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That time of the year again.

Anything that was "finished" I'm counting in my overall word count.

Total number of completed stories: 114
Total word count: 94,767

And because I'm curious for comparison:
Completed stories in 2009: 42 (2008? 16)
Word count in 2009: 43,245

Um. Yeah. I'm going to boggle at that a little.

This year's fandoms included: Generation Kill, Inception, NCIS, Resident Evil, RPS, Sherlock BBC, Southland, Supernatural, Torchwood, and True Blood (it totally counts). All of it can be found under my writing:2010 tag or in my memories.

I totally fail at ever answering any of these with just one fic. Considering I have 114 to choose from, I think that's okay. ;)

I had a really difficult time answering some of these questions. Best story? I don't know! If anyone else has an opinion (on any of them), let me know what you think!

A Year in Writing )
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Here are 19 of the 20 requested card drabbles. Included are Inception, NCIS, RPF, Sherlock, Southland, and Supernatural. There are also some pairings here I've never written before, which was quite fun.

I hope everyone enjoys them!


For [ profile] jack_infinitude:

NCIS, Tony/McGee, wine glasses )


For [ profile] mithrel:

SPN, Dean & Sam teach Cas to play fizzbin [wrong] )


For [ profile] olivelavonne:

Southland )


For [ profile] bientot:

RPF, Misha/anyone(s)[Neal Caffery] Christmas/winter holiday shopping )


For [ profile] aldehyde:

RPF, Jensen/Misha, one of them feeding the other )


For [ profile] mclachlan:

SPN, Dean/Castiel )


For [ profile] krystalicekitsu:

SPN, Sam/Gabriel, fluffy/schmoopy/curtain!fic )


For [ profile] wolfrider89:

SPN, Dean/Castiel, Christmas morning, gifts )


For [ profile] ember_firedrake:

Sherlock, Sherlock/John, winter, cold, sharing body heat )


For [ profile] grammarwoman:

Inception, Arthur/Eames, Arthur's love of letters on real paper )


For [ profile] arialyre:

SPN, Sam/Lucifer )


For [ profile] love_jackianto:

Southland, Cooper/Sherman, blue )


For [ profile] sephirothflame:

SPN, Dean/Castiel, the first snowfall )


For [ profile] pandionpandeus:

SPN, Dean/Gabriel, tradition )


For [ profile] sycophantastic:

RPF, Jensen/Misha, exchanging gifts/cards/signs of affection or romantic gestures, etc. )


For [ profile] shetiger:

Southland, Cooper/Sherman, holiday lights )


For [ profile] perfumaniac:

Inception, Eames/anyone on the Inception team [Arthur] )


For [ profile] cloudyjenn:

SPN, Dean/Cas, Dean's first Christmas as an angel (for whatever reason you want) )


For [ profile] darksilvercat:

SPN, any festive Dean/Cas )

WIP Meme

Nov. 3rd, 2010 01:08 pm
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From [ profile] mithrel.

When you see this, post an excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will burst forth and do something, um, inspiration-y.

Because I have so many (at least 28) WIPs, I decided I'd just do a selection.

Dean/Castiel, Project Runway/Supernatural AU )


Arthur/Eames, ink!fic )


DiNozzo/McGee, inspired by The Shop Around the Corner )


Cooper/Sherman, Southland )


Merlin/Arthur, Heat Wave )

Prompt Me?

May. 5th, 2010 07:17 am
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I'll be subbing high school math today. According to the teacher's notes, students will either be testing or doing a chapter review. In the interest of helping me stay sane and not bored, anyone want to give me drabble prompts?

Character or pairing, and a word or two prompt.

I'm most happy with Supernatural (Dean/Castiel) and NCIS (DiNozzo/McGee), though I wouldn't be adverse to Southland (Cooper/Sherman) or Generation Kill (Brad/Nate).

Though I should maybe add that I'm still a little nervous about writing those last two.

And I am up for other pairings, the ones listed are just the ones I'm happiest with writing.

(I'm also aware I still have prompts from other request posts. One day I will finish Castiel's first time with pie. Or Castiel's first time at the fair. Or bowling.)

So, help keep a girl entertained?
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I finished all of the drabble prompts in this meme. Go me! And I think it's a nice assortment of things: Ziva and Gibbs, Dean/Castiel, DiNozzo/McGee, Gabriel/Castiel, Sam/Lucifer, Gabriel/Michael, Sam and Dean. Some of those are pairings I hadn't given much thought to before, but now I am intrigued.

Only one response ended up with porn. Though technically that wasn't a drabble and was sort of a bonus. I'm just...kind of surprised by myself.

At the moment I can say that there will almost definitely be more to Cas discovering bubble baths.

ETA: Whoops! Forgot Eric Northman/Jack Harkness! How could I? The most cracktackular pairing there! And one I may have to experiment with more.

Drabble Me!

Mar. 6th, 2010 08:48 pm
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That almost sounds dirty.

Snagging this from [ profile] marynyu because I'm a sucker:

The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.

Though if you don't write, I imagine you can do something else creative. Or just ignore that part. I won't mind. ;)

Fandoms I'm up for (but am not limiting anyone to): NCIS, Southland, Supernatural. I might as well throw Merlin in there, too, though I haven't done that for a little while.

01. [ profile] jack_infinitude: NCIS, Ziva and Gibbs, lying by omission
02. [ profile] sdrohc_ratiug: Eric Northman/Captain Jack Harkness
03. [ profile] heavenvhellvus: Dean/Cas, "I'm running out of air/Break me out/I want to see the sun rise in anywhere but here."
04. [ profile] spacefragments: Dean/Castiel, Cas discovers bubble baths
05. [ profile] marynyu: Gabriel/Castiel
06. [ profile] jack_infinitude: NCIS, McGee/Tony, when Tony finally comes home from being an Agent Afloat
07. [ profile] spacefragments: sam getting hit on by a hot guy at a bar and getting all flustered while dean laughs at him
08. [ profile] krystalicekitsu: SPN, Sam/Lucifer, 'Come to me//The moon is closer than your eyes//I can barely see through the cracks that shines out my scars// Sirens scream//In vain//I have already died//A million times inside'
09. [ profile] x_shorty1013_x: Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, Dean and Cas go swimming
10. [ profile] krystalicekitsu: SPN; Gabriel/Michael (or Lucifer); "They were cheap replacements for the one they lost."

Plus! A bonus response to [ profile] x_shorty1013_x's "Dean and Cas go swimming" prompt.


Mar. 3rd, 2010 02:15 pm
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For my own benefit and in the hope that it will help me get my act together, fic that I am currently working on:

- follow-up to But Soon Again
- follow-up to In the Mind of the Beholder, Dean POV
- NCIS towel fic
- SPN prompt fic
- Southland fic

And guess what the ratings are on all of them?

Some days I think it would be nice to be someone other than "that girl who writes porn". But then I think about how much I enjoy it, shrug it off, and go back to work.

That shouldn't be taken as a statement of "I don't want to do this anymore", just that changing it up might be fun sometimes.
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Where does Tony live? Not actual location, but what sort of abode. I keep assuming apartment, but I don't actually know.

It isn't hugely, or at all, important for what I'm working on, but now I'm curious.
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Because for me it's not the porn battle unless I get some DiNozzo/McGee in there.

Making the Best of It. DiNozzo/McGee. R. 1379 words. Prompt: closet.

Making the Best of It )
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I'm working on articles right now, but last night I finally finished a draft of the SPN porn I've been working on since December. It's Dean POV and has sort of been KILLING MY SOUL. I don't know what's wrong with me.

With the porn sent off to be betad, I'm looking for inspiration. Trying to write a little every day this year, too. I need a bit of a break from Dean, and I'm thinking what's in order is to hide out in Castiel POV.

So, dear f-list, would anyone care to prompt me with things of a "Castiel's first time ____" nature? Activities, food, emotions, sex, etc. Castiel's first brain freeze. Castiel's first game of bingo. Castiel's first Oprah episode. Anything.

Well, okay, almost anything. Not so interested in bodily functions. Castiel's first case of indigestion, not so much.

But fun stuff, porny stuff, angsty stuff...I'm pretty open.

In the meantime, I've got more work. And cuddly Tim/Tony I keep eyeing. And my own "Castiel's first time ____." Of the dirty variety. ;)

- whatever we lose. For [ profile] mclachlan, Castiel's first trip to the beach!
- In the Mind of the Beholder. For [ profile] mulder200, How about the first time Cas watches porn? Because you know Dean would have talked him into it.
- Obviously Evil. For [ profile] olivelavonne, Castiel's first soda.


Jan. 12th, 2010 10:00 pm
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01. At the library, I helped a couple find sample questions for the test for US citizenship. Felt awesome after.

02. Agreed to sub three days of middle school PE in a row. OMG AM I A GLUTTON FOR PUNISHMENT??

Although the times I've done single days have been fine.

03. Southland premiered on TNT. REALLY enjoyed it. The permiere was commercial free and I was surprised that my attention never wandered. Pleasantly surprised. Very much looking forward to seeing more. I'm hoping I won't miss too many because of meetings (at least two a month, stupid city council). But I suppose that's what the internet is for after all.

On a shallow note, I appear to have a thing for Ben McKenzie's profile. ::shrug:: I think I always did. Something about his nose. (I never really watched The OC, but I enjoyed Junebug.) And, of course, Michael Cudlitz is in a very solid way. Mmmmmmmmmm. I like his profile, too.

And, omg, they're good. That scene outside the house? "You're a cop because you don't know how not to be one." Whoa.

God. I am REALLY EXCITED for this now. I mean, I was sure I would enjoy it, but I'm close to making grabby hands and pleading, "More now? Pleeeeease?"

04. NCIS )

05. [ profile] ginnith did a fantastic thing and reminded me that with no Big Bang, I can have fun with the Porn Battle and not feel guilty. So I can go back to what I do the best the most: writing short, dirty fic.

06. PORN BATTLE. Coming up! I swear, porn battle time is my favorite time. I only wrote two for the last one, three for the one before. My first attempt (porn-wise and battle-wise), Any Other Name, is still one of my personal favorite of the things I have written.
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Sorry for the post spam, but I had to get that fic posted before I could do the end of the year fic meme.

Fic, ficlets, and drabbles included, I wrote and posted 42 (life, the universe, and EVERYTHING clearly) fics in 4 fandoms this year: 21 SPN, 13 NCIS, 5 Merlin, and 3 Due South. (I'm counting "Not Dudley Do-Right" as NCIS since it's Tony's POV.)

And 60 newspaper articles.

Last year I wrote 16 fics. To go from 16 to 42 is just...crazy. I don't know. [ profile] sdrohc_ratiug says it's due to the goal I made at the beginning of last year: write a little every day. You do that and you're bound to end up with something finished.

Perhaps most amazingly, I managed to complete something over 5000 words. I have never done that before! Outside of classes or school projects. (I really should get a wordcount on my play...)

This year has been very strange for me, writing-wise. Strange in a good way. I don't know quite how to describe how I feel about it without sounding a bit looney toons. But I love where I am right now, creatively. (Except for that fic that just refuses to work. Bleh.)

Anyway. Fic round-up, organized by fandom )


Writing Meme 2009 )

Also, I think it's fun to note that at least one Supernatural fic began life as Without a Trace fic (Time to Spare) while another was meant for Due South (Busted). I'm not really writing those now though, but each one either had a particular scene I still wanted to use (WaT) or an almost complete fic (DS). I was very happy to be able to use both.
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There is no excuse for this except that it makes me happy. And, really, isn't that the best reason?

(Unless you're from that Torchwood episode "Countrycide." In which case you definitely should not do the things that make you happy. Bleh.)

This is actually from last January when Due South was shiny with rediscovery. I really like the idea of Fraser and Ducky driving everyone crazy with their combined amount of knowledge.

Not Dudley Do-Right )


Dec. 9th, 2009 03:10 pm
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omg I love my mother.

First off, it's that time of the year again and she is making her super delicious fudge. YUM.

Second off, we're watching TV and I go, "So you know that AU I was talking about where Dean and Cas are basically Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullavan in The Shop Around the Corner? I think I have to incorporate more of You've Got Mail. What do you think?"

And then we talked about it in a serious manner and bounced potential plot points and twists and developments off each other.

I think I am really very lucky.

In other SPN fic news, I'm waiting to hear back on the follow-up to Busted. Have started the follow-up to that. (A trilogy! Of Dean/Castiel sexing! Woo!) Made headway on my post-apocalypse fic. (Not to be confused with post-apocalyptic.)

I'm having so much fun with this, all of this, and love it massively.

Supernatural and Dean/Castiel as well as NCIS and DiNozzo/McGee have done so much for me writing-wise this year. I almost can't believe it.
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I don't know where this came from.

Somehow, I really want a fic in which McGee never joined NCIS and instead becomes a full-time writer. He publishes his first book and it's moderately successful. And then he gets writer's block. Massive writer's block. So he decides to become a private investigator on the side. Or maybe something happens to a friend/an acquaintance of his and they say, "Hey, you like mysteries. You're pretty good with them. Can't you help me out?"

McGee would refuse, saying that it's completely different because those mysteries he makes up himself, so of course he can solve them. But they plead and he's nice guy. Please, he's really intrigued. So he says yes.

And then somehow he meets Tony. Maybe Tony is (still) a cop. Maybe Tony's with NCIS and everything is the exact same except that McGee isn't an agent. I don't know. All I know is that somehow this idea got in my head and now I kind of seriously want it.

I don't usually want NCIS AUs. In fact, the only other that I've ever craved was Tony and Tim in boarding school. (Um, I may have written tiny bits of that already, actually.) But...I could just suddenly see Tim doing the Thom E. Gemcity thing but without the NCIS background, living in his apartment with his dog, dealing with his agent, going out with friends. And running into Tony, who is just as fascinated and amused by him as he ever is on the show.

Oooh, and now I've got Nero Wolfe on the brain.
Clip! I looove the music on this show so much. And the cast. The cast is perfect. Oh my God, Timothy Hutton as Archie Goodwin. ♥

Two Things

Nov. 10th, 2009 09:55 pm
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01) Thanks to [ profile] justhuman I now have an account over on Dreamwidth. I don't have great plans to use it at the moment, but it's there. Mostly I'm thinking about DW-based fic-related activities.

Anybody on my flist over there? I vaguely remember one or two people mentioning it, I think. I'm sticking with "annundriel." Because it's familiar. And because I still like it. No reinventing myself here.

02) NCIS )

.....So I really didn't mean for that to turn into, I don't know, fantasy fic time under the cut. Doesn't change the fact I'd love to see it.
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What to do when a fic isn't working?

Steal from your other works-in-progress and tape it all together.

Of course, I don't know what I'll do about the other works-in-progress now...

Except one of them probably wasn't going to be finished anyway with the way it was heading and I'd completely forgotten about the other until I started in the same idea in a new Word document. So I think it's okay. Other lines and bits can be salvaged from both as I see fit. (And they will be. Some of the dialog was pretty good.)

Fic is funny. Before when I was working Castiel POV, I was freaked out and longed for a fic where I could shorten Castiel to Cas and not have to explain away slang or decide whether or not Castiel would know what a spit-take was. But now I'm writing Dean and longing for Castiel POV.

Meanwhile, I've got another NCIS fic I want to poke at. Tony discovers something on the internet. It makes him jumpy around McGee. Essentially. I'm not saying more. But if I can work it right, I think it could be fun. I just don't know where to go from the already written beginning.

Strangely enough, within all that...I'm a little bored. It's weird. I've got plenty to do - and today it's all things I want to do - you'd think I wouldn't be.
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For Every Action
Mild bondage
Prompt: For every Tony action (McInsult, inappropriate touching), there is an equal and calculated Tim action.

As usual, thanks go to [ profile] ginnith for putting up with my craziness. I also want to thank [ profile] grammarwoman for the prompt. I had a lot of ideas, but it was the one with the handcuffs that stuck. I really hope you like it!

For Every Action )
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- sending a puppy over to Seattle. We'll be down to six.

- the feature on a local massage therapist

- city council (BOO)

- editing NCIS fic. [ profile] ginnith will be getting a phone call later to hammer out some details. As usual, I will feel dumb reading porn out loud over the phone but she'll make me do it anyway. :P

- posting NCIS fic

- looking on the bright side of life
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Work on unfinished DiNozzo/McGee fic from June or more recent unfinished Dean/Castiel fic?

[ profile] olivelavonne says I have the best problems. Hee. And to go with SPN. Which I'm doing, as that's kind of the one that was jumping up and down yelling, "Pick me! Pick me!" Plus, I just finished NCIS fic. It's currently in the inbox of my go-to highlighter/red pen girl.

The SPN fic is actually coming along a lot easier than I thought it would, now that I've sat back down after leaving it for about a month. Writing's a funny thing.

I wonder what the types of characters I find it easier to write in fic say about me? Not that I think I have a particular type anyway. I don't think...

It's also funny the things that make me facepalm and go, "omg I can't believe I'm writing this." Not in a bad way, just in a..."No seriously, I can't believe I put that in print" kind of way.

Which I think is why the NCIS fic waiting for editing kept stalling on me. I want it to be good (when do I not want things to be good?) and in character (ditto), but was trying something ever so slightly different and kept having to pause and cross my fingers, hoping it was working.

Don't know if it worked or not. And I won't let myself look at it again until I hear back from [ profile] ginnith because otherwise I'll start obsessing. (More than I already am.) So I'll just go back to Dean and Castiel.

And wonder how scandalized people I know in RL would be if they knew I was writing human-on-angel porn. ;) When I was still going to church regularly, I used to fantasize afterward what would happen if I told the people who asked me about writing what I was really working on creatively. Which is horrible, because they're all really nice people. It's like my weird urge to throw things at people in the theater as soon as I sit down. Hell, I want to throw things even if we're the only ones there. See how far I can make my jelly beans go from the back row.

Speaking of jelly beans, I am undecided on the Cold Stone Creamery Jelly Bellies. They're...okay, but mostly like the jelly beans I leave uneaten in the regular package. The way to my heart, man, jelly beans and Sour Patch Kids.

Geez, this post turned random.


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