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I didn't mean for it to be a week between posts. Whoops.

- Last Monday I saw the place I will be house-sitting the week of Thanksgiving. It's really out there in the middle of nowhere. I'm not too worried and, yea, they have internet! But I am also taking care of their 24 horses. a little nervous about that, but mostly pretty calm.

- Got my hair cut. Woo. was going to dye it something darker, but once it was cut the hairdresser really liked the way it was red on top and dark on the bottom, so we're leaving it. My hair could use the break anyway.

- Finished watching Sherlock. LOVED IT. Am even fine with the way it ended, and would have been fine had that been the end. Sad it was over, sure, but okay with how it was over. But I like the way Angel ended, so I am a giant freak like that.

I have little ficlets, but I very much doubt they will ever see the light of day. They're fulfilling a need I have, though, so they're not wasted.


Supernatural - 6.08 )
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As of today, August 15, I have had this LJ for eight years.

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Dear Body,

If it's not too much trouble, it'd be really SUPER AWESOME if I could get through a day without a headache.


One day. Is that really so much to ask?

Mixed feelings,


May. 16th, 2010 04:48 pm
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It's amazing how much easier writing becomes when you don't feel like crap.


May. 14th, 2010 07:45 pm
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I greatly dislike editing my own writing.

Sometimes it is okay, and sometimes I get into that head space where I over-think every single verb and punctuation mark, every adjective and pronoun.

Which sucks, let me tell you.

Dear Brain,

Just stop.

Thank you kindly,

Also, Mom took out a chunk of her finger at work today. :( Not a huge chunk, but still. Don't let anyone tell you being a florist isn't a dangerous job.

ETA: Began another fic. Guess how it starts? SOMEONE IS UP AGAINST A WALL. Hello, my good friend predictability. ;)
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I am having a not so happy day.


01. Adam Rex's The True Meaning of Smekday, which I already recced over here.

Here is a moment from when Gratuity, the protagonist, first meets J.Lo:

"Then...then...I will have onto shoot with my gun!"

I jumped back, palms up. In all the excitement, I hadn't thought of that. My eyes darted to where his hips would be, if he had any. I frowned.

"You don't even have a gun!"

"Yes! YES!" he shouted, nodding furiously, as though I'd somehow proven his point. "NO GUN! So I will have to...have to..."

His whole body trembled.


I fell into a row of shelves. That one was new to me.

"Shoot forth the lasers?"


"You can do that?"

The Boov hesitated. His eyes quivered. After a few seconds he replied, "Yes."

I squinted. "Well, if you shoot your eye lasers, then I'll have no choice but to...EXPLODE YOUR HEAD!"

"You humans can not to ex--"

"We can! We can too! We just don't much. It's considered rude."

The Boov thought about this for a moment.

"Then...we are needing a...truce. You are not to exploding heads, and I will to not do my DEVASTATING EYE LASERS."

"Okay," I agreed. "Truce."

- p. 22-23

02. Misha Fucking Collins:

Click. It gets bigger. ;)

This picture still does things to me: )

Oh, and how about that one really distracting gif, too: )

03. DiNozzo/McGee, and NCIS' recent episode "Guilty Pleasures", which, I swear to God, had to have been the showrunners saying, "Here, Michael Weatherly, run with your 'DiNozzo and McGee are in lurve' idea."

OMG. That first scene? I almost literally flailed myself off the bed. Guys, just sleep together already. You'll be happier after, I promise.


04. My ringtone, since I got my iPhone last summer, is the beginning of the Bad Horse Chorus from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog. (Up until "'s high-ho Silver! Signed Bad Horse...")

05. [ profile] trademybike sent me CDs of the band Elbow. I've only listened to one so far, but I really like them. I love it when people send me tunes.
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Dear Self,

When someone writes "flan," they are probably talking about the delicious dessert.

They do not mean Joe Flanigan. (Though sometimes they do. In which case, look for "The Flan.")

Remember this, and even short-lived confusion will be prevented.


Damn it, now I really want tres leches cake.

Or, oh god, empanadas. Not the dessert kind. The kind with meat and hard-boiled egg and raisins and olives and mmmmmmm.

Methinks it's lunch time.
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So I finished typing this and then I was hesitating over the "post" button and I realized it was because I'm afraid the Castiel I try to write, while feeling in-character to me, may read as OOC to other people. You don't want to be like "This is how I see things" and then have someone call you on the fact that it doesn't translate.

But oh well.

If this post is extra nuts and doesn't flow well, it's because I'm hungry and dinner is waiting and I'm too impatient to re-read it now. :P

Yesterday [ profile] aesc posted The Casifesto; or, Why Castiel is not your grandma's angel. It is a post of brilliance and, in my opinion, should be required fandom reading. Also, there are pretty pictures.

I read it yesterday, and a little while ago [ profile] lattimore happened to point it out to me again.

And then an amazing thing happened: I realized what made me stop reading SPN fic like I was starving and it was cake.

Going under a cut because, well, it got long and maybe non-sensical )


Mar. 30th, 2010 01:53 pm
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After posting yesterday's bubble bath fic, I kind of want a bubble bath.

Meanwhile, trying not to have a panic attack at the library. Fun times, yo.
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01. Since I am working on the follow-up to But Soon Again, I thought it might be appropriate to give that series (haha I have a series!) a tag of its own. So Busted through But Soon Again can now all be found under: apocalypse what apocalypse.

02. The copy of The Shining that I'm reading is my mom's. I just realized she would have been reading it at roughly the same age I am now, give or take a year. I think that's neat!

03. I am sick. On the one hand, UGH. On the other hand, it got me out of working in Mattawa today. You lose some, you win some?

04. Getting my hair cut next week. Don't know if after I should dye it more red or more dark. Last time I went more red, so maybe it's time to go the opposite way...

05. I like fives. In those moments of slightly more OCD-ness, five is my go-to number. Like when I lock up the library and have to check the door. I count to five as I make sure the knob doesn't turn. Several times. I wonder if I count to five five times? I can never just do it once.


Jan. 30th, 2010 06:03 pm
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Hey, I know! Let's pretend today didn't happen!

Except for the part where I got the feature finished. That part we can keep.

Oh, and the part where I finished a book (The Ersatz Elevator) and started another one (Mister Monday). I am apparently on a Young Adult kick at the moment. Those are good times.

But the parts where I had to chase down puppies (in the cold while my hair was soaked) and got crap all over my shoes? And am now a little hoarse? Yeah, do not need them.

I will stop being so down in the mouth tomorrow.
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The other day I was looking for title-inspiration for "whatever we lose" and my eyes happened to fall on my copy of Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse, which I read a couple of years ago in Modernism in Art and Literature. It contains a quote that spoke to me so clearly at the time I was amazed:

She could see it so clearly, so commandingly, when she looked: it was when she took her brush in hand that the whole thing changed. It was in that moment's flight between the picture and her canvas that the demons set on her who often brought her to the verge of tears and made this passage from conception to work as dreadful as any down a dark passage for a child. Such she often felt herself--struggling against terrific odds to maintain her courage; to say: "But this is what I see; this is what I see," and so to clasp some miserable remnant of her vision to her breast, which a thousand forces did their best to pluck from her.
- p. 22-23

I get a lot of things out of that passage, and I understand it through my own various experiences involving fear of creative failure, that horrible moment between having an idea and pulling out a blank page to make that idea something more than just a thought, an image in your head. Fear of creative rejection, dismissal.

To borrow a quote from one of my other favorite things, The History Boys, that moment in reading for me was one of these:

"The best moments in reading are when you come across something--a thought, a feeling, a way of looking at things--which you had thought special and particular to you. Now here it is, set down by someone else, a person you have never met, someone even who is long dead. And it is as if a hand has come out and taken yours."

I think I've gained a lot more confidence since then. I'm not afraid to start things much anymore for fear they won't live up to the vision in my head. Though I'm sure [ profile] ginnith would have interesting things to say on my various writing related neuroses and how the have/haven't changed. She's been there through it all, the lucky lady.

Speaking of writing, back to editing I go.
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It's probably wrong to feel gleeful when the other PE teacher tells you the kids will probably run the next day. But, oh, it's nice being on the other side of the equation for a change! Also, some of those kids...Grr. ::shakes fist::

You know you're in trouble when the other teacher tells you, "Fifth period you've got about, oh, five of the worst human beings on the planet."

It wasn't that they're disruptive or disrespectful, they've simply turned Doing Nothing into an art form.

Was Health today, but will be PE the rest of the week as there WERE NO LESSON PLANS. I was supposed to call the teacher, but she never got back to me.

I did get a good start on my port article. Yea, multitasking! I still have the fire district meeting to go to tonight.

Oh, that reminds me of something that annoys me work-wise. Especially in regards to subbing at the school. )

So I am mostly using this mood (originally "mischievous") because it is seriously one of my favorite Castiel moments/looks in SPN. I NEED AN ICON.

But now I'm going to go find a heater and/or blanket and curl up with Guards! Guards! until I have to leave again.


Jan. 10th, 2010 02:21 pm
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Yesterday my back was absolutely killing me. So I took pain killers and applied heat and texted [ profile] sdrohc_ratiug. She brought over her massage table and now I can BEND OMG.

A couple of weeks with no newspaper articles to write was really nice, but now I'm having the hardest time getting back into the groove. Bah.

Monday there's a port meeting. Wednesday is fire district. I think I spend the majority of my time writing something-or-other.
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So. I just spent the last two days in bed, sick like I haven't been in years. I'm thinking food poisoning.

Right now I'm mostly just sore and a bit dizzy.

Here's hoping this isn't a sign of the year to come.

How's everyone else's 2010 going so far? I certainly hope better than mine!
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Exclamation mark!

This was the sunset last Wednesday at the library. It's also essentially my view the whole day when I sub at my favorite library. That is the MAIN STREET, folks. Woo small town life. Or something.

Meanwhile, it's snowing outside so I went out and messed with my camera in the dark in the snow. I can finally feel my fingers again.

These all look so much better on my camera screen, but I'm going to post them anyway. And maybe play with them on the other computer some other time.

Under the cut you will find: a few attempts to take pictures of snow in the dark and a picture of ME (exciting, I know) )


Dec. 29th, 2009 07:34 pm
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It's a good idea to go eat something when you realize all you've had all day was toast, trail mix, and tater tot type things.

I only now noticed everything I ate started with a T.

Time to go break the pattern with some NACHOS. Yum.

I think Mom was going to suggest using Cougar Gold on the nachos earlier. I can't decide if this means AWESOME nachos or, like, someone from WSU is going to hunt me down and shoot me for using their precious cheese in such a way.

My Toes!

Dec. 15th, 2009 05:30 pm
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So the bad thing about snow (one of them, anyway) is that people track it in in the stupid treads of their stupid boots. Then some poor, unsuspecting person (ME) goes about in their stocking feet and BAM! Warm, fluffy, comfy socks become receptacles for ice-cold water. :(

It doesn't help that our floors are white where they're not carpeted. So you either don't see the snow or you don't see the puddle until you're hopping on one foot across the room because, Jiminy Christmas*, that's really fucking cold.

I'm going to have to mount an expedition under my bed for my slippers.

*One of the people I talked to for my feature yesterday said variations of this the whole time. He also said something else that was delightfully odd and character-like, but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was.


Dec. 5th, 2009 09:35 pm
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My knees hurt and I ate a thing at dinner that makes me want to kill myself.

Why, body? Whhhhhhhyyy???
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Tonight on the CW they replayed "Free to Be You and Me." Much as I love the episode - and, oh, I do, I really do - I also have some issues with it. But that's one of the things fic is for, right? To work through those. Which I have already done.

But the episode is now on my mind and so, a post. I'm mostly just thinking out-loud under the cut. It'll probably be a jumble and lead nowhere.

Spoilers for the episode, obviously. )

Anyway. I've got fic to work on. Two things that I was supposed to be working on until Busted hi-jacked my brain. And, um, now I may also be working on a sequel/follow-up to Busted. Apparently when I say, "Take a break from NC-17," my brain goes, "NO DIRTY FIC, WRITE THE DIRTY FIC." ::shrug::

Unrelated, [ profile] sdrohc_ratiug did some of her massage therapist magic on me today and OH MY GOD. I...don't even...She only worked on me a short time and it was impromptu, but my back feels so much better. I think I'd forgotten what it was like not to be in constant pain in certain places. I am now considering doing the massage thing regularly again.

Dahlia, hun, you are awesome. In general, not just or the massage. ♥


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