together. This was very strange for me to do because I don't usually come up with stuff like that. And the other day I found Jack/Norrington. And very well written too. Funny how I came up with something before I found it elsewhere. That doesn't happen often.

Life is very surprising.

In other news, I wrote a piece of fanfiction. (Will wonders never cease?) I'm pretty proud of it. At the moment I waiting for initial feedback (besides "That was really good") from Neesha, but I'm thinking I may post it tomorrow before I go to Seattle. Just three days in the Emerald City, but a welcome and cooling relief. AND Mom and I will go over in our new-to-us-car. It's nice. Green. Ford Explorer. V8. It's very fun to drive.

The world is a quiet place.

Grr. Argh.

Jul. 16th, 2003 06:23 pm
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Because I like to hear myself type I have written a review of both The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Pirates of the Caribbean. I'm pretty proud of some of it. Other parts of it probably make little to no sense.

Gentlemen vs. Pirates )

So, basically, I liked Gentlemen and I loved Pirates. Give me swords, eye-liner, and ships any day.
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First, a warning. I don't usually do this publicly (unless I'm chatting on-line) but I'm afraid I might slip into slight fan-girl mode. Which is utterly embarrassing. If, by knowing the people I know, I ever meet an actor that I'm a fan of I will NOT become a screaming fan-girl. Hopefully. So, forgive me if I accidently act like a regular teenage girl for just a minute.

Well. I have seen Pirates of the Caribbean (aka the movie in which Legolas finally gets some action. Not the violent kind. Unless that's his thing. To each his own.) three times in four days. And I'm seeing it again tomorrow. I dare you to call me pathetic. Yeah, OK, so maybe I am a little. But it's such an entertaining movie!! And it's not like there's anything else to do out here in the country. I laughed, I chuckled, I guffawed. I had so much fun. I have finally caught all of the lines and little bits of plot that I missed on the initial viewing. It's nice to just get the jist of it and than re-watch to catch all of the little details.

Johnny Depp is amazing. He has got to be one of the most talented actors out there. And I love his fuck-you attitude toward Hollywood. Go be French, Mr. Depp! More power to ya! And, you know, he's pretty. Geoffrey Rush is great too. I love seeing him in movies. He can be evil or sweet or stupid or intelligent and also so easily. It's nice to see Orlando Bloom doing some more emoting. I read in an interview that he'd like to do something that doesn't involve a sword. Well, they keep giving him a sword because he's good at it! So start being inept and they'll let you do other stuff! I would like to see him as a regular Joe sometime. And, you know, he's pretty too. And does big puppy dog eyes very well. I am so glad that Keira Knightly was not just a damsel in distress. There are too many of those. Would like to see her in more things now.

AND a local ship was used in the movie!! The Lady Washingtonwas used as, I believe, the Interceptor in the movie. It will be in Tacoma and have deck tours August 11 through 14. If I'm lucky, and feel like it, I may just go. Wheeeeeee.

And here ends my endless praising. It's a fun movie. Go see it.

I really have nothing of interest to say. Blah.


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