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Combat Jack
Chris wishes he could turn over. He can't.

For my bb [ profile] spacefragments who has provided so many hours of excellent company, entertainment, and spectacular inspiration. I'm sorry this took so long. I hope you like it. ♥♥♥

Many thanks to [ profile] cautionzombies and [ profile] obstinatrix for giving it a beta and a read-through.

They decide to bed down in an abandoned mill by a dried up riverbed. )
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First Brush
For [ profile] spacefragments, a bit of a Resident Evil au based on her art and the idea that Chris is still around in Raccoon City when Leon gets there.

First Brush )
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Leverage. Dean/Leon. NC-17. 1045 words. Prompt: glove. He wants those hands on him again, wants to feel those gloves against his cock this time, Leon’s fingers wrapped around him tight, leather against Dean’s skin.

Leverage )
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[ profile] spacefragments FINALLY got her card! Which means I can post her drabble! I had a list of pairings and kinks to choose from. This is what I went with. It's definitely porn. And I am definitely expanding it.

Resident Evil, Chris/Leon, hair!kink )
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That time of the year again.

Anything that was "finished" I'm counting in my overall word count.

Total number of completed stories: 114
Total word count: 94,767

And because I'm curious for comparison:
Completed stories in 2009: 42 (2008? 16)
Word count in 2009: 43,245

Um. Yeah. I'm going to boggle at that a little.

This year's fandoms included: Generation Kill, Inception, NCIS, Resident Evil, RPS, Sherlock BBC, Southland, Supernatural, Torchwood, and True Blood (it totally counts). All of it can be found under my writing:2010 tag or in my memories.

I totally fail at ever answering any of these with just one fic. Considering I have 114 to choose from, I think that's okay. ;)

I had a really difficult time answering some of these questions. Best story? I don't know! If anyone else has an opinion (on any of them), let me know what you think!

A Year in Writing )
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Tear You Apart [AO3]
Possible dub-con.
"Weak, Chris," Wesker says, sibilant drawn out. "You've always been so weak. Such a disappointment."

An expansion of this drabble. Many thanks to [ profile] perfumaniac for the beta and the support. Thanks also go to [ profile] krystalicekitsu and [ profile] olivelavonne for giving it a read.

Dear [ profile] spacefragments, seeing as you own a little piece of my heart, here is my annual sacrifice to your temple. Hope it's up to standards.

Tear You Apart )
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An untitled drabble for [ profile] spacefragments who has sucked me into Resident Evil and then said she wanted Chris/Wesker hate!sex. R-ish.

I really want to explore this further.

Wesker's hand is hard around his throat )
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Weapons Maintenance and Other Useful Practices
Supernatural/Resident Evil 4 crossover.
“Oh,” Dean says, “I’m very conscientious about cleaning my guns.”

A companion to [ profile] spacefragments' ridiculously hot art. This is something of a teaser for a longer fic we are plotting, which will also include While It Is Full We Drink Up.

Many thanks to [ profile] perfumaniac for the beta. ♥

Their weapons are laid out on the table before them )
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While It Is Full We Drink Up
Dean/Leon, Unrequited Dean/Castiel
Supernatural/Resident Evil 4 crossover.
Dean had known, had felt it the first time he’d turned a corner and practically run into Leon, that they’d end up here.

Title taken from a Jason Webley song. Many thanks to [ profile] perfumaniac for going over it.

For [ profile] spacefragments. Inspired by several conversations with her and this scorching little scenario she drew. I hope you like it!

Leon's warm in his lap )


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