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Take This My Body [AO3]
No spoilers. AU. Priest!Castiel fic.
In the front seat of Dean's Impala, Father Castiel finds revelation. Sequel to Love the Sinner.

Many thanks and much love to [ profile] akadougal and [ profile] ember_firedrake.

Castiel sits in the confines of the confessional, grateful that no one else enters immediately. )
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Sand in Your Pockets and Nothing on Your Mind [AO3]
[ profile] annundriel & [ profile] obstinatrix
Alternate Universe
Castiel's always liked the sea. It appeals to his writer's mind. But he likes it even better when it yields him Dean Winchester like a golden god from the waves. Sea-salt tastes good on him. A sequel to The Summer Holds a Song (We Might Sing Forever), but can be read on its own.

For [ profile] cautionzombies. This was meant to help alleviate the stress of the ten-week quarter system, but now let's call it a "congratulations on your year of 4.0s, you smartypants!" gift. ;)

The bedroom window is flung wide as if to harness the breeze, but the air outside is as still and sea-humid as it is indoors, not even a breath of wind rolling in off the ocean. )
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Death Defying
Castiel, Dean/Castiel
Spoilers for 7.17.
Second person POV. Originally posted as a prompt response here on my tumblr.
"You think death can stop true love?"

Of all the jobs in all the world, this was yours. )
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Coda for 7.17. Spoilers )
He needs to know.

Catalyst )
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Questions and Answers
Castiel, Dean Winchester
Spoilers for 4.16. Pre-slash or not, depending on your preference.
Castiel doesn't know what to say.

Sometime last year, [ profile] cautionzombies asked me if I'd ever written a coda to "On the Head of a Pin." It took awhile, but now I have. ♥

Find someone else, it's not me. )
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The Summer Holds a Song (We Might Sing Forever) [AO3]
[ profile] annundriel & [ profile] obstinatrix
Alternate Universe
When Castiel Elkan rents John Winchester's beach house for the summer, all he's looking for is a quiet place to write. From the moment he lays eyes on John's teenage son, he knows his chances of staying free from distraction are nil.

For [ profile] cautionzombies on her birthday, from myself and [ profile] obstinatrix with a whole lotta love. We hope you have an absolutely fantastic day, bb. You deserve it ten-times over, you brilliant girl. ♥♥

Now with a sequel: Sand in Your Pockets and Nothing on Your Mind.

Please DO NOT post my profile or ANY of my fic on any other social media sites such as GoodReads.

The weathered boards of the veranda creak under Castiel's feet as he steps outside with his morning mug of tea. )
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one more look at the ghost
Spoilers for season seven.
Second person POV. Angst. Gen, though Dean/Castiel is implied.
You see him everywhere.

The beginning of this came to me in the shower a couple of days ago and then wouldn't let me go. Many thanks to [ profile] obstinatrix for putting up with me in chat.

one more look at the ghost )
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No spoilers. AU.

The overall idea for this started a few months ago in a conversation with [ profile] cautionzombies about girl!Dean being a stripper and Castiel (male or female) being floored by her. Dragged to the club by Anna, Castiel sees Deanna dance and can't look away. Later, the two of them meet elsewhere and start dating. Sexy hijinks ensue. I went the femslash route and while I've written another bit with the two of them, it's languishing unfinished on my harddrive. Today I felt like doing something quick and dirty, though. This happened.

Cas doesn't notice Deanna's entrance until her hands are on Cas' waist )
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Title: we are young supernovas & the heat’s about to break
Authors: [ profile] annundriel and [ profile] cautionzombies
Rating: Hard R
Genre and/or Pairing: Dean/Cas
Spoilers: Set in 5x03 with a flashback to pre-series.
Warnings: Frottage.
Word Count: ~7200
Summary: Time is fluid and uncertain. Dean meets someone in his past who's originally from his future. It changes everything.

Link takes you to our shared fic journal, [ profile] annombies.
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Sam/Lucifer, Sam/Jessifer
Set early in season five.
Saying yes would be so easy.

Many thanks to [ profile] cautionzombies and [ profile] obstinatrix for betaing and cheering me on. Thank you, lovelies. ♥♥

There's a warm body pressed against him when Sam wakes up )
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In Orbit
No spoilers.
Some Wincest, heavier on Sam/Castiel, still primarily Dean/Castiel.
Castiel's caught in their pull.

I'm not sure how this started, but one day on Twitter I felt like writing Sam/Dean/Cas for [ profile] obstinatrix. So this is for her, for being awesome. ♥ Many, many thanks to [ profile] cautionzombies for beta-ing and generally being a supportive BAMF. ♥

In Orbit )
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Easy as 1-2-3
AU. No spoilers.
Sequel to this. They've been going out a while now. It always ends the same way. Tonight is different.

Last week, [ profile] cautionzombies asked for prompts for comment fic last and [ profile] bballgirl3022 asked for, "Dean/Castiel fluffy AU with preschool teacher!Cas and arts and craft time." I really enjoyed the resulting comment fic and then couldn't get the scenario out of my head, so with [ profile] cautionzombies' permission, I wrote a sequel.

Many thanks to the wonderful [ profile] stellamaris99 for beta-ing and cheerleading and just generally being there and being awesome.

They go out several times before they end up here, on Castiel's couch. )
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Between Four Walls
Dean, Dean/Castiel
Set in "The End" 'verse. Thigh holster porn.
Being a leader weighs heavy on Dean's shoulders. He finds a way to relax.

Many thanks for [ profile] stellamaris99 for beta-ing and [ profile] obstinatrix for cheerleading. ♥♥

For [ profile] daggomus_prime, who is awesome. Based loosely on her seriously hot piece of art.

Dean sighs, fingers teasing over his skin as he checcks the straps around his thigh. )
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Love the Sinner [AO3]. Dean/Castiel. NC-17. 1652 words. AU. Prompts: dirty talk, priests. Confession is supposed to be good for the soul. Father Castiel is beginning to have his doubts.

Many thanks to [ profile] cautionzombies and [ profile] dizzzylu. <3

Love the Sinner )
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Song of the Open Road
No spoilers. Non-canon-related apocalypse.
The world's going to Hell. Tucked away in abandoned motel rooms, Dean doesn't care.

For [ profile] cautionzombies, who inadvertently inspired this. Many thanks to [ profile] stellamaris99 for beta-ing and [ profile] obstinatrix for looking it over. <33

Cas tastes like dust and the open road )
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Title: Beyond the Edge and Falling
Authors: In alphabetical order: [ profile] annundriel, [ profile] cautionzombies, [ profile] obstinatrix, and [ profile] tiptoe39
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: NC-17
Words: ~8,900
Summary: Cas is feeling dejected about his increasing humanity. Dean shows him some of the benefits.

Link takes you to [ profile] tiptoe39's journal, where the fic is being hosted.
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First Breath After a Coma
Set during "In the Beginning."
Originally written for [ profile] nyoka's prompt at the Girl's Just Want to Have Fun meme.
Freshly rehymenated and back from hell, Deanna loses her "second" virginity to Castiel.

I'd like to dedicate this fic to [ profile] cautionzombies who did an amazing job beta-ing and held my hand and who was just awesome and patient in general. It wouldn't be the same without her. ♥

This fic is also for [ profile] nyoka. I'm glad your prompt ate my brain.

Thank you [ profile] nanoochka and [ profile] perfumaniac who were both kind enough to lend me their talents as betas.

Deanna dreams about Hell, about heat and fear and fire, about pain and agony. )
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Better Than
No spoilers. Contains rimming and somnophilia.
Castiel worships Dean, asleep and awake.

For [ profile] qthelights. Written last December. Many thanks to [ profile] perfumaniac and [ profile] cautionzombies for betaing and [ profile] oddlyfamiliar for giving it a look. <3

'Do whatever you want, Dean had said.' )
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I won't be posting about the finale for a few days. I need to process. (And would generally rather not talk about it until then, thanks.)

Instead, have a Dean/Castiel drabble I wrote a few days ago. No spoilers. G.

epiphany )
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Stress Relief
female vessel!Castiel/Dean
Castiel takes a break from her busy schedule in Heaven to see Dean.

Originally posted here at the Girls Just Want to Have Fun meme for the prompt: female vessel!Castiel/Dean, cunnilingus.

There are other places Castiel should be, other things she should be doing. )


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