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[ profile] spacefragments FINALLY got her card! Which means I can post her drabble! I had a list of pairings and kinks to choose from. This is what I went with. It's definitely porn. And I am definitely expanding it.

Resident Evil, Chris/Leon, hair!kink )
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That time of the year again.

Anything that was "finished" I'm counting in my overall word count.

Total number of completed stories: 114
Total word count: 94,767

And because I'm curious for comparison:
Completed stories in 2009: 42 (2008? 16)
Word count in 2009: 43,245

Um. Yeah. I'm going to boggle at that a little.

This year's fandoms included: Generation Kill, Inception, NCIS, Resident Evil, RPS, Sherlock BBC, Southland, Supernatural, Torchwood, and True Blood (it totally counts). All of it can be found under my writing:2010 tag or in my memories.

I totally fail at ever answering any of these with just one fic. Considering I have 114 to choose from, I think that's okay. ;)

I had a really difficult time answering some of these questions. Best story? I don't know! If anyone else has an opinion (on any of them), let me know what you think!

A Year in Writing )
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Here are 19 of the 20 requested card drabbles. Included are Inception, NCIS, RPF, Sherlock, Southland, and Supernatural. There are also some pairings here I've never written before, which was quite fun.

I hope everyone enjoys them!


For [ profile] jack_infinitude:

NCIS, Tony/McGee, wine glasses )


For [ profile] mithrel:

SPN, Dean & Sam teach Cas to play fizzbin [wrong] )


For [ profile] olivelavonne:

Southland )


For [ profile] bientot:

RPF, Misha/anyone(s)[Neal Caffery] Christmas/winter holiday shopping )


For [ profile] aldehyde:

RPF, Jensen/Misha, one of them feeding the other )


For [ profile] mclachlan:

SPN, Dean/Castiel )


For [ profile] krystalicekitsu:

SPN, Sam/Gabriel, fluffy/schmoopy/curtain!fic )


For [ profile] wolfrider89:

SPN, Dean/Castiel, Christmas morning, gifts )


For [ profile] ember_firedrake:

Sherlock, Sherlock/John, winter, cold, sharing body heat )


For [ profile] grammarwoman:

Inception, Arthur/Eames, Arthur's love of letters on real paper )


For [ profile] arialyre:

SPN, Sam/Lucifer )


For [ profile] love_jackianto:

Southland, Cooper/Sherman, blue )


For [ profile] sephirothflame:

SPN, Dean/Castiel, the first snowfall )


For [ profile] pandionpandeus:

SPN, Dean/Gabriel, tradition )


For [ profile] sycophantastic:

RPF, Jensen/Misha, exchanging gifts/cards/signs of affection or romantic gestures, etc. )


For [ profile] shetiger:

Southland, Cooper/Sherman, holiday lights )


For [ profile] perfumaniac:

Inception, Eames/anyone on the Inception team [Arthur] )


For [ profile] cloudyjenn:

SPN, Dean/Cas, Dean's first Christmas as an angel (for whatever reason you want) )


For [ profile] darksilvercat:

SPN, any festive Dean/Cas )
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I've been rewatching Generation Kill and flailing about it on Twitter. I want hand porn. This happened.

Brad/Nate. R. )
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Ad Libitum
Other than a pretty vague allusion to an event in 6.10, no spoilers.
Porn, basically.
Even with the whorehouse, Dean had never really thought of Cas as a sexual being before.

I spammed my poor feed with this on Twitter. Sorry, guys. Thanks for putting up with me! It's cleaned up and finished now. Thanks go to [ profile] krystalicekitsu for giving it a look over once I'd salvaged it. <3

Once Dean gets the thought in his head, it's hard to get out. )
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I ended up finishing an extra drabble for the cards. Thought maybe I'd post it.

Dean/Castiel. No spoilers. )
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I wrote fic for [ profile] qthelights over at the [ profile] jensen_misha 12 Days of Christmas Meme.

Under the Sheets. Jensen/Misha. R. For the prompt: Somnophilia: It's cold and the boys huddle up for warmth one night, but when one wakes earlier than the other, hard and wanting, they can't keep from touching their sleeping partner, letting latent desires get the better of them. Either the other wakes up mid-play or afterwards.
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Tear You Apart [AO3]
Possible dub-con.
"Weak, Chris," Wesker says, sibilant drawn out. "You've always been so weak. Such a disappointment."

An expansion of this drabble. Many thanks to [ profile] perfumaniac for the beta and the support. Thanks also go to [ profile] krystalicekitsu and [ profile] olivelavonne for giving it a read.

Dear [ profile] spacefragments, seeing as you own a little piece of my heart, here is my annual sacrifice to your temple. Hope it's up to standards.

Tear You Apart )
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Dipping my toes in. It was bound to happen eventually.

Sherlock/John. PG.

Evidence )
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General spoilers for season six. Allusion to events in 6.07.
Castiel makes a change, and Dean makes a decision.

Writing season six Dean/Castiel is hard. Many thanks to [ profile] qthelights, and [ profile] perfumaniac who GRIPPED ME TIGHT AND RAISED ME FROM PERDI—oh wait. ;)

Alone again. )
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Back around my birthday, [ profile] perfumaniac said I should send her a piece of my cake. Since that's kind of difficult, I wrote her this drabble and sent it to her in the mail instead. She got it today, so now I can post it here.

So, for my darling [ profile] perfumaniac, Jensen/Misha, G.

Have Your Cake )
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An untitled drabble for [ profile] spacefragments who has sucked me into Resident Evil and then said she wanted Chris/Wesker hate!sex. R-ish.

I really want to explore this further.

Wesker's hand is hard around his throat )
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I Crave Your Mouth, Your Voice, Your Hair
Castiel wants more.

Title from a poem by Pablo Neruda. For [ profile] pyrebi who will soon have 69 followers on Twitter, and for [ profile] spacefragments who said that deserved porn.

[ profile] perfumaniac rocks my socks so hard, I have no words. So she gave me some. :p ♥

Castiel wants more. )
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The Way We Leave Each Other Hungry
6.03 coda. Angst.
Dean has some questions he'd like answered. So does Cas.

Title from Trembling Blue Stars' "Little Gunshots." Many, many thanks to [ profile] perfumaniac. ♥

Dean stomps into his motel room, flipping on a light and slamming the door behind him, muffling the sound of the Impala backing away over gravel. )
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Weapons Maintenance and Other Useful Practices
Supernatural/Resident Evil 4 crossover.
“Oh,” Dean says, “I’m very conscientious about cleaning my guns.”

A companion to [ profile] spacefragments' ridiculously hot art. This is something of a teaser for a longer fic we are plotting, which will also include While It Is Full We Drink Up.

Many thanks to [ profile] perfumaniac for the beta. ♥

Their weapons are laid out on the table before them )
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Tied Up
Follows Suited Up and Dry Clean Only. Contains mild bondage and orgasm denial.
Jensen finds an alternative use for Misha's tie.

Here is a handy reminder of the tie in question. (With bonus hand!porn.)

Massive thanks to [ profile] qthelights. For [ profile] perfumaniac and [ profile] spacefragments for putting the idea in my head. I'm sorry it took so long. I hope you ladies like it. <3

Jensen wakes up to the soft sound of Misha's breathing )
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While It Is Full We Drink Up
Dean/Leon, Unrequited Dean/Castiel
Supernatural/Resident Evil 4 crossover.
Dean had known, had felt it the first time he’d turned a corner and practically run into Leon, that they’d end up here.

Title taken from a Jason Webley song. Many thanks to [ profile] perfumaniac for going over it.

For [ profile] spacefragments. Inspired by several conversations with her and this scorching little scenario she drew. I hope you like it!

Leon's warm in his lap )


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