Jun. 10th, 2007 09:56 pm
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I really enjoyed the graduation dinner, but now I'm kind of depressed. You spend four years with a group of amazing people and then you move on. And, yes, I know that it's not as cut and dry as that, but I'm never going to sit in one of Tung's classes and listen to him read "The Waste Land" as Yoda or do his impression of Forrest Gump. And I'm never going listen to Bean get excited about grammar and bounce around the front of the room. Or have Weber discuss issues of translation or listen to Bullon-Frenandez read Chaucer with such joy. And I'll never see McDowell in his Donne and Shakespeare society/conference shirts or hear Koppelman sing bad poetry about her cat.

And that's what I'm going to miss. More than the students, who I don't feel odd keeping in contact with, I'm going to miss the faculty. I'm going to miss the actual classes and discussions and readings.

I don't know how not to be a student.

And I guess that's the thing about literature. (Well, and life.) You don't stop learning because you stop taking classes. You learn the things you need to continue learning and then you go out into the world and you read and interpret and write about everything.

After the dinner I left and then went back because I had to tell Dr. Koppelman just how much I appreciated her class last quarter. All of my college life, and before that, I've been interested in Regency and Victorian literature. Eighteenth century stuff. And while I'd had Survey of British Literature I with Dr. Bullon as a freshman, there's never enough time in those survey courses to really get a feel for anything. And then I took Masculinity in the Middle Ages and suddenly this whole world of medieval literature is opening up to me and it's exciting and I love it. That never really would have happened if it hadn't been for her class. So I had to tell her that.

I mentioned to Dr. Bullon earlier this quarter that I was sad that I was only now discovering this love for Chaucer when I'm so close to graduating. She comforted me with the fact that they've really only offered two classes that have focused on him quite so much and I've had both of them, so I shouldn't be too disappointed by the timing of this discovery.

In the end, the nice thing is that I can actually say that I have no regrets. I've loved my professors (even the ones that drove me crazy in class with their haphazard teaching methods) and my classes and my fellow classmates (except for a couple who were just odd, though they make for excellent caricature stories). I just don't want it to be over.
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Parents over this weekend for one of Mom's gift shows. (They're buying for next Christmas? Some holiday in the far future.) Tonight, if she's not too tired, we're going to the movies. Woo. They stopped by last night on their way into Seattle and dropped of my New Yorkers from the last three weeks and The Illusionist. Along with the latest ballot. (Blah.)

And I'm proving to be, oh, the best daughter ever, hooking Mom up with the last two episodes of Torchwood. I refused to tell her about the boykissing plot. I'm pretty sure she asked about the kissing and I said, "Well, there were pictures. What do you think?" ::nudge, nudge, wink, wink:: (Pictures aren't proof of anything, though. We did get that pic of Cadman kissing McKay and that certainly never happened on the show.)

We had better really be watching The Dead in Irish Lit today because I did not finish Castle Rackrent and am so not prepared for a quiz.

A couple of days ago, someone died in the building next to ours. Authorities think it was heart related. In The Spectator they had an article about it, but the most interesting part (maybe just for me) was that in 1995 (I keep wanting to say "five years ago," which is so wrong) a body of a former male student was found in the steamer room of one of the dorms (Campion). The body was only found because students were complaining of the smell. The heat and humidity in there were such that authorities could not identify the cause of death due to the deterioration of the body. This both fascinates me (hello, crime shows) and freaks me out (building right next door). And now I want to write mysteries on campus. Fr. Cobb was right after all. You write a book set on a college campus and you've basically gotten yourself a built-in group of readers (alumni, students, faculty).

And a crime/murder on campus would probably be much better than a book where a resident in one of the dorms has a virgin birth until, whoops, they realize it was one of the priests. ("Student Pregnant: God Suspected.")

I am a terrible person.

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Book lists are up for SU's fall quarter.

I have to buy five books for Buddhist Philosophy, five four books for Modernism in Art and Literature (already have the right Eliot), and two books for Senior Synthesis. Everything looks interesting. In Modernism we'll be reading Heart of Darkness and The Waste Land (among other things), both of which I've read before so I feel like I've got something of a head start there.

On the information page for Modernism, it's got this written:

Exams: madness
Participation: crazy.

Tung is kind of awesome. Can't wait for the class really. And it turns out that my Monday/Wednesday classes are ten minutes apart in the same room. I didn't notice that when I signed up. That's super handy.

Someone (Kasey? Julia?) mentioned that they'd be interested to see what Cobb had us reading for Senior Synth. The books listed are Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini and Radical Compassion: Find Christ in the Heart of the Poor by Gary N. Smith, S.J. The name sounded familiar and it turns out that this is something my roommate has read. Interesting.

Is it possible that this will be the quarter that I'll find myself doing volunteer work?

(Randomly, I can't look at the "S.J." after a Jesuit's name and not think "Space Jesuit" since reading The Sparrow. It makes me giggle damn near every time.)

Anyway, from the books alone it looks like it's going to be an interesting quarter.


Aug. 28th, 2006 03:42 pm
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The weekend was eventful in a strange kind of way.

Friday Mom and I drove down to SU to take care of financial aid related paperwork and drop things off at the apartment. Of course I'd seen the place before, but Mom hadn't so that was nice for her. I'm really looking forward to moving in and getting settled.

Then we drove back to Kay and Greg's so that they could leave on their weekend. Of course, that had to wait for Greg to get home from work. This is where it got kind of exciting. Mom and I were sitting in the TV room watching Spongebob with the kids and I hear Greg drive in. I'm sitting there half-reading, half-watching when I tilt my head back and notice white smoke outside. I pointed it out to everyone else and we all climbed on the sofa and looked down and, sure enough, the engine of Greg's truck was on fire. About ten seconds late Greg comes in needing a fire extinguisher and 911 is called. All of the adults went outside while I kept the kids and the dog in the room farthest from the truck because, well, FIRE. And, though I wasn't going to mention it to a couple of ten year olds, the possibility of explosion.

So the fire department came and I took pictures through the window and we generally just had a weird experience. It was sort of like that time Anne and David left a tiki torch burning on their deck and caught it on fire. Sheesh.

But Kay and Greg left on time and were gone until Sunday. Apparently they had a lovely time at the cabin. We had a pretty good time with the kids. It works out well because they listen to Mom and me when we tell them to do stuff. I was just wondering if it had something to do with me being there every weekend for half the year the last three years, but they listened even before that. When they were little they bonded better with us than with some of the other relatives. (I still remember family get-togethers where, if her dad wasn't around, Callie would basically attach herself to me. And babysitting when they were younger where she'd do the same thing and react when I disappeared.) Maybe it's because Mom and I have very much the same sense of humor as their mom. I know Tris and I, despite an 11 year age difference, can call each other names and make fun of each other and there's nothing mean to it. And at the end of the day he'll still go to bed when I tell him to.

Speaking of Tris, Friday we watched SG-1 and SGA (and I have things to say about those eps, but not right now). Then Saturday we watched the reruns on Fox. We discussed SG-1 being cancelled and the possibility of videogame coolness. And then during SGA Tris said he'd like an Atlantis game and admitted it was because he thinks Sheppard is cool but how he likes McKay, too. (Hee!) He is, of course, completely tainted by me. (He liked Sheppard before, but I'm mostly convinced I'm the reason he likes McKay.) I then suggested that he'd like probably like O'Neill on SG-1 and then explained the movie because he asked if the first episode was called the first episode and how the movie was connected to it. (He's also tainted by Star Wars and George Lucas's numbering system.)

Callie, meanwhile, sat there going, "I don't get it."

Home Again

Aug. 7th, 2006 04:37 pm
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Back from Seattle. My jaw's a little sore and swollen from the laser treatment, but other than that it's not too bad.

Turned things into Student Finacial Services and requested an on-/off-campus workstudy transfer. Holly should have that done tomorrow and it will all be processed by Friday (hopefully) and I'll have my position at the library back. Yea, job.

As Mom and I were leaving campus, we saw a young woman walking unsteadily through the street and on the sidewalk. Something was definitely not right with her. I think some SU staff were getting it taken care of as we pulled away.

Stopped in Ellensburg on the way home. Bought a bookcase and a DVD case for the apartment. Yea, furniture. Speaking of, I need to find out exactly what kind of kitchen supplies Natasha has. I want to buy cooking utensils. Food Network is making me think I can actually cook things. (I took Foods in high school. I'm totally capable.)
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Finally got my financial aid award letter. I did get work study, but it's off campus. Now the question is do I try to change it to on campus, find a job elsewhere, or take a year off of working and focus on my studies?

Sophomore year they gave me off campus and I got it switched to on when it was confirmed that I already had a job on campus. Maybe I can work that again.

Barring that, it looks like there are openings for library assistant at the Law School that don't require on campus work study. Maybe I should apply there?

Or just not work at all. Which would be oh so nice for a school year.
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It's really hot.

The puppies keep getting out of their pen. And everytime I go outside with my book to sit with them, Grandma comes over and wants to chat. Which is fine, but sometimes I would like to sit in the shade with my book and nothing more than the sound of sprinklers and the occasional piece of farm equipment driving by.

I still haven't received my financial aid award letter. This I find mildly annoying.

In the summer I always find myself wanting to read books about Egypt and Egyptology. Not non-fiction, though that would be okay, but fiction because it's summer and I don't have to read anything educational if I don't want to. I'd go back to reading Elizabeth Peter's Amelia Peabody series, but the last time I picked up the next one in the series, there was a publishing error and thirty pages were missing. I did buy a new copy, but I really just want something different to read but with the same kind of ideas and feel.

When I was little I wanted to be an archaeologist and go digging in tombs in Egypt. The heat of summer always brings that back to me.
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I am officially done with finals. Thank goodness. In the middle of packing for check-out at 1:40. Can't wait to get home and crash. Also, puppies! Puppies to play with!

There is some sad, though. Half of my friends graduate on Sunday. I hope you guys know that I'm going to miss you all. A lot. ♥s the lot of you.

Go Me

May. 15th, 2006 03:58 pm
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Today started out pretty good, and then it got pretty crappy, and now it's just okay. But I've been wallowing in...not self-pity exactly. Let's just say general wallowing.

But watching Tammy movies on AMC is fairly entertaining. Right now it's Tammy and the Bachelor with a very young, mostly unrecognizable Leslie Nielsen.

This weekend I watched Bleu for film class. Interesting film. Not entirely sure I understood all of it, but having seen it twice now I'm pretty sure I enjoyed it. I'm curious about the other films in the trilogy though. And looking forward to discussion, I just wish that I didn't have to discuss it with everyone in the class. Some of them are rather annoying and full of it.

So anyway. What made up the good part of my day is still good, if a little scary. (Only scary in a "just another one of my issues" kind of way. I had my advising appointment this morning for next quarter and was told that I have been the model student. I have 45 credits left, and only two classes I have to take. Meaning my senior year can be as easy or as hard as I decide to make it because the only requirement I have to hit is the number of credits. This makes me nervous. I like having a list of things I have to do and I can check off. Direction is nice. My adviser is excited for me because I can basically do whatever I want, expand my horizons. "You could learn to play the piano. Take a second language."

I'm a bit at a loss. What to do? I'm probably going to take Senior Synth (with Father Cobb) and I'm looking at Modernism in Art and Literature (with Dr. Tung) as my final required English elective. But other than that...I don't know. There's a Latin class that could be interesting. Dr. Smith also suggested that I give a writing class a try, which makes me super nervous because I don't feel confident enough in my writing to really share it. But she did point out that as an English major I have less on the line in a class like that than a Creative Writing major because I'm not looking to make a living out of my writing.

I could also minor in something. At this point, that something would probably be Philosophy.

Lots to think about.

If any of you SU people on my flist (you're all graduating, did you know?) have classes/professors that you particularly liked, I'd appreciate any recommendations.


May. 8th, 2006 11:15 pm
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I don't like not feeling entirely safe at work.

Apparently Sunday night around 11:30-11:45 someone was assaulted on the ground floor of the library. What bugs me even more is that I was walking back from Kasey's not long after that.

Besides that, a couple of years ago, one of the women I work with was mugged on campus. I remember being recommended to have campus security (or someone) walk me back to the dorm after that.

Something like this happens every now and then and I'll just be a little freaked out for awhile.
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Reality TV Night )

Speaking of television, I kept putting off checking out Traders because I need to waste more time like I need a hole in the head. But I have very little self-control and finally broke. I cannot ignore the call of David Hewlett. I just can't.

I've seen the first four episodes now. Going to d/l the rest of season one today. I am seriously screwed. It's going to take over my brain. (But make the wait for more SGA bearable.)

Also, I didn't know Patrick McKenna was in it! As soon as he showed up on screen I got a bit goofy.


Today is SU's mission day and so all classes before 2:00 pm are canceled. I'm spending the day working on my skill-building essay for Ethnic American Lit. It's not going so well. I know what I want to say, but it's taking forever to figure out how to say it. Thankfully, I think I finally have the introduction written.

Spent twenty minutes around two this morning coughing and wishing I would die. I've only had this cough for a week, but it feels like forever. I feel for my roommate.
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Why am I watching the Flavor of Love reunion? WHY??

Have started re-watching season two of Dead Like Me (hence the subject of this post). Still hilarious. Still brilliant.

I keep stretching and my sternum keeps popping. Hmm.

A couple of things before I'm off to work -

- "Holistic" Admissions

Seattle University does some pretty interesting things and apparently it's actually pretty easy to get accepted to, but sometimes I love it a lot. Especially lately taking Ethnic American Lit and Asian Religions. I've come even more to the realization that because I am here I am being exposed to things that many of the people I went to high school with are not. And I'm exposed to new things in such a way as to make me open to them. The idea that there are people out there who see ethnicity and think "They are different. They are not us. We must change them now," frightens me. I am so grateful that here, for the most part, it's more "They are different. That's cool. Let's go grab some bubble tea." (Not that I've ever had bubble tea. Yet. Someone should take me.)

Anyway. The point? I'm grateful that SU is aware of the community they're building.

- Brain Development

I just thought it was interesting and reverse of what you'd expect.
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The subject of this post has pretty much nothing to do with anything actually in the post. Except for maybe the pictures of farm country. Other than that? Well, I imagine bailing twine would be quite painful if used for anything other than bailing. Although it did work reasonably well as string in bows when EB and I went through our Robin Hood phase...

Home, Home On the Range - Pictures! Yea! )


First day of spring quarter classes today. Technically. Because I don't have classes on Mondays (hee!) I have spent the day doing nada mucho. Ate some Jelly Bellies. Read some fanfiction. Looked over this quarter's books. Tried to write.

Exciting times here in Seattle.
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Yesterday, Natasha and I went to McCaw Hall downtown to see Cosi Fan Tutte. I had to go for my Mythology class and Natasha came because I invited her. I really enjoyed it. Compaired to the other two operas I've seen, it was much better. Going in, I knew that at least the music would be enjoyable because, well, Mozart.

I laughed out loud several times, but in the end I found the whole thing rather sad. Was actually surprised by a couple of the more serious arias because I wasn't expecting them after the general silliness of a lot of it. They chose to have a more modern, unconventional interpretation of the ending (which has always been unclear), and I liked the end. After the events of the opera, I think from a modern standpoint it would have been completely unbelievable for the characters to have gotten married to any of the others. People were hurt. Especially Fiordiligi, I felt. And Ferrando.

Anyway. It was a good opera experience.


Next quarter I will be taking:

- English 391 - Ethnic American Literature w/Dr. Tung
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 10:00 - 12:05

- Theology 334 - Asian Religions w/Dr. Suh
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 1:30 - 3:35

- English 393 - Art of the Film w/Dr. Taylor
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6:00 - 8:05

This means that on Tuesdays I'll have to change my work schedule a bit. Not a big deal. Kasey and Michele are both taking Art of the Film, so that's exciting. Yea!

Got a lot of cleaning-type stuff accomplished this evening. My old computer is finally tucked away and my new one is happily situated on my desk. And now I'm going through some of my old, unlabeled, random CDs and found some songs I completely forgot about. This song is kind of lame I suppose, but, gosh, I love it. Possibly I have a soft spot for it because of Choir. I think it's originally from Jekyll & Hyde.

"This is the moment / my final test / Destiny beckoned / I never reckoned / second best [...] This is the moment / so damn all the odds / This day or never / I'll sit forever / with the gods"
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::gasp:: I just remembered I have Treed Murray still to watch! No time to watch it in. But bonus Hewlett! It's like finding a special toy surprise in your cereal box. Or, rather, remembering that you found one.

Now if only professors would decide that assignments are silly things and go away.

Last night/this morning I had a dream about SGA. Sort of. Only Atlantis looked both like it does on the show and slightly like Seattle University. The expedition seemed to have been running for years. Don't know what my job was, but I was given the task of showing the new people around and sort of giving them an orientation like experience. The newbies looked a lot like freshman. I was showing them around and we made it to the labs, where McKay was lecturing someone or everyone. (Zelenka was there, too, in the background.) The newbies and I just observed from the outside and one of them said that Dr. McKay didn't seem nearly as bad or as intelligent as he was made out to be. I then spent a good deal of time trying to convince them that they really should be scared of him. Yes, McKay really was awful to work with sometimes and yes, he really was a genius and if he heard them doubt it he would prove them all wrong. They still didn't believe me. I told them about all of the nuclear weapons he'd put together (in sixth grade even!), and I'm kind of glad I didn't tell them about blowing up a solar system. But they still wouldn't listen. (I wasn't happy that they weren't respecting him. Or fearing him. Whichever. Pfft, newbies.) At which point McKay might have come over, but I woke up.

This is actually the second time my brain has combined Atlantis and the SU campus.

I have to write a Philosophy paper today. And (try to) catch up on all of my reading.

Speaking of Philosophy, yesterday in Ethics I was chased by a murderer and the professor let Kant kill me. Fun times.
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According to my SU e-mail, I can go study Social Democracy in the Czech Republic. Or writing in Ireland. Biology in Costa Rica. English in Italy. The Czech Rep. one just stood out, 'cause how often does that country show up in my e-mail?

I watched the teaser of "Inferno." Just...when I'm giggling in the first couple of minutes, I know I'm generally going to enjoy the rest of the episode. Oh, well, now I see it was directed by Peter DeLuise, so pretty much no wonder. And, yes, I'm a bad person and randomly watched bits (have no self-control.) and now I'm going to have to spend most of the day in class and then at work and then I'll have to actually watch "Michael" and maybe *then* can sit and watch "Inferno." But, OMG, love.

Other shows my be very shiny right now, but SGA still owns me.

This Friday they're showing "Grace Under Pressure" on SciFi. Mom and Dad are coming over Thursday, and I told Mom that I don't care if we have to stay up later to catch it, she *has* to see it. I'm very lucky she lets me rattle on about McKay, and I've been rattling on about this ep since I saw it.
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Happily moved back into the dorm. Books, all but one, bought. All three class, plus work, tomorrow. Gonna be a long day. Thankfully, Kasey's in Mythology and Ethics.

Last night, Kay, Greg, and I watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It was entertaining. Brad Pitt was hot. Angelina Jolie was hot. It was an attractive movie with many things exploding. And also Adam Brody.

Now Natasha and I are watching the director's cut of Legend (my b-day present to her). Hence the entry's subject. It was either that or "Unicorn, the Other White Meat."

Yea for the pre-classes relaxation period.
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Do the people in the hall not understand that it is QUIET HOURS because it is the middle of FINALS??

SHUT UP and go to BED. I don't care if you're finished for the quarter.


Why'd we get the flakey RAs that don't crack down? Why can't I be meaner/more assertive and tell them to shut it myself?

eta: Okay, so as soon as I hit post they went to bed. Thank goodness.
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The Good

Had a fantastic time registering. Only took me two minutes. For winter quarter I will be taking

- English 332 - Texts in Context w/Dr. Bean
- English 317 - Mythology w/Dr. Cumberland
- Philosophy 345 - Ethics w/Prof. Arvidson.

And all of them are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Which means not only do I get Fridays off, I hit the jackpot of Mondays off, too! :D

Walked downtown today and bought SGA season one for me and The Best of the Original Avengers for my dad. He'll be so happy on his birthday! And it will be something nice for him to watch as he recovers in December.

EB called about HP. Looks like Natasha and I are going to go with EB and her roommate to see GoF Friday night. YEA. Pride & Prejudice tomorrow night.

The Bad

For the most part, I like my job. It's not hard, it pays, it gives me something other to do than procrastinate or homework. But sometimes I really wonder about people there. No one I work directly with, but people like my boss. Because registration is this week, lots of library patrons have been coming in to pay fines so that the restrictions will be lifted off of their files. I've collected fines before, no big deal. But yesterday I collected a fine on a book replacement and didn't follow the correct procedure. And do you know why I didn't follow procedure?

Because in the three years that I've worked there, no one has ever informed me that there was a procedure. Or that I should watch for this kind of thing.

When someone turns in something late, they're charged a fine. (Duh.) If it's more than a day before they pay it, a datatel hold is placed on it. Once this has happened, when they pay the fine you fill out a datatel slip and put it in a special box. (You put the money with it if it was for a replacement book.)

THREE YEARS and no one thought to show me how to do this or tell me that I needed to. They all just assumed I knew. So today I wasn't in trouble, but my boss wanted to make sure I knew about it and didn't make the same mistake again. Implying to the very nice woman that I work with that I knew how to do this previously.

Which, obviously, is the thing that really bugs me. There have been several times in the past where I've been expected to know how to do something because they expect that someone has shown me how to do them because it's a very basic thing. But no one ever showed me. The boss can be very scary, but for all of her scary controlling, some things in that department are greatly overlooked.

I really feel for the new work-study students.

There's other stuff, but not stuff I feel comfortable posting anywhere ever.

The Ugly?

Sir-Mix-A-Lot & the Shawshank Redemption.

I keep meaning to mention this. Or not. But things keep reminding me off it so I'm going to mention it anyway. Sometime last week, Tyra Banks donned a fat-suit to see how men treated overweight women. She claimed people were really horrible to her. But the clips of the dates I saw? Well, all of the men were polite to her. Maybe a little distant, but polite all the same. And the distance may have been because she kept verbally attacking them. "How did you feel when I came in and was a big girl?", "Do you like big girls?", "What was your first thought?", etc. Did she ever think that maybe her constant questions were contributing to their reactions to her size/her in general? I find Tyra generally annoying anyway, and the only reason I saw this was Best Week Ever and The Soup. (Who needs real news?) So then she went back on her show and cried and I rolled my eyes and channel-surfed. Maybe I'm naive. Maybe I'm optimistic. I don't know. But I think anyway would have been distant to someone no matter weight if they acted like that.


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