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This is a little bit, hmm, half-assed? No, that's not quite right. It's not as good as it could be and I've only seen the episodes once (so it's starting to slip). I'm never really going to get down the things I want to say in the exact way I want to say them, but I'm tired of not posting about it, so.

Supernatural )
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I honestly have no idea if any of this makes any sense. My head won't stop hurting.

Supernatural - 6.17 )

Please keep in mind I am almost completely UNSPOILED for the remainder of the season. Let's try to keep it that way?
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One day I'll make a post that doesn't have anything to do with SPN or fic or SPN fic. It'll be SHOCKING.

This is not that post.

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Supernatural - 6.15 )

And with that, I think this is about as far as I got spoiled for. Except for an episode theme coming up. I'd like to keep it that way.
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Vague mention of the promo for 6.14 under the cut, too.

Supernatural - 6.13 )

SPN 6.11

Dec. 10th, 2010 10:44 pm
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Supernatural - 6.11 )

Watching some of a version of The Nutcracker on IFC. It's very strange watching ballet on TV now because it's so quiet, other than the music. I miss hearing the dancers landing, their squeaky feet.
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I wasn't sure what I wanted to say last night. Now I am. Kind of.

Supernatural - 6.10 )

Anyway. I'm posting this from my BRAND NEW LAPTOP. IT'S PURPLE. SOOOOO PRETTY. <3 Typing on it is weird, though, and I keep hitting "NumLk" when I reach for "Backspace." But I'll get used to that. Right now I'm trying to decide which web browser to use. I started using Google Chrome on my other laptop a month or so ago, and I quite like that, but I dunno.

I am also completely caught up with Misfits and LOVING IT. Watched 2.04 after SPN last night and it did not leave me disappointed. Now that I'm caught up, though, that means I have to wait for episodes. Sad.
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I'm posting this from the computer of the family I'm house-, horse-, and dog-sitting for. I'll be here a week. There are 24 horses and 5 dogs. Phew.

Also, SNOW.

Supernatural - 6.09 )

If I get anymore spoiled for the next episode than I already am, I will punch something in the face. By which I mean, BE CONSIDERATE WITH YOUR SPOILERS PLEASE. I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW.

Just felt it needed to be said again.
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I didn't mean for it to be a week between posts. Whoops.

- Last Monday I saw the place I will be house-sitting the week of Thanksgiving. It's really out there in the middle of nowhere. I'm not too worried and, yea, they have internet! But I am also taking care of their 24 horses. a little nervous about that, but mostly pretty calm.

- Got my hair cut. Woo. was going to dye it something darker, but once it was cut the hairdresser really liked the way it was red on top and dark on the bottom, so we're leaving it. My hair could use the break anyway.

- Finished watching Sherlock. LOVED IT. Am even fine with the way it ended, and would have been fine had that been the end. Sad it was over, sure, but okay with how it was over. But I like the way Angel ended, so I am a giant freak like that.

I have little ficlets, but I very much doubt they will ever see the light of day. They're fulfilling a need I have, though, so they're not wasted.


Supernatural - 6.08 )
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Watched tonight's episode with [ profile] olivelavonne, who has been here since Wednesday. It was good times.

I'm going to forget to say something here, I just know it.

Spoilers for the 6.07 promo included.

Supernatural - 6.06 )
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I was on a roadtrip this past weekend so I wasn't sure I'd get to watch this. Especially since we were going out to dinner with long unseen family members. But we were back at our hotel early and [ profile] sdrohc_ratiug and I hunkered down and enjoyed ourselves.

I'll post roadtrip pics later.

I feel like this is kind of a half-assed reaction post. ::shrug:: I've had a very long day.

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Just got back from a quick trip to Seattle to see my nana. Went over Friday night, came back this afternoon. Woo.

Did I miss anything? How is everyone?

Supernatural - 6.04 )

There's a good chance I'm going to miss next week's episode on Friday. I'll either see it on the road, or when I get home on Sunday.
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I missed last week's SPN due to EB's wedding rehearsal and dinner. Mom, who only had to be there for the wedding, recorded it (ON VHS). We finally watched it before tonight's new ep.

Supernatural - 6.02 )


Supernatural - 6.03 )
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Things on my mind after the premiere. Spoilers, obviously.

Supernatural - 6.01 )

PLEASE keep in mind that I am UNSPOILED for season six. I would like to remain that way.
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I know I always say there probably isn't coherence under the cut. I mean it this time! But I am too tired and don't want to think about it anymore.

I'm gonna go edit dirty, filthy Dean/Castiel porn that ignores the existence of the apocalypse instead. This seems like the best thing to do.

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