Apr. 23rd, 2007

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The Medieval Poetry Reading was today. I had a lot of fun. Languages included: Old Norse, Old English, Medieval Latin, Medieval Polish, Middle High German, Medieval Gaelic, Medieval Castilian, Middle English, Early Modern Spanish, and Early Modern English. When Dr. Bullon made her opening comments, she said that it always amazed her that the mouth could make so many different sounds and still make sense. (She was a bit more eloquent than that.) And it really was amazing listening to everyone contribute. Quite beautiful.

The highlight for me was probably Dr. Bean singing selections of Shakespeare.

I haven't gone back through and read the English translations that were provided, but I really enjoyed one of the short Medieval Polish readings.

O szanowaniu ksiqg

Który ksiegi otwierasz, nie len; sie ich zawrzec;,
Zawieraja madrzy, niemadrzy nie zawra.
glupcy zawzdy plugawie sie z nimi obchodza
Ten wszak, kto zna litery, dotyka ich jak perel.

On Respecting Books

You, who open these books, don't delay to close them;
Wise people close them, the unwise won't.
Fools always handle them in a foul fashion,
But one who knows letters, touches them as if they were pearls.

My own reading went well. I made them laugh during my introduction, so that was good. :)

Today in 19th Century French Novel, I started writing some of my notes in Middle English.


SG-1 - Line in the Sand )

What's with SciFi calling Sam "Amanda" in the preview for next week's ep? It's weird.


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