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One of my very favorite scenes of anything ever. You can watch it here. It's just...It's so simple, but it's not insignificant. There's a lot of weight behind it. Expectation. It's lovely, and slays me every time.

Backstory to that picture/scene, if anyone's interested )

John and Aeryn have some of my all-time, hands-down favorite kissing scenes on television.

They are...kind of my OTP to end all OTPs. Because 1) they are not a figment of subtext and 2) somehow, someway the writers did right by them. I look back at Farscape (which I missed during its initial run) and I look at the progression of John, Aeryn, and John/Aeryn and there really isn't anything I would change.

I love them a hell of a lot.
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I really want to see WALL-E.

There are several parts in the preview between WALL-E and Eve, particularly the part where Eve shoots the camera (or whatever) and WALL-E kind of cowers beside her bad-ass, that remind me so very much of John and Aeryn.

That is, if John and Aeryn were cartoon robots.
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This morning at church I was glancing over the readings before mass and caught something about "then the Twelve gathered blah blah blah." There was a second there where I seriously thought, "The twelve Cylons?"

I'm sure the twelve apostles/twelve Cylons thing is something I've noticed before. I guess I just never really...caught it at the right angle before, if that makes sense. Like the knowledge was there, it just wasn't focused, mixed up with all of the other symbolism and parallels. So now we've got Jesus Baltar and the twelve Cylons. They could form a band. Perform Christian techno or something.

Anyway, I'm finding the Cylons more interesting than most of the humans. I think I've always found them more interesting. And then they started pushing those angsty love plotlines with the humans which pretty much left me cold and bored. Though in general I think I'm just as interested in both sides' overall quests.

But watching this current season really makes me want to go back and watch season one again. See how people have changed, how they's stayed the same.

I'm thinking that this summer when I'm house-sitting in Seattle I'm going to take Farscape with me and rewatch a chunk of that, too. I miss it!
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Just a thought about Teyla and season four. Let's see if I can get it out without confusing and/or hurting myself. And maybe it will even make a little sense.

Teyla grew up in Pegasus... )

I guess I should add that I'm pretty unspoiled for the rest of the season as well as season five, so maybe the writers will handle themselves better than I worry they will.

And now that I've written all that, I have no idea if it's clear. But I'm going to leave it and maybe read over it later.
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Earlier today Mom and I had a bit of a discussion about Rodney, Katie, John, and SGA in general. Mostly Rodney, which prompted Mom to point out that "he's not real." My response was basically, "Look, I just spent four years talking about fictional people and situations as though they were real, bear with me."

Going back to my last post about interpretation and my own more laid back responses to a lot of the reading I did at SU, I see more and more that my classroom behavior carries over into my everyday behavior. Certain things I will get angry and bitchy about. But when it comes to most works of fiction, be it novel, movie, or show, I tend to get more twitchy than anything. A much lower level of annoyed. Because what good does getting angry about it do me? Not much. So I let things slide and I take what works for me and leave the rest. It keeps me from going crazy with annoyance.

Plus, I like discussing things and the more level-headed I can be, the more I can enjoy the actual act of discussion.

(What's under the cut kind of got away from me. My brain makes weird connections and jumps all over the place and sometimes I just like to type things out. This is what happens when I "think outloud." It can get confusing in person. But maybe some of it will make sense here.)

Anyway, we were talking about Rodney and Katie )


Nov. 2nd, 2007 12:29 am
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They've posted the first part of Amanda Tapping's Q&A on I was going to post something about the clip from "Trio" that they play at the end, but then I watched it again and decided maybe I was letting myself get too wound up about how they play McKay around Carter sometimes. So I'll just save those thoughts and see if I still feel the same way later. Mostly it was regarding McKay appreciating attractive women at inappropriate moments.

We'll just see how the rest of the season goes down.

That sounds kind of dirty when I re-read it.

Anyway, AT is adorable. She answers questions about her favorite bad guys and changing shows and what she'd do if she weren't an actor. I have to say, I think Ba'al is my favorite baddie. He's just so smooth, whether he's mocking you or torturing you.

I should get on re-watching SG-1. I'm also contemplating re-watching Farscape. I'd like to get my dad to watch it with me. I really do think he'd enjoy it and now that it's winter things are winding down on the farm, so it'd be kind of fun to have something to watch together.
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[Crichton and D'Argo are playing 'Rock, Paper, Scissors']
D'ARGO: Yeah.
CRICHTON: One, two, three.
[Crichton throws paper. D'Argo throws rock]
D'ARGO: Again, I win.
CRICHTON: No, I win. Paper wraps rocks.
D'ARGO: No, paper cannot possibly beat rock.
CRICHTON: It does. Paper beats rock.
D'ARGO: Rock rips through paper.
CRICHTON: D'Argo, that's not how it works. Paper beats rocks.
D'ARGO: That's unrealistic.
CRICHTON: Well, it's the rules. And it's not supposed to be realistic, it's supposed to be entertaining.
D'ARGO: My coma was more entertaining.

And then D'argo trys to play "Rock, Paper, Scissors" with himself.

Yes, it is after one am and I am avoiding my paper. But I am learning about the secret life of chocolate on Food Network.
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Why can't I sleep like normal people?

Re-watched random bits of BSG, but since I'm still awake, I'm posting a couple of little things I've semi-randomly run across.

Although known previously, it's always fun to hear that Ben Browder loves FireflY as much as the rest of us. According to this, when he found himself on a flight with Nathan Fillion he cornered him and they "swapped war stories about Firefly and Farscape." That's something I'd love to be able to see/hear.

There's also some stuff with Claudia Black about Farscape and Aeryn here. She very briefly mentions talk about whether there could/would be more Farscape. Like Firefly, I have to say I'm pretty much okay with there not being anymore. I feel things were concluded nicely with both shows. However, that's not to say that I wouldn't be excited if more were to happen. I'd be cautious, but I'd be happy to see characters again.
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Flip-flops in an inch-and-an-half of snow. Fun times. I think I must look pretty silly hopping around the yard trying to stay in other peoples' footprints.

Went through some old links I had hidden away on my computer.

Sno-Bo, a short film. Very cute. The bit with the hand is my favorite.

A Softer World. They're just neat. A few of my favorites are here and here.

Listening to the soundtrack for the new P&P and it's making me feel all mushy. Aw. Even after watching A&E's P&P again, I'm still leaning toward this new one. Why? Maybe just 'cause it's new? I don't know. I'm such a traitor in the Jane Austen community!

Also, Natasha and I decided today that once we are back at school our television watching project will be all four seasons, plus the mini, of Farscape. Because it's been too long since I've sat down and watched it and Natasha's never seen it all. And because the world needs more of Ben Browder's leather-clad ass. And also just Claudia Black in general.


SGA - Grace Under Pressure )
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Maybe I'm just confused, but I'm sitting here watching "Home" and something doesn't make sense to me. Actually, there are a couple of things that don't make sense to me, but whatever.

But before that, randomly, it's interesting (not really) that one of Sheppard's friends (dead) is named "Dex."

Home for Ford )

I miss Ford after watching season one episodes. :(

It's not the best episode ever, is it? But it's got its moments. DH's delivery of "Dead people. What were you doing?" kills me. The genius t-shirt. John's reaction to Hammond's approval. John figuring out how long it would take to get to the planet by puddlejumper. "I may require some assitance." "Major?" "Lieutenant?" "Yes, sir." Ford's reaction to McKay's listing of his many qualifications. (I like the DHD scene because of the role it eventually plays in "Lost Boys.")

Anyway, I probably just shouldn't ask questions regarding Stargate. It's best just to watch the show and enjoy it.

And now Mr. Sheffield is on SG-1. Weird.


Natasha and I have been making lists of things that make us happy because she's not sure how Thanksgiving is going to go for her. If it gets too weird/trying, she's supposed to call me and we'll talk about things that make us grin/smile/act silly. And, because I don't really have a life, I thought I'd do the fannish things that make me happy. Natasha pushed the pictures. So, first of all, Farscape. The one show I rarely read fanfiction for because it's darn near perfect. Specifically, though, for this list-thing, John and Aeryn. )

Damn, looks like I'm going to have to pull out the DVDs now.

Looking Up

Nov. 18th, 2005 11:15 am
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I've been lazy these last couple of days and done nothing but read (for pleasure) and ogle the SGA DVDs. (Shiny!) Been slowly listening to the commentaries. So far they've all been generally amusing, but something happened during the one for "Hide & Seek" that caused me to have a moment of blank staring followed by a tiny bit of OMG-ing.

Torri Higginson joined Paul McGillion and Rachel Luttrell part way through the episode and they're talking about Jinto and what does she bring up? How Jinto inspired (or something) the idea for "Atlantis, the Musical."


Didn't I have this idea?

If someone mentions puppets, I don't know what I'm going to do.


Yesterday Natasha and I went and saw Pride & Prejudice downtown. )

Obviously, I really really liked it. A lot.

Tonight, we are going with EB and her roommate to see GoF. Woo. There was a HUGE line outside of AMC last night around 6:45 for, presumably, the midnight showing. Because AMC has decided not to sell the tickets on line. What the hell?

But now when I see Daniel Radcliffe, I keep staring at his eyebrows.


Veronica Mars - Nobody Puts Baby In a Corner )

Really good episode. I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to see next weeks. Sad panda.


Got my Burney/Wollstonecraft paper back. The one that I thought was craptastic. Turns out it wasn't. Full points. Because apparently I am a "good writer" and can incorporate what I hear in class and take notes on and know how to bring it all together with what I'm thinking. Ha.

I was so worried, and then at the beginning of class, Dr. Smith gave us this mini-lecture about how if we don't talk or don't write good papers, there's no way she can know if we're reading and give us decent grades. I totally thought I was on her bad side at this point. But no, so yea. Totally made my day.
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SG-1 - Avalon Pt. 2 )

SGA - Intruder )

Mom may not get the slash (she might, I'm not entirely sure), but she's totally up for some innuendo.


Tomorrow gotta help Mom with a...funeral, I think. Possibly a wedding. But I think a funeral. That's kinda bad that I can't remember which.

Other than that, still doing nothing with my time. There was a thunderstorm, lots of rain. Watched Farscape. In the evening the light turned everything green and gold. Oh, then watched brand new season two DVDs of Dead Like Me. Yea. "I'm so smart, I'm practically retarded." Ha.
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Why me? )

After that, to cheer myself up, I watched Farscape and read fanfiction and all was better in my world. And today I get to see Neesha! and we will watch things and be geeky and all will be good. Also, everything went well at the dentist, so thus far the day has not been bad.
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Natasha and I walked downtown today to see The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Grabbed lunch beforehand and then wandered around Suncoast for a little while, wasting time. Bought Farscape: Starburst Editions Volumes one through three. Because I am *weak*. I told Natasha, "Either talk me out of it or tell me it's ok." Because I don't need to own more copies of Farscape, but they had new stuff on them and the covers are shiny and I couldn't help it.

So now I'm sitting here listening to the brand new commentary for "A Human Reaction" with Ben and Claudia and omg how much do I love them? They're so great together. And "A Human Reaction" is one of my all time favorite episodes. (And that scene in the safe house during the thunder storm is one of my all time favorite scenes in anything ever. "Earth. Minus the sunshine.") It's sort of the beginning of the end for Crichton, even though it's only the sixteenth episode in the first of four seasons. I'm always impressed with how well things are thought out and considered. Ben mentioned in either this commentary or the one of "Nerve" that in almost every, if not every, episode there is a reference to another one. It's all connected and you miss out on something, even a small something, if you miss an episode.

That's interesting - All of the people playing aliens had to make up their own languages because of the lack of translator microbes on Earth. Claudia decided that when she spoke Sebacean, she would just speak English backwards. I always wondered if that was her talking or if it had been treated.

Yeah, I love this show.

ANYway. The movie. Laughed and "awww"ed and truly enjoyed it. Not the book, but that's completely fine. Plus, Douglas Adams did in fact have a hand in the script. Nice little "For Douglas" at the end, which made me sad. Loved the movie.
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Stargate Meme Spam )

I've got HH "The Mutiny" running in the background because I needed to see Archie and Bush. Really I just needed to see Jamie Bamber with fluffy blond hair because, heh, he's so very not fluffy and blond on BSG.

Watched some Farscape earlier today. Parts of "Into the Lion's Den Prts. 1 and 2" and the end of "Dog with Two Bones" because it hurts so good. Ben and Claudia are Every time. Any scene.

Running way isn't fate, Aeryn. Running away is *running away*. )

Anyway, back to the grindstone.
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So, um, here's the thing about Serenity. There are some things in the trailer that have caught my eye and make me wonder what Joss is doing plot-wise. There are also some things not in the trailer that make caught me by their lack of presence. But the thing is, I don't want to discuss it. I don't want to sit and speculate and come up with ideas about what we could find out and what we will find out, etc. etc. In other words, I guess you could say I want to avoid any sort of spoiler so much, that I will go so far as to not think about the movie too hard. I want to go to the theater and be swept up and surprised. I want to get the experience out of Joss and the movie that I used to get out of Joss weekly. That pleasant buzzing along where you just love the characters because you know them and then the abrupt slamming into the wall when you realize that, no, you really didn't know them that well at all. It's like being punched in the stomach.

Few shows have ever pulled me around like Joss's shows have. Farscape could have, if I hadn't been such a spoiler-whore. Stargate Atlantis yanks me around emotionally a lot. (Would have done so more this last season if I hadn't seen all the episodes but the "omgwe'regonnadie!" ones. Kinda ruins the fear of loss if you've already seen that they survive.) Nip/Tuck affects me in a different way, but still yanks me around emotionally. Probably affects me differently because there are no actual vampires and demons and aliens and things.

Anyway. I don't want to over-speculate Serenity. I don't want to over-discuss. I don't mind freaking out over the trailer and maybe photos and interviews and things, because I can guarantee some major freaking out on my part. But don't talk to me about what you think is going to happen. I don't want to know. But the sharing of the love is good.

Although I'm starting to not want to share my fandoms again. Or, rather, not share them with certain people. I am a bad, selfish person.

News is, it'll be released September. [ profile] trademybike, we absolutely have to try to see it together at some point.

Also, I am allowed to take back anything I've written. I may completely change my mind about all of this in the morning. ;)
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It was a good weekend. Twins birthday today. Went to Robots with them and thoroughly enjoyed it. Cute movie. Watched an episode of Nip/Tuck on FX last night. Enjoyed it lots though had little idea what was going on. Also bought another Tom McRae CD. Took me forever to actually find another. How much do I love him? Like, lots. He's brilliant. Like, woah.

And I wish I could comfort you
If love is our defense
It's alright I can comfort you
If you let me I could love you to death

- "A Day Like Today"

Shape your mouth to fit these words of war / I
see the arrows falling backwards burning for a
cause I'll swim with you until my lungs give out /
Oh I can raise you from the deep or drown with
you in doubt

- "Mermaid Blues"

I just realized now that his voice kind of reminds me of Damien Rice. Huh. Also, I swear he's not as depressing and "oh woe" as those two quotes make him sound. Honest. Though the first time I heard him it was "You Cut Her Hair" and it was on a fanvid for Farscape and the whole bit where John-with-Scorpius-Nuero-Clone kills Aeryn. I was impressed, obviously, and now I'm a fan.

Anyhoo. Everyone just ignore me.

SG Fan Question of the Day )
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Heavy Smallville-fan type post. You've been forewarned.

The WB finally showed a preview of new upcoming SV episodes. They won't start until April 13, but at least we know they really do actually exist now. And there's footage of the two Lexs together. I know one is evil (apparently. Evil on SV is not the same as evil on other shows. For example...On Farscape evil is Scorpius sucking John's brain out through a straw; on SGA it's the Wraith slowly sucking the life out of their victims. On SV? It's having sex before you're married. ::shrug::). So one is evil, but is the other one good or just regular, i.e. the usual, Lex?

I could probably find out if I actually wanted to, but right now it doesn't matter enough to make me want to search it out. The preview does have some interesting things going for it though. )

That totally went all sorts of places. Go stream of consciousness. But I had to get some of that down somewhere. Also, I totally kind of started that fanfic for Natasha. Go me.
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Felicia called today to see if I had SG-1 Season 2 on DVD. I don't. (Mom and I are discussing it though.) I told her I'd just finished watching "Hathor" from season 1 and she asked, "Didn't it traumatize you?" At the time I said yes, but thinking about it now, I'm not so sure. I mean, yes it's kind of traumatizing and I feel really horrible for Daniel. That was rape. Ick.

So, traumatizing? Yeah, a bit. But you don't know traumatizing until you watch Farscape. Now *that* show pulls out all of the stops when it comes to what they'll do to (one of) their main character(s). You don't know traumatized until you see Scorpius and the Aurora Chair. You don't know traumatized until you see Crichton's eyeball get pulled out of his head and then put back in. You don't know traumatized until you see the tendril things from Scorpius implant crawl across Crichton's brain. Until you see Grunchlk bite of his own finger and Grayza use her evil boob-sweat. Also? The puppet sex was pretty much something I didn't need to think about, let alone see.

That show is traumatizing. And one of the best damn sci-fi shows out there. Now SG-1 is really really good (and ditto the "one of the best"), but so far the grossest thing it has done is show the Goa'uld wormy things. Honestly? The Wraith freak me out more than the Goa'uld. Also, they don't have a funky apostrophe.

OK, back to work. :)

Although....Is it weird how alike Michael Shanks and Ben Browder look? Neesha, any thoughts on that?
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Hi-jacked Natasha's computer. mwuahahahaha!!





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