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Having nothing to do with anything, zombie babies are hilarious.

Smallville is not as bad as last season, but it is still on some serious crack. Which I guess it always was, so what I mean to say is that it's less crappy crack than recently. But could Lana just die a painful death already? Geez.

Yesterday SG-1 and Philosophy collided. I was sitting in class not really paying attention (I did really well for about a week and a half!) during discussion of Shibayama's The Gateless Barrier: Zen Comments on the Mumonkan when all of the sudden we're discussing Mumon's poem and I hear, "If you know at once candlelight is fire / The meal has long been cooked." Which is almost exactly what is constantly brought up by Daniel or Ancients when they're being all mystical and stuff. "If you immediately know the candlelight is fire, then the meal was cooked long ago." It was a weird moment of "Bwah?" for me during class. 'Cause I'm a dork.

I also noticed that the girl who sits in front of me uses "like" every third or fourth word. I started counting at one point and got all the way up to 20-something. At that point it was getting really hard not to just grin stupidly or laugh out loud. I know I use "like" occasionally (I hope), but not nearly as much as she does.

And now for the reason I was posting in the first place...

SGA - The Return, Part 2 )
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Today has been almost entirely devoted to staying on top of my classes. (God damn Mythology and it's meaningless assignments.)

I still need to finish my paper on Paradise Lost, do the Theseus/Perseus comparison, write about a family ritual, and study for my Philosophy exam. Mostly I've done nothing but skim/read The King Must Die and work on the paper. It's thrilling, let me tell you. KMD goes from being kind of boring, to rather interesting, back to kind of boring again. I'd love to read it without deadlines.

Did watch an ep of BSG and Dear Frankie today. And the newest ep of Smallville as well as SGA's "Suspicion." Most of that was used for background noise. SV should just do an entire episode where they have no talking, long camera shots, and music playing over. It was a pretty good ep, but they used James Blunt's "You're Beautiful" over the opening scene with Clark and Lana and I am not happy that they've kind of sullied that song for me.

Tonight/Tomorrow I'll be able to get the season finale of SGA. Still have to watch "Michael" and "Inferno." This time I really mean it when I say I'm not going to watch parts of the new one. I don't want to know anything about it until I've seen the last two all the way through and actually sit down to watch it. For once, I want to see the finale without knowing how it's going to turn out.

Last night I had a dream about a little girl who was like Anthony on The Twilight Zone who wished people into the corn field. She could kill you with her brain. Until the parents were pushed a little too far and kind of went insane with fear and killed her. It was creepy and ended in violence. Usually my dreams aren't violent. Natasha, on the other hand, dreamed of Rodney in leather pants.

Ah well, back to work.
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OMG Smallville, you hurt my ears. The dialog, if you can call it that, is so bad. *So bad*. ::facepalm::

If I ever write anything with dialog that bad, would someone please slap me upside the head? Hard?


Natasha's watching SV now. I might have to put in an episode of SGA after this to make it all better. Although, it's actually a pretty good episode except for all of the Lana and Clark/Lana making out. Really, that's enough of that. If I liked Lana more, I'd be willing to see it on TV. But no. So the best parts were Chloe, Clark and Chloe, Clark and Lex. That scene at the end? )

So, I think I'm pretty much done studying for Astronomy. Mostly I'm just tired of looking at the stuff. Bleh.

English was particularly boring today. Thank god Julia's there or I would end up in a coma on the floor. Also, from now on there's going to be a running tally of the times the professor mentions Titanic specifically and any movie generally. Apparently Titanic is a work of literary/cinematic genius and should be held up on high with works by Alexander Pope. Tuesday I guess it was mentioned a lot. Today it was mentioned twice.

Okay, so there are these new commercials out about how tobacco is bad for you. They use sort of stop-motion dolls with big heads and huge eyes. I've seen two of them. In the one I've seen the most, i.e. more than once, a boy and a girl are sitting on a couch watching TV. A cat comes in and walks in front of them, where it proceeds to hack up a hairball/throw up. It leaves. At which point the boy gets up and walks over to the mess on the floor. The girl checks her make-up. The boy comes back, sits down, puts his arm around her, and then we see that he's put the cat's hairball in his mouth. It's all hanging and dripping. The girl does a double-take, gets up, and walks away. At which point we learn that kissing someone who uses tobacco is just as gross.

::shudder:: It's a really fuckin' disturbing commercial. But it comes on and I can't look away.

Anyhoo. This weekend family's coming over so we can have a slightly early birthday dinner. Mom says we may see a movie afterward. It'll be nice and uneventful and I'll be mostly busying reading for Philosophy and writing my Defoe paper.
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Smallville tonight. Don't know why I'm going to torture myself. Probably because it will be fun to point and laugh and go "omg" and roll my eyes. And, also, Lex is still hot. I admitted to Natasha this morning, though, that I'm kind of sad Chloe is fine. I mean, I like Chloe. I don't want bad things to happen to her and I don't want them to kill her. But if she sticks around another season they're only going to mistreat her some more.

Watched Nip/Tuck on Tuesday. Those people are fucked up on some seriously high levels. I thought the gorilla subplot was kind of hokey. Mom and I talked about it and we both agreed that if that much time and effort had been put into Kiki, than they would have figured out some other way to get her pregnant than actual intercourse. And is it just me, or does the paralleling of seemingly unrelated layered plots seem kind of obvious so far this season?

Didn't watch Lost because the premiere left me totally meh. Mom said it was okay and that next week looks like they'll actually answer some things. Maybe.

Watched the 1963 version of Moll Flanders in Lit today because the professor lost her voice at a Neil Diamond concert. (hehe) Wow those '60s movies were wacky. Young Moll had on more eye make-up than...than...Well, she had on a *lot* of eye make-up. It was laughable. And I did laugh.

Tomorrow is Serenity with Natasha and Kasey. Finally. :D

Today it is windy and raining. Seattle weather. Finally feeling more like fall. I went and got a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks across the street and a cinnamon scone. It was like Thanksgiving in a cup.
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Apparently last night Natasha had a dream featuring MacGyver. And she doesn't even *like* the guy! Ha.

Spent the day with my mom and most of it at the mall. Bought some stuff at Lane Bryant. Bought Stargate (the movie), Eerie, Indiana, and Knowing Me Knowing You with Alan Partridge at Suncoast. Yea. Like I don't have enough stuff to watch. And then we went back to my aunt's house and I crashed on the couch.

Watched Bones and House. Loved the scene with House and the little girl. And House and his iPod. And just House in general. Chase was also adorable. And, the thing I've been waiting for, Nip/Tuck! There was a lot of cringing on my part. I don't like stuff that has to do with skin, so the woman and the couch was a little ::shudder:: ew. But, y'know, fun times. I've missed cringing at it every week.

Caught part of Smallville on ABCFamily. "Heat," I think it was. With Desiree. Made me kind of sad because Lex and Clark used to be so cute together. And now they suck, like Jeff, in the bad way. Woe. Explained to Mom about the real reasons for Clark being so "Your wife's an evil bitch!" to Lex. Y'know, the reasons where the subtext is more than just subtext and Clark and Lex luuuurve each other v.v. much and Clark's jealous and mad that Lex got married to a girl. Pointed out that the show is much more fun if you read stuff into it.

So, anyway. Classes start tomorrow/today. For everyone but me! Somehow I worked it so that I have Wednesdays completely open. Woo. Except I plan on working at night starting next week. But other than that...It will be nice to have that break mid-week to regroup and catch up and do homework and slack off.
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Damn. Damn damn damn. Damn.

There's a trailer for Smallville Season five.

::whines:: Natasha. It's gonna try to suck me in, isn't it? How can I save you with the good porn slash when the bad television is trying to suck me in?



There's this character meme going around and it gives me something to do when I'm mind-numbingly bored. Through this meme I ended up slashing Daniel Jackson (SG-1) and Wesley Wyndham-Pryce (Ats). And now I *really* want to find some fic with them and read it. Because I could *so* see that working.

Natasha and I even worked it out. )

And, well, maybe it wouldn't work. But I think it would be fun to read. If I was at all confident about writing fanfiction, I'd maybe even attempt it myself. But I'm not, so I won't. At least any time soon.


Tom started school today. Junior year of high school. Scary.

Mom and I watched "Instinct" and then I watched "The Defiant One." Still love in massive amounts. Also watched the first part of Rome with Mom. LOTS of people in it. Every screen its like there's someone new to squee over. Gonna try to catch more of it. Should be interesting.

Neesh comes over tomorrow to finish Firefly. Finally. Hopefully.

Oh, Natasha, I've got another fic rec for you. Short, Firefly. Whenever you want it. :)

I'm gonna go read trashy romance novels now. They're like cotton candy for the brain.
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Just read S5 spoilers for Smallville.

::blank stare::


::goes back to watching SGA::
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GOOD weekend in Seattle. Mom asked me if I miss it. I do a bit. But mostly I miss the people. ::hugs::

Only ended up watching Tristan. Callie went to Whidby Island with a friend. Tris got back around midnight on Friday dead tired. In the morning he woke up with Sheppard hair. omg so cute! He also went around saying "that sucks, yo." Ha.

Saturday we went to the mall and I got my bridal shower shopping done. Yea. The lady at Bath and Body Works was very nice and helpful in a way that was entirely non-annoying. She also had neat green-hazel eyes. And, omg, I found Good Neighbors/The Good Life on DVD!! The whole series. I am so friggin' thrilled. The show is *so* far before my time, but I caught it once on PBS and LOVE. Felicity Kendal is the cutest thing ever and Richard Briers cracks me up.

But why is it called something different in the US? Are we too stupid to understand the title The Good Life?

Saturday night I was flipping through channels and zoomed past Lifetime only to do a double-take and zoom back because I though I spotted someone I recognized. I was right! It was something called Silencing Mary and it starred Melissa Joan Hart, Corin Nemec (Jonas!) as her boyfriend, and Teryl Rothery (Dr. Frasier!) as a detective/cop. I stopped because of CN and had a cow, scaring Tris in the process, and then flailed a little more when TR showed up.

And then last night I couldn't sleep so I watched part of Nip/Tuck on FX and holy *crap* but that's a good show. I mean, damn. It was the episode with the stigmata-woman... )

I may need to buy it on DVD.

Also rented and watched Brigadoon because I'd never seen it before. Mom discovered I didn't even know what it was about when we drove over Stevens Pass and there was a sign for a town that seemed to not be there at all. Anyway. Loved it. How could I not? I mean Gene Kelly. We laughed our asses off at "hot headed Harry" trying to flee the village though. At one point he looked *exactly* like Mr. Peepers from SNL. 'Twas funny I tell you.

Friday's ep of Firefly was "Shindig." How did Inara know how much pressure it takes to cut skin? Was the fencing part of her, what I assume would be well-rounded, training at the academy? Of all the people on Serenity, I think it's Inara and Book I'm most curious about. And River. But Inara and Book are the ones we probably won't find out too much about.

SG-1 - Beachhead )

Apologies beforehand with the SGA thoughts. I don't think I can get through it without excessive use of CAPS and exclamation points. As an English major and a scholar I realize I should be able to articulate my thoughts in a more learned manner, but, um, no.

SGA - Trinity )

Hey, look, no excessive CAPS and exclamation points. Go me.

One question though. Who is Dr. Vogel and why does he love pastry so much? Speaking of, there was a lot of pastry in this ep. (Okay, not a *lot*.) Where did Rodney get that donut? Did the Daedalus go back to Earth and bring some with? Did the Ancients have a Krispy Kreme? I'm betting next week they find Starbucks on one of the unexplored piers/levels/wings.

Gonna go watch The Good Life now. Yea.
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After watching A Series of Unfortunate Events with Mom and Dad, I went down to the living room to discover Tom and Nicholas watching SG-1. When questioned, Tom replied, "There was nothing else on."

This is exactly what happened with Smallville. Plus, he's asking backstory questions (as I've been watching seasons five and (now) six around him).

But I am weirded out by this development. Happy if I get him hooked, but weirded out nonetheless. So is Mom. "Now that's just...There's just something not right about that."

Why am I still awake?
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I've been sick for about a week. Fun times. Tonight will be my first, and only this week, night back to work. I finally feel well enough to actually do stuff for several hours. Woo.

A couple of hours ago I finished reading a piece of SGA fanfiction and now I feel very restless. Do you ever finish reading something that's just so absorbing and beautiful and well crafted that when you're finished reading it you feel sort of at a loss as to what to do with yourself? That's how I feel. It's like my mind is too preoccupied with what I've just read that I can't focus on anything else. It was just an excellent story, plot-, character-, and writing-wise.

(I'm afraid I might have to start forcing my fanfiction reading friends to watch SGA just so I can share some of this with them. But I don't really want to do that because than it will be less shiny for me. Oh, conundrum.)

Anyway. In the past week nothing much has happened. SV had it's season finale. It was good, overall. Laughable at times, but about what you would expect. Best parts? Grodin's teeny tiny part as one of Lex's security men (he did get a line or two and I squeed more over him than anything else) and Chloe pushing Lex into the cave wall. That was *funny*. Don't know what was going on with Lionel and why he and Lex were acting so wonky, but whatever. Also, maybe it was Emperor Zod at the end and Lana will be blown up?

Neesha came over on Thursday and we met a friend of her's downtown for lunch, after which we wandered around Barnes and Noble (were I bought Haunted) and then decided to see Star Wars on a whim. It wasn't any of the originals, but I liked it. Probably more than I should. Obi-wan and Yoda really made it for me. Also, the music. They kept using Luke's theme (I don't know what it's actually called, but I associate it with Luke) from A New Hope when he's staring out at the sunset on Tatooine subtly throughout the movie. And the first time the words "Darth Vader" were uttered, they brought *that* theme in and it was just a squeally, happy, fangirly moment. I'd really like to see it again. And I'd *really* like to see the original trilogy again now.

So Neesha and I saw the movie and then I gave her a tour of campus in the rain and that was wet. We watched the finale of CSI, which I had forgotten was directed by Quentin Tarantino, and an episode of SG-1. It wasn't that exciting, but now she knows what I do on a usual Thursday evening.

The weekend was uneventful. I don't think I even watched anything exciting. This week has also been less than thrilling, mostly because I've felt like crap. But Sunday night Natasha and I watched Saved. Very funny. Liked it a lot. Last night we watched Office Space, which Natasha hadn't seen before. Tonight we'll probably watch Hellraiser after I get off of work.

Tomorrow I register for fall quarter classes. The English and Philosophy classes I wanted are still open, but the Theology one is closed. So I'm thinking maybe I'll just take another English elective class. Or something. I'm not really sure. If anyone who goes to SU reads this (you know who you are), I'd be welcome to suggestions.
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Just saw the end of last week's SV episode and was it just me, or did it feel like there was a big, gaping Pete-shaped hole? Aw, Pete. :(

My Angel soundtrack came today. It was early. Yea. It's even got Andy Hallett and Christian Kane performing on it. And I'm *so* glad they included "Touched" and "A Place Called Home" and, of course, Darling Violetta. I'm going to have to look into them some more.

Feel like I have a little cold, so I'm not going to work. Bleeeeh.

I'm kind of freaking out over my paper for Intertextuality. It's not due until June 8, but the bibliography as well as a more focused statement is due on the 27th and I have no idea how to really focus what I've already proposed. I mean, I have some ideas, but right now I'm feeling stupid and like I have nothing to contribute and maybe I shouldn't research while I'm feeling achy? You can't focus when your body is going "owowowsleeeeeeep."

So, maybe I'll go get some food, watch some more SG-1 (one ep left in season three!), and just sort of not think and let myself rest. Yes, this sounds like a good plan.


May. 16th, 2005 06:08 pm
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Well, after the semi-craptastic weekend, this week is looking up. Why?

Because Neesha is coming to visit me! YEA!!!

Although, weekend wasn't total lost. Went shopping and pampered self. Watched Sideways and Spanglish. Liked them both. Also watched an episode of SV with Kay. And let me tell you, *that* was hilarious. It was the episode with Kara.

KAY: What's she calling Clark? Cowbell?
ME: No. Kal-el.

I finally decided that, no, Kay was right and Clark is really a cowbell. ('cause he's dumb like that.) And then the first Superman movie came on and we discovered that Kal-el is really Korel, the dining china. Which only makes sense as that china is indestructible. Ah, Superman finally makes sense. He is not an alien, or a cowbell. He is a plate.

There's got to be a joke in there about "Look! On the table! It's a spoon! It's a fork! No, it's Superman!"

I'm lame.

But that's ok, 'cause some people appreciate that. Like Neesha. Who's coming to visit. *g*
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Just finished watching Donnie Darko. Up until I figured out what was going on I was just kinda like, "huh." (A "huh" leaning toward good, but a "huh" nonetheless.) But then things clicked right around Donnie and Gretchen in the car and I was more "wow." That was a really good movie. Just, heh, wow. The kind of thing I like, too. )

So, yeah, I'm impressed. Really enjoyed it. Loved the music, incidental and otherwise. I recommend it.

Yesterday Natasha and I watched He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, which I had seen before and also recommend. It's French, with Audrey Tautou from Amelie and it's a "romantic thriller." The middle will make you go "What the hell?" and the second half will make you go "Oh, I see" and the end will make you go "Agh!" Yeah, it's good.


Yesterday I also went to a talk by David Plante for my English class. He's a writer and a professor at Columbia University. Mainly he spoke about the writer's vocation and I thought it was all really fascinating. There were several things that he said that really spoke to me and made me think, "*That* is why I can't write." Other stuff he said I just liked a whole lot; he spoke like a writer, his words carefully chosen. Or so I felt.

One point he brought up in the beginning was that all writers should think of English and the written word as their second language. Those people who are not native English speakers, or indeed speak a second language at all, are more aware of each and every word they choose because they understand how fully it must convey their meaning. They develop a heightened awareness of words and language.

In using these words, Plante also spoke of how he doesn't usually like to call things mysteries (He had asked us, "Why do we feel the need to transform our world into words?" and declared it a mystery.) or beautiful or other descriptive words like that because that diminishes the thing being described and the meaning of the description. He felt that when you name it, you lose it. Instead, in his own writing, he attempts to evoke the feeling of beauty or mystery, etc. At this point I was reminded of something that a fanfiction writer and said once about editing their work and the removal of a repetitive declaration of love between two people, one of whom was dying. The repetition of "love" and "I love you" made the words mean less because they were mentioned so often. Words have power, but they lose that power if they are used too often and without taste or talent or perception.

Plante also brought up the idea of the unintentional. Whatever was intentional was of no interest whatsoever to him. "What happens unintentionally when I write is why I write," he said. This elicited questions from the audience about how you could write anything without some intention. Plante said that it is not really intention we must look at here, but craft. His suggestion to his writing students was that you should think of writing as constructing a house and "build [that] house in such a way that it becomes haunted" and thus allows for the unintentional.

All of this I found very interesting, but then he got to talking about understanding writing. "I don't try to explain it, don't try to understand [what I'm writing]." He didn't want to know. "Creativity for me is my reason for being." One of my classmates from Intertextuality said that he writes "to find out what happens when I do it."

What really got to me though, was when someone asked how he felt when a student goes to him and says, "I have an idea for a story." Plante said that this is a problem, because having an "idea for a story" means that the idea is already received. Meaning that the idea has been picked up elsewhere and implying that you have pushed your originality into something else. "Ideas," Plante said, "can be the enemy of creativity" because an "idea" is a preconception already, before you even begin writing. The good beginning then is to have no ideas. For Plante, he begins with images. This is how he works best. But the implication was that you have to just write and see what comes out of it. Of course, all of this had the caveat that every writer and how they write is unique.

Before the talk ended, Plante also went over the problem of connection. If you can't connect your images, than don't. Leave space, he suggested, because the mind will fill in the space on its own and make it work.

So, my problem? I think too much. I over plan and I over think and then I get frustrated because I can never really get what I have in my head down on the paper. But sometimes when I just sit down and write because a beginning line has magically popped into my head, I end up with a page and a half of nothing in particular that I'm happy with and fairly proud of. Go figure. If I could just let go and really begin something without obsessing over every word and detail and punctuation mark, than perhaps I could actually finish some of the longer things I've started.

Perhaps there is hope for me as a writer (for my own personal fun and relaxation, not for profit). If not, I shall continue being a "professional appreciator," as my RA put it.


Tomorrow I turn in my reflective statement for Intertextuality. A statement's supposed to be short, right? Because mine's a page and during the movie someone said something and that made me think, "Oh, maybe I should explain that a little better." But it's a *statement* and it's only supposed to help spur us toward our final paper, so it's not supposed to be, like, really detailed and stuff. Right?


Also, my black ink cartridge has decided to begin dying and so the quality of the printed statement isn't top notch. Natasha says it should be ok as it is still legible and not too bad. I'll add a sticky-note apologizing for the quality.

My right foot, ankle, and lower leg hurt. Before the talk yesterday I fell down the stairs in Wyckoff. Like my grandma did when she broke her hip. Ow.

Watched SV last night because I didn't go to work (because of the fall and the pain and the not needing to stand on it for four hours). Couldn't really watch it 'cause it drove me nuts. Talked to Mom about it today and she was really upset at the writers' carelessness with the characters. They killed the kid, the mother, and the father. Not a really big deal was made. People were created and then thrown away just so they could try to get us a message about parenting. Blah. But the Luthor scenes were good, and the ending was great. (Yea ambiguously evil Lex!) But other than that it kinda sucked. The shinyness has left SV for me. I did go all symbolic on Natasha when it started though. Lana had a blue scarf on and they found the baby in a crater so Lana wrapped the baby in the scarf. Blue is the color of the Virgin Mary, who became a mother without having sex. So there is Virgin Lana with her Blue Scarf wrapped around the Miracle Baby. Because Lana is perfect. Just ask the writers.

I'm gonna stick with the SGs and Nip/Tuck and BSG if I can actually watch more. They drive me crazy in good ways.
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So Martouf was in Ginger Snaps Back and he was a right bastard. Heh. Why is it that the people I've seen in previous things always end up nasty in those movies? Except for Mimi Rogers. Actually didn't think the third movie was that bad. Liked it more than the second one at least.

On Friday, Kay and I saw A Very Long Engagement. So good. So very good. Beautiful movie. Visually it was just stunning. Never actually cried, but got darn close a couple of times. Basically, it's about this young woman's search for her fiance after WWI. He's supposed to be dead, but she believes otherwise. There was a lot of stuff in the trenches, and that was hard to watch. Especially the beginning when the five main military characters are introduced. They are all being lead through the trenches to be executed for mutilating themselves out of service. That's all well and good until they show each character shoot themselves in the hand. If they had shown one more...Eh. Not fun. But that's how the fiance is introduced. He's only about 18 when the movie starts in the trenches and he's seen some pretty horrific stuff, so he's kind of lost it mentally. At night he lights a cigarette and then sticks his hand with the cigarette over the trench wall and waits to be shot. The suspense was horrible. It wasn't the gore that bothered me, just the waiting for what I knew was coming.

But, yeah, definitely recommend it. Parts of it, seriously, were like magic up on the screen. Beautiful, shiny visual magic.

And now here it is, 1:37 in the morning and I'm wired and it sucks. Blah. However, there's been some really nice SG-1 stuff to come back to. Pictures are being released for season nine and wow Ben looks really good in the SGC uniform. And Claudia is there, too! There's even a couple with both of them in the same frame and that's got to be weird and fun for them to work together again in completely different circumstances. Anyway, apparently they will be exploring Arthurian legend for the very first time. I'm really excited to see what sort of spin they put on it. All of the stuff they've done with Egyptian, Norse, Greek, Roman, etc. mythology has been really interesting. So, yeah, I'm *really* looking forward to it. (And then there's the really shallow bonus of Ben and Claudia. Guh.)

Oh, Kay and I also watched Nip/Tuck Saturday night. First mention of the Carver. Have to say, I really liked that episode. Mostly just for Sean and his pro bono work with the victim-lady (who reminded me strangely of Shannon on Lost) and her reaction to Bobbie Whatsherface's "botched" lipo. You tell her! Poor Bobbie Whatsherface. Poor Sean. I'm ambivalent about Sean. They do an episode like that where he's mostly all soft and then they do the next one where he just about strangles Julia over the whole Julia-Matt-Christian thing. Everyone on that show is seriously fucked and in need of therapy. I love 'em anyway. Most of the time.

I hate to say it, but I'm mostly over Smallville. I'm about ready to delete my last SV icons (a sure sign I'm over it) and I still haven't caught up on the eps, even with the promise of double Lex. Plus? I only really want to see the season finale because Grodin's got a bit part in it. He probably won't even have a line, but, damn it, I don't care about the finale otherwise.

I really am a fickle fangirl.

OMG, Quantum Leap is on!! ::geek:: Sam's a pregnant woman! He's gonna give birth! Hee! I <3 this show. But talk about a blast from the past.
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Y'know, I'm not a big coffee person. The taste has always kind of put me off unless I can get milk and chocolate in the equation. But everyone here drinks coffee. Am I missing out? Should I expand my beverage-related horizons? Should I find some place that makes a good cup of coffee and just try it again? Do I really need a caffeine addiction?

All I know is right now I could really really use a cup of coffee. Or, rather, a mocha. So why don't I get my ass across the street to Starbucks?

Because if I have caffeine now, I'll be up even later than I usually am. Which will only lead me back to the problem I'm having today of feeling dead on my feet.

Bah. Vicious cycle and all that.

So instead I'll go to dinner in ten minutes and maybe watch some X-Files. Maybe I'll work a little on my English notes for tomorrow, study for the Spanish exam. Or maybe I'll just rest up for work at seven. That last one's probably going to end up being the one I go with. I'm just lazy like that.

Tomorrow Smallville starts showing new episodes again. Double the Lex. I can't seem to get my self suitably excited about that. Still haven't watched the last new episode they aired before I went on spring break. Am simply...uninterested at the moment.

I blame Stargate. )

Well, that turned kind of ranty and wasn't at all what I expected to write when I thought "hey, let's post something on LJ." Huh. Life's funny like that I guess.

Sci-fi's showing all six hours of Dune tonight. I wish I could stay and watch it. I read the book last summer. (Was it really only last summer?) It was good, if a little slow at times. Never seen any of the adaptations all of the way through. House is also on tonight. I think it may be a repeat, but I'm going to set the VCR to tape it anyway. There are several I've never seen. (Speaking of Hugh Laurie - apparently House filming schedules conflict with the new Superman movie and so he will not be Perry White. This makes me a sad panda.)

I now have no idea what's going on on The X-Files. Oh well. ::shrug::
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So, watching SV with Neesha totally made me love it again. Yea! I should actually try to write that fanfic for Natasha...I'm such a bad writer. (Not quality, but actually doing things.) Or I should work on the KS thing...Hmm...

When is the WB going to start showing new eps? I want double the Lex now. Not Clark getting married while hopped up on RedK. Sheesh. Although the bit with him and Alicia in the barn before they run off to Vegas? Damn funny. Anyhoo.

It's already Thursday of my spring break. Only...about 4 more days until classes start yet again. Blah. Grades are out for Winter Quarter though. I don't suck as much as I thought! Go team me.

Survey of Brit Lit II: A
Lit Pix: B+
Spanish II: A-

Which means I may be on the Dean's List for a third time (twice in a row even). But, hey, check out that B+. I was certain I wasn't going to do better than maybe a C because of the papers. So when I saw that I just about had a fit. It's a good day when your grades exceed your expectations.

This afternoon Mom and I are going to go to Moses and then we're going to come back and maybe dye my hair and definitely watch more SG-1 season one. I get such a kick out of that show.
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Yesterday I...

...went to Spokane with Dad and picked up Grandma from the airport.
...had my first airport experience.
...bought a silly little P&P "inspired" mystery.
...saw Neesha again. Yea! a tour of Whitworth as well as introductions to some random friends of Neesha's as well as key friend, i.e. roommate. All seemed v. nice. :)

Today I... my haircut. Cute! (Hopefully this is not just me.) playing The Sims 2 - University Edition. Claire and Jimmy are juniors now. Possibly they will become engaged before they are seniors. Either that or Jimmy will join a greek house and they will both experiment with their last two college years before settling down. (Probably not as this would take more work on my part. ::virtually lazy::)
...wish the SV episode with two Lexs was on. going to watch SG-1 with Mom. Yea.

Friday I...

...will see Neesha again. YEA!
...will harass people at the high school.
...will watch SG-1 and SGA.

Sunday I...

...will celebrate Easter AND my mom's birthday.

Monday I...

...will go back to Seattle.
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It may be lame, but my spring break is just right for me.

I got to see Neesha twice before she had to leave! Yea. We watched SG-1 and SV and were fangirly, talked about life and friends and writing, pondered why no one I know thinks Sheppard's attractive, ate enchiladas, and decided what we would *not* name our respective children.

Obviously we were v. v. deep.


Friday I got to watch both SGs while Neesh was around. )

Yesterday Mom and I went to Wenatchee and I bought the extension for The Sims 2. I didn't even know there *was* an extension until I spotted it in Target. Needless to say, I've been playing that almost non-stop today. Fun times.

Tomorrow Dad and I go to Spokane to pick up Grandma and then Wednesday (You were right, Neesh!) I get my haircut. Woo.
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It may just be official. Stargate is the new Smallville.

Sorry, boys, but there's only so much Lana-angsting, Krypotonite-cringing, fat-sucking, and farmboy-moralizing a girl can take. So I say bring on the Daniel-angsting, life-sucking, alien-incubating, and turkey-sandwich-loving!

The shows aren't *that* different. At least SG-1 and SV both feature a bald man. Well, SG-1 did until Teal'c grew hair and how *weird* is that anyway? (His eyebrows still amuse me.) All three shows have aliens. SGA has life-sucking aliens and SV had a fat-sucking vampire. Chloe had bad hair once and I'm still waiting for Teyla to have not-funny hair...(Although, wouldn't it be funny if SG-1 ran across a fat-sucking alien vampire with bad hair? That captured them and *moralized* at them. I can just see it...."Don't count your chickens before they're hatched!" And Teal'c would be all ::eyebrow::)

Anyway. I feel a little guilty about the major fangirl switchage going on here. But whatever. I'm sure I'll get over it. I am still going to continue with the fanfiction that I've started. And ramble about SV and watch the show and whatever, but the majority of the time I've alloted for anything fangirly is going to anything SG related.

I'm still going to force SV on Neesha though. mwuaahahahahahahaha.

At the moment, I'm trying to finish my poetry explication for tomorrow. Bah. I cannot wait for this quarter to be over. Yea spring break!

Went and saw The Aviator yesterday. Liked it, thought it was very good if kind of long. Liked Million Dollar Baby better. Still glad it one best picture.
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Superman is a Dick.

No really, he is.

I haven't seen all of them yet, but this is quite a good example of his behavior. Look at the smile on his face! There's also this one. Again with the smiling.

I guess this sort of explains the way SV's Clark Kent is going right now. Maybe.


Have been watching SG-1. I'm up to episode five, and let me tell you, Teal'c's eyebrows amuse me to no end. You have no idea. I see him and I see his eyebrows and then I think of his Oprah comment and laugh. Randomly. Even while Jack has been turned into a neanderthal. I just can't help it.

I'm going to get really annoyed with all of the apostrophes in the names of everything on SG, aren't I?


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