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Sorry for the post spam, but I had to get that fic posted before I could do the end of the year fic meme.

Fic, ficlets, and drabbles included, I wrote and posted 42 (life, the universe, and EVERYTHING clearly) fics in 4 fandoms this year: 21 SPN, 13 NCIS, 5 Merlin, and 3 Due South. (I'm counting "Not Dudley Do-Right" as NCIS since it's Tony's POV.)

And 60 newspaper articles.

Last year I wrote 16 fics. To go from 16 to 42 is just...crazy. I don't know. [ profile] sdrohc_ratiug says it's due to the goal I made at the beginning of last year: write a little every day. You do that and you're bound to end up with something finished.

Perhaps most amazingly, I managed to complete something over 5000 words. I have never done that before! Outside of classes or school projects. (I really should get a wordcount on my play...)

This year has been very strange for me, writing-wise. Strange in a good way. I don't know quite how to describe how I feel about it without sounding a bit looney toons. But I love where I am right now, creatively. (Except for that fic that just refuses to work. Bleh.)

Anyway. Fic round-up, organized by fandom )


Writing Meme 2009 )

Also, I think it's fun to note that at least one Supernatural fic began life as Without a Trace fic (Time to Spare) while another was meant for Due South (Busted). I'm not really writing those now though, but each one either had a particular scene I still wanted to use (WaT) or an almost complete fic (DS). I was very happy to be able to use both.
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HAPPY NEW YEAR'S!!! Here's some fic!

Through That to This
No spoilers. Small blink-and-you'll-miss-it allusion to 5.06, "I Believe the Children Are Our Future."
The world doesn't end, now Castiel has to choose.

Many thanks to [ profile] ginnith. ♥ Title inspired by Lucille Clifton's poem, "blessing the boats."

The world does not end. )
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There is no excuse for this except that it makes me happy. And, really, isn't that the best reason?

(Unless you're from that Torchwood episode "Countrycide." In which case you definitely should not do the things that make you happy. Bleh.)

This is actually from last January when Due South was shiny with rediscovery. I really like the idea of Fraser and Ducky driving everyone crazy with their combined amount of knowledge.

Not Dudley Do-Right )
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In the Light of the Garden
Dean/Castiel-ish, Sam
Inspired by A Very Long Engagement.
The world doesn't end, but Dean and Sam lose something important anyway.

It works out okay, though! I swear! This isn't what I'm supposed to be working on, but I saw the end of A Very Long Engagement again last night and it just seemed to fit with other ideas that had been floating around. Thanks, as always, to [ profile] sdrohc_ratiug and [ profile] ginnith.

They travel for days when it's over )
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Okay, so I needed to do some writing for today and had no inspiration for anything. But then my phone alerted me that it was my turn on Scrabble with [ profile] sdrohc_ratiug and, well, the following idea hit me. It is kind of silly.

One of these lines is absolutely Dahlia's. But it was way better than what I was coming up with and she said I could have it. :)

Dean/Cas pre-slash, Sam. 275 words. PG. If Sam and Cas ever join forces and turn those eyes on him at the same time, Dean is definitely going to be in trouble.

Them's the Rules )
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What? Merlin fic? Where'd that come from?

This is another one of those, "I was going through my last two notebooks..." situations.

Everyone and the kitchen sink their mom does an "Arthur finds out about Merlin's abilities" fic, right? I guess this is mine. Or a version of mine. I wanted to poke at something quick and fun and light for a bit. (Dean and Cas are pondering their next move, in other words.)

Arthur, Merlin. G. 260 words. Set during season one, at least after "The Mark of Nimueh." Arthur is smarter than he looks.

Confession, It's Good for the Soul )
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Backed Against a Wall
No spoilers. Follows Busted.
Dean had gotten a brief taste of Cas and he had wanted so much more. He wants so much more.

I had a lot of fun writing Busted. And then someone said it was too bad Sam had to come back so soon and I thought, "It really is! Why did I do that?" And then this fic happened. Many thanks to [ profile] sdrohc_ratiug and [ profile] ginnith.

There is a third part in the works. ETA: And can now be found here, Before the Night Is Through.

Dean really wants to do it again. )
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Three minute drabble! If you don't count that the idea happened in November. It's possible this will get expanded or revisited at some point. Right now, though, this feels like a snapshot. Like things happened around it, but this is the part to remember.

when it is with your body )
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No spoilers. Just porn.
Cas doesn't knock. Dean gets caught with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar.

This is apparently what happens when I decide not to write porn. Whoops? Many thanks to [ profile] sdrohc_ratiug and [ profile] ginnith.

ETA: There is now a sequel, Backed Against the Wall.

Dean has the motel room to himself, Sam off at the library )
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A Bells-on-the-Door, Pies Baking, Mom and Pop Place
Dean, Sam
Pushing Daisies crossover. Sam and Dean visit the Pie Hole.

This has been sitting in my notebook since May, making it the first SPN fic I ever attempted. Brushed it off a bit and figured, hey, why not. Because, seriously, you cannot watch both Supernatural and Pushing Daisies and not see how weirdly perfect the shows fit together. Ned wakes pies and bakes the dead bakes pies and wakes the dead! Dean loves pies! There is a living dead girl running around! And general weirdness.

I really wanted to call this things like "You Get Your Gun, I'll Get My Candy Bowl" or "Like a Hypoglycemic Werewolf," but obviously those do not fit.

Dude, you have to try this pie. )
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Proving It
General spoilers for season five. Nothing specific. Though there is a very brief allusion to 5.04, "The End."
Dean needs proof. Castiel gives it to him.

A first-time fic. Minimal plot. There was a scene in my head and this is my attempt to put it to paper. There is a very good chance the summary does not mean what you think it means. Though there is an equally good chance it means exactly what you think it means. ;)

Many, many thanks to [ profile] ginnith and [ profile] sdrohc_ratiug. You ladies are so patient with me. I don't know what I'd do without you. ♥

If you asked Dean how he ended up pinned to the wall by an angel recently exiled from Heaven, sporting a hard on instead of a black eye, he honestly wouldn’t be able to tell you. )
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For Every Action
Mild bondage
Prompt: For every Tony action (McInsult, inappropriate touching), there is an equal and calculated Tim action.

As usual, thanks go to [ profile] ginnith for putting up with my craziness. I also want to thank [ profile] grammarwoman for the prompt. I had a lot of ideas, but it was the one with the handcuffs that stuck. I really hope you like it!

For Every Action )
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For the Time Being
Dean/Castiel-ish, Sam
Episode tag for 5.08.
Things will be okay for a little while longer.

Written because that ending could have used a little something more. And because I am avoiding work writing as well as the other fic I should be working on. Unseen by anyone else, so any mistakes are mine.

For the Time Being )
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Eye Food
Dean/Castiel-ish, Sam
Mastering idioms is difficult.

Inspired by a very nice lady who is a friend of my cousin. She's not a native English speaker and said this once in conversation. It's a phrase that continues to amuse me.

Eye Food )
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Leave this languishing in Word? Or post?

Post, I suppose. Creative writing for Monday (besides the DiNozzo/McGee stuff which is going slow but definitely going). I still hate titles.

Dean, Castiel. 228 words. Pre-slash. G. Post-"The End". There is hugging and it is awkward.

A Starting Point )
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Currently I am working on:

- city council
- SPN fic involving breakfast food
- NCIS fic involving handcuffs (based on [ profile] grammarwoman's prompt, which does not involve handcuffs)
- NCIS/Shop Around the Corner "Love & War" tag thing

In the meantime, I have had this image in my head since August and I finally beat it into submission. Well. Sort of. Drabble length would have been nice, but I'll take 200 words.

Dean, Castiel, Sam. Sometime in season five. Non-spoilery and kind of ridiculous.

Touched (In the Head) )
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Sorry for the post-spam. This is the last one tonight. Seriously.

Slow days at the library generally mean I write something. Which works for my creative writing for the day.

Dean/Castiel-ish. Set between the end of season four and the beginning of season five.

Free Will )
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Naps? Good idea.

Not taking your contacts out first? Bad idea.

But here's a random drabble - a scene, really - that floated in somewhere during that doze. I hope it makes sense outside my own mind. I figured, leave it my notebook or post it? So.

I feel like I've done something very similar before.

In Sleep - Dean/Castiel )
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There's Not a Step We Can Take That Does Not Bring Us Closer
Missing scene from 5.03, "Free to Be You and Me."
It's a love story. Castiel doesn’t recognize this new feeling sinking in around Dean until it’s already taken hold, set down roots, and begun to grow.

Many thanks to [ profile] ginnith and [ profile] sdrohc_ratiug. ♥ Title taken from a Jason Webley song.

Emotions are new to Castiel. )
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Time to Spare
Set sometime after 5.02.

The majority of this was written prior to 5.02. Not a lot changed, but certain things did get more specific. The biggest difference between this and the original is the ending.

There is a line in here that I wrote and then thought sounded familiar. It's close to a line from Lucille Clifton's poem, "lucifer understanding at last."

Many, many thanks to [ profile] ginnith and [ profile] sdrohc_ratiug. They have the patience of saints. I don't know what I'd do without them. And [ profile] olivelavonne who calmly talks things out with me. Thank you, ladies!

Castiel can feel the heat from Dean’s body even through the layers of clothing that separate them. It’s an interesting feeling, Dean pressed hot and insistent against his front, the motel door cool and unyielding behind him. Anyone else and he would feel trapped, Castiel thinks, pinned down. Not with Dean. )


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