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I loved sending holiday drabbles last year, sooo...

If you would like a little ficlet from me on Christmas Eve, please post a request here in the comments. I can't promise anything spectacular, but I'd like to offer something up because you guys are awesome. :) I'm asking now so that I can have time to write them!

Leave a pairing and a little prompt and I'll see what I can do.

I'm fairly comfortable with these fandoms: Due South, Generation Kill, Inception+RPS, Merlin, NCIS, Resident Evil, Sherlock BBC, Southland, Suits, Supernatural+RPS.

Pairing-wise, I most enjoy writing: Fraser/Kowalski, Brad/Nate, Arthur/Eames, Merlin/Arthur, DiNozzo/McGee, Chris/Leon, Chris/Wesker, John/Sherlock, Cooper/Sherman, Harvey/Mike, Dean/Castiel, Jensen/Misha, Sam/Lucifer. I have trouble with Mishalecki and J2M, but I'm happy to do Dean/Castiel/Sam. Femslash and het are also welcome. Mostly I am fairly open with the few random exceptions. :)
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I'm in the Seattle area and loving the fact that it's the end of June and I'm cold.

Snagged this off my flist. I could use some prompts to help keep the creative juices flowing. (Uh. Even though I think I have a few non-meme ones I haven't filled...)

The first ten people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level. Some other equivalent gift, like icons or mini-fanmixes or quickie meta, would make sense for people who don't write fic themselves. (Or if the writing doesn't come...)

I don't care about the "in return" part. Obvious fandoms are obvious: NCIS and Supernatural (including Jensen/Misha). I wouldn't mind Southland, either. Or Due South, though I haven't done that for a while. I'm pretty open to whatever. :D

01. [ profile] spacefragments: WRITE ME SOME SUIT!PORN PLEASE. i don't care if it's jensen/misha or dean/cas, the suit stays on during the sexytimes.
02. [ profile] qthelights: Jensen/misha first time (kiss and/or more)!
03. [ profile] krystalicekitsu: Supernatural- Sam & Dean with the prompt 'He's procrastinating and he knows it. The longer he hesitates the more blackmail ammo he's going to be shot with later, but, well...'
04. [ profile] love_jackianto: Oh, Southland please. How about Cooper and/or Sherman in dress blues.
05. [ profile] jack_infinitude: NCIS, McGee/DiNozzo, are you sure want to put that there?
06. [ profile] lattimore: due South: Fraser/RayK, maybe involving the time when Ray dressed up in the mountie uniform?
07. [ profile] x_shorty1013_x: Supernatural, Dean/Cas, trapped in a small space
08. [ profile] ember_firedrake: Supernatural, Dean/Cas. Ferris Wheel. Kissing.
09. [ profile] mulder200: SPN, Dean/Castiel, Dean stakes his claim when another man tries to make a move on Cas and gets turned on in the process
10. [ profile] bientot: Misha/Richard Speight playing with the underwear back in their hotel room

Prompt Me?

May. 5th, 2010 07:17 am
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I'll be subbing high school math today. According to the teacher's notes, students will either be testing or doing a chapter review. In the interest of helping me stay sane and not bored, anyone want to give me drabble prompts?

Character or pairing, and a word or two prompt.

I'm most happy with Supernatural (Dean/Castiel) and NCIS (DiNozzo/McGee), though I wouldn't be adverse to Southland (Cooper/Sherman) or Generation Kill (Brad/Nate).

Though I should maybe add that I'm still a little nervous about writing those last two.

And I am up for other pairings, the ones listed are just the ones I'm happiest with writing.

(I'm also aware I still have prompts from other request posts. One day I will finish Castiel's first time with pie. Or Castiel's first time at the fair. Or bowling.)

So, help keep a girl entertained?

Drabble Me!

Mar. 6th, 2010 08:48 pm
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That almost sounds dirty.

Snagging this from [ profile] marynyu because I'm a sucker:

The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.

Though if you don't write, I imagine you can do something else creative. Or just ignore that part. I won't mind. ;)

Fandoms I'm up for (but am not limiting anyone to): NCIS, Southland, Supernatural. I might as well throw Merlin in there, too, though I haven't done that for a little while.

01. [ profile] jack_infinitude: NCIS, Ziva and Gibbs, lying by omission
02. [ profile] sdrohc_ratiug: Eric Northman/Captain Jack Harkness
03. [ profile] heavenvhellvus: Dean/Cas, "I'm running out of air/Break me out/I want to see the sun rise in anywhere but here."
04. [ profile] spacefragments: Dean/Castiel, Cas discovers bubble baths
05. [ profile] marynyu: Gabriel/Castiel
06. [ profile] jack_infinitude: NCIS, McGee/Tony, when Tony finally comes home from being an Agent Afloat
07. [ profile] spacefragments: sam getting hit on by a hot guy at a bar and getting all flustered while dean laughs at him
08. [ profile] krystalicekitsu: SPN, Sam/Lucifer, 'Come to me//The moon is closer than your eyes//I can barely see through the cracks that shines out my scars// Sirens scream//In vain//I have already died//A million times inside'
09. [ profile] x_shorty1013_x: Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, Dean and Cas go swimming
10. [ profile] krystalicekitsu: SPN; Gabriel/Michael (or Lucifer); "They were cheap replacements for the one they lost."

Plus! A bonus response to [ profile] x_shorty1013_x's "Dean and Cas go swimming" prompt.
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I'm working on articles right now, but last night I finally finished a draft of the SPN porn I've been working on since December. It's Dean POV and has sort of been KILLING MY SOUL. I don't know what's wrong with me.

With the porn sent off to be betad, I'm looking for inspiration. Trying to write a little every day this year, too. I need a bit of a break from Dean, and I'm thinking what's in order is to hide out in Castiel POV.

So, dear f-list, would anyone care to prompt me with things of a "Castiel's first time ____" nature? Activities, food, emotions, sex, etc. Castiel's first brain freeze. Castiel's first game of bingo. Castiel's first Oprah episode. Anything.

Well, okay, almost anything. Not so interested in bodily functions. Castiel's first case of indigestion, not so much.

But fun stuff, porny stuff, angsty stuff...I'm pretty open.

In the meantime, I've got more work. And cuddly Tim/Tony I keep eyeing. And my own "Castiel's first time ____." Of the dirty variety. ;)

- whatever we lose. For [ profile] mclachlan, Castiel's first trip to the beach!
- In the Mind of the Beholder. For [ profile] mulder200, How about the first time Cas watches porn? Because you know Dean would have talked him into it.
- Obviously Evil. For [ profile] olivelavonne, Castiel's first soda.
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I'm going to the Library o' Doom and Clutter today and would love some distraction.

With that in mind, anyone interested in giving me a prompt or two? See if anything takes, sparks soemthing? NCIS? Supernatural? Merlin? (Note to self: watch season 2.) Something original?

Just trying to keep the creative juices flowing. And keep my sanity. Because seriously. Library o' DOOM and CLUTTER. It makes me want to cry some days, I am not even joking.


Aug. 19th, 2009 09:06 pm
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Okay, so the NCIS fic is not going so well at the moment. I just cannot seem to get Tony's voice right. I was wondering if it was maybe because I usually go for Tim's POV, but looking at what I've got on LJ, I'm about even when it comes to their POVs. So I dunno.

But it's very frustrating. And discouraging.

So I'm going to go look at old prompts from the porn battles and maybe try something quick and totally unrelated. I may have just had some inspiration from an old drabble, too.

How about you, flist? Anybody want to help a girl out? Prompt me?
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This year I've been trying to write a little something creative every day. So far, I have been successful. Some of it has led to fic that gets posted, and some to things that will never see the light of day. But at least I'm writing, yeah?

Sometimes, though, it gets to be 11 PM and I have a lot of trouble finding inspiration. This leads to me scrolling my moodtheme waiting for something to get my attention. (I have a whole series connected by LJ moods now.)

My question to y'all is this: Would anyone be interested in helping a girl out by supplying a prompt or two? A word, a phrase, original, fanfiction. I'm open for suggestions.


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