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Am now reading George Sand's Indiana for 19th Century French Novel. So far, through part one, the hero drives me nuts. At least, I assume he's the hero. I will say that I'm interested to see exactly how it all plays out. Something tells me it's not going to end well.

Whenever I see the word "April" now, my mind immediately goes, "Whan that Aprill with his shoures soote."


I find it a little embarrassing that the SciFi channel can't spell Ronon's name correctly.

SG-1 - "The Quest, Part 2"

Let's just say that these last ten episodes are going to be hard for me to watch. Every time SciFi shows a commercial for the end I get slightly more emotional than I should really own up to given that it's just a commercial.

I really enjoyed this episode. So, random things:

- The dragon. "Daryl." "Smokey." "Puff." Teal'c's "Puff" wins for me. Interesting that Cam went with "Daryl."

- Adria getting left behind. Ha.

- Morgan was protecting Merlin. Neat twist of mythology.

- Merlin recognized them as knights! Percival and Galahad and, heh, Mordrid.

- Loved Ba'al's, "Merlin's drawbridge no longer goes all the way across the moat." And Merlin's magic shushing.

- The rotating 'gate address thing was neat.

- "There is never enough time." Ain't that the truth, Merlin. Ain't that the truth.

- Hey, Eureka is coming back in July! Cool! Though I still haven't seen the end of season one.

- Daniel getting Merlin's memories was both really cool and kind of creepy at the same time.

- The questions during the commercials that they want you to text the answers to are extremely stupid.

- "Are you dismissing my idea out of hand because I'm human or because I'm a woman?"

- Telekinesis! Yea!

- I like Teal'c and his quiet observation of Ba'al and Sam.


OMG, I think he liked it!

And later, Teal'c's, "Clearly you work well together." Oh, Teal'c. Haha.

- VALA: He'll listen to you.
MITCHELL: What team have you been on?

- "The hardest part about being a part of this team is not risking you're own life, it's watching your friends take chances with theirs. Congratulations, now you really are one of us."

Oh, Cam. And Vala's face, her sad, sad face.

- Ba'al was shot! Is he dead?!

- Daniel's, "I'd say things are different now."

- I love the care they all show one another.

- "Why do I bother?"

No deep thoughts. Just general enjoyment and flailing and worries.

Oh, team.


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