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Last night the second, and final, part of Alice aired on SyFy (uuuugh channel). I really enjoyed it. Way more than Tin Man, which I also enjoyed but found overall fairly dull. And confusing. Alan Cumming was the best part of that thing.

Anyway. Alice was pretty solid. I never wanted to smack Alice around, not really, and Hatter was basically amazing. (And then I had to look him up and go, duh, that dude from Primeval.) But it's still leaving me all think-y with it's similarities to Tin Man.

Really vaguely spoilery for both )

Sorry, Tim Burton, but there is NO WAY I'm going to love your Mad Hatter as much as I love this one. (D'aww. HIS FACE.)

In Things That Don't Make Me Really Happy news, Mom tells me that her boss finally came back from her vacation. She and her husband went on a cruise. When Mom asked her how it was, she said it was fine but she wouldn't have gone if she'd known there were going to be so many gays and lesbians there.


So I am going to go write gay porn to counterbalance the stupid.

Full Day

Oct. 1st, 2009 11:04 pm
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I'm really enjoying FlashForward so far, the balance of drama and humor, and the mystery of the whole thing. (Hi, Jack Davenport! On my TV! With your accent!)

I'm not sure about Eastwick, but I'm giving it a shot for Paul Gross and his voice.

Supernatural - 5.04 )


Meanwhile, the last two weeks of Project Runway )


I really was an emergency sub at the high school today. Spanish I and II for grades 10 through 12. Because the sub that was supposed to be there, wasn't. Which is why I subbed that class last school year, too, strangely enough. Only this time, definitely because someone was flaky )
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Writing up this month's school board meeting makes me angry. Or frustrated. Or both.

I just...feel like the parents who are opposed to the free lunch program are putting forward their arguments in a semi-douchey way. I understand their arguments (some of them, anyway), I just don't like the classism and racism I feel is lurking around the edges.

But maybe that's just me projecting. ::shrug::

It is a touchy subject.

I think I ended up making a disapproving face at the meeting (that is to say, my mouth got really small and off-center). I wonder if the chairwoman (or other board members) noticed...

Meanwhile, I have fic to post later. Exciting, I know. It is the bright spot in all of the writing today.
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Since today started out pretty shitty, I'm going to focus on things that are good or amusing.

- brownies sitting in the kitchen

- the coconut-pineapple-chicken-curry thing we had for dinner (yuuuuum)

- puppies with their little wagging tails

- cats being long and lanky and affection and weird

- the 3700+ word fic roll I am on

- the feature I wrote that I think is really good

- the man in Spook who thought "that Leprechauns...were most likely discarnate humans."

- Spook in general. Except the whole ectoplasm thing freaks me out a bit, what with the emanating from mediums' orifices (like their vagina). Disturbing. (The bit about the woman giving birth to rabbits! Holy crap! Because, yes, sticking skinned rabbit bits up there is a good idea, especially in the mid-1700s.)

- texting with Dahlia and Natasha

- Bored to Death's opening credits


May. 19th, 2009 11:00 am
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Today is the special election to adopt a resolution for the school district to issue $7.8 million in general obligation bonds to fund construction that will relieve overcrowding by expanding and renovating the schools.

They tried this before in February and it failed, for several reasons: the size of the tax increase, the amount of bonds, the amount of construction, discontentment with school officials. All of the reasons, while some of them were quite sound and understandable, frustrated me beyond belief. Particularly the discontentment with school officials.

Administrators will not be in the district forever. There will always be children in the community, though, and those children need school facilities. So suck it up, get over it, and do something about helping the students. Because where else are they supposed to go to school out here?

After the last time, the bond committee got together and sent out a survey asking people what the committee could do to make them change their minds. This new resolution is based on the results.

If this bond resolution doesn't get passed this time, I don't know what they're going to do. I know with the economy being what it is, people are worried. And farming can be odd. My dad's already spent the equivalent of four years tuition at SU on fertilizer and we won't be receiving any money for another couple of months. And you don't know how the market's going to change in the meantime.

But they need to do something about the school buildings or else they're going to have to start setting up those collapsible tents on the playground and start holding classes out there.

Or else they're going to end up with 40 kids to a classroom with only one teacher and maybe a TA/IA/parapro. Which makes me cringe for so many reasons, for the teachers and the students.
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Yesterday an older woman came into the library and made me want to cry for the state of humanity. Or, I guess, for ignorance. And maybe not cry, but bang my head against the desk.

This woman came in because she'd gotten a notice in the mail that we had a book on hold for her. She didn't remember ordering anything and she wanted to know what it was. The last time I saw her in the library, she ended up checking out a book by David Baldacci. She was looking for something new to read and she'd seen his name a lot so she thought she'd give it a try.

Apparently since then she's been in and the regular librarian has ordered her several other books by him. The book that came was one of those.

She also had two books to return, but had forgotten them at home. "They're by him, too," she told me. "But I didn't like them. They were murder mysteries. Too gory for me. I want home-spun type stories. I don't like best-seller books these days. They're all filled with language and filth and whathaveyou. You know. Homosexuals and lesbians. I don't know why they have to put that in there. But I guess that's what writers do."

I just...nodded and smiled, basically. It's my job to help the patron, not to censor or judge in anyway. (Plus, I don't like confrontation and I'm not going to change the mind of some little old lady in a five minute library visit.) But, ooooh, I wanted to say things. Or would have wanted to if I hadn't been a little in shock.

I wanted to say, that's the world, lady. It's filled with different types of people doing different types of things. Media is covered with representations of heterosexual love and those images are forced on gay people all of the time. So what if one or two homosexuals show up in your books? There or so many other things to focus on or think about.

It also reminded me of something Hugh Jackman said in Entertainment Weekly in response to talking about playing Peter Allen in The Boy From Oz and kissing a guy:

I don't waste time or energy with it. I think there's far too much importance placed on people's sexuality anyway. I love sex, it's great, but it's not the measure of love or a relationship. And whether you like girls or boys, whether you like the light on or off: Who cares? I always find sexuality one of the least interesting things about a person.

Anyway, now I also want to know what she meant by "that's what writers do." Market "filth"? Sensationalize? Try to make it on the best seller list by being shocking?

I was annoyed. It wasn't until after she pulled out of the parking lot that I realized, wait, I write gay porn. Little does she know who she's talking to.

As per [ profile] olivelavonne's suggestion, next time I see her I am going to think "the dirtiest, filthiest porn at her."

Now to go work on school board and other bits of writing. Those prompts gave me multiple ideas and I hardly know what to do first.


Mar. 26th, 2009 09:23 pm
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Dear Library Patrons,

I am not your babysitter.

The Woman Behind the Desk Who Can KICK YOU OUT

My good mood owes a lot to the burrito/margarita/hanging out thing [ profile] sdrohc_ratiug and I did afterward. Good way to end the day. ♥
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My poor mom is a creative person who does a creative job for people who do not understand the creative process.

Instead of ordering flowers from their usual, trusted provider, the boss-lady wanted to try someplace new. Because instead of getting bunches of daffodils (I think it was daffs anyway) for $1.75/bunch at one or two bunches, they could try this new place where they had to buy 20 bunches at $1.60/bunch.

There are several problems that have Mom upset. Since they haven't dealt with this provider before, they don't know what sort of product they'll be getting. Especially because local growers are behind this year due to the cold weather. The boss-lady also said that the flowers will be great for Jr. Miss next weekend. But these other people on deliver to the area on Monday or Friday. Friday will be to late and Monday is almost too early.

The quality thing really is a big issue for Mom. When you put together an arrangement, you want to use the best materials possible. She puts things together with the view, "Is this something I would buy?" Having to do an arrangement with crap materials reflects badly on her. Which then reflects badly on the store, which the boss-lady does not seem to understand. She just thinks Mom slaps stuff together and it isn't hard.

Something I think anyone who does something creative knows is completely and ridiculously untrue.

Mom had a bit of a rant this morning and I felt the need to...get it out there, too. Because it's frustrating and I feel for her. And really, why are people so dumb?


Feb. 17th, 2009 06:15 pm
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Sometimes it feels like the newspaper is slowly chipping away at my soul. Or my will anything. And this is only my third month!

It makes me go to tense city council meetings when I'd much rather curl up with a blanket and watch new NCIS. ::pout::

Subbed at the middle/high school library today. Some punk kid tried to pull a fast one on me. But I rule with an iron fist and put a stop to it.

She came in, was looking at the books on the hold "shelf" (right by the check-in/out computer) and while I was busy helping another kid, she wandered over to the shelves. Thirty seconds later she wandered back with the second Diary of a Wimpy Kid book and was ready to go.

I thought the book looked very familiar. Like, oh, wasn't that just with the other books on hold less than a foot away from me? Yes, yes it was. But I scanned it anyway and a prompt came up asking if I wanted to take it off of hold. I clicked no and explained the situation to the girl. She was all, "But books on hold are supposed to be over there," pointing at the shelf.

Instead of outright calling her on it (I'm not much for confrontation), I said that sometimes things get put in the wrong spot and, sorry, I can't check this out to you. So I wrote down the hold name and stuck it on the book and put the book back in its spot.

Straightening the books on hold before the end of the day, guess what I found? The original note with the hold request stuck to another book. I had thought about peeking in the trash that's right there, but she didn't even care enough to try that.

Hold request notes. Heh. They're sticky notes, people.

Anyway. The girl proceeded to check out one book, return it, and then check out something else in the ten minutes that followed. Weird.

And now city council. I expect DRAMA tonight. And will maybe even be a little disappointed if there isn't any, even if I don't want to write about it afterward.
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This originally started out as an e-mail to [ profile] ginnith, but partway through I thought, hey, livejournal.

While I was at the library today, the latest ML paper was delivered. On the front page it says, "Royal City rejects bonds." At the preliminary count, they lost. Which means that the bond committee will have to look at the situation again and figure out what their options are.

It also means that 1) people don't want to pay more taxes (a fact that is not surprising to anyone), 2) people let their opinion of the superintendent cloud their judgment, and 3) the future of the children could be screwed.

I'm a bit annoyed. People kept getting stuck on the fact that the admin building would be redone. That was only a small percent of the project. Instead, they let the fact that they do not like the current administration move their focus from the big picture - improving the school and providing for current and future students - the small one.

At last night's city council meeting, the mayor said that we tend to not look past the one or two year future mark. We don't think about or like to think about what our plans now could mean 20 years down the road. (Which occurs to me now is maybe something to be worried about coming from a mayor.) What I see in this situation is people only focusing on the things they dislike now and forgetting that this superintendent won't always be a part of the district, but there will always be students at the schools. And if the town continues to grow, there are going to be more and more. Where on earth are they going to go in a building that became too small really quite rapidly? And how on earth is anything supposed to get done if no one will set aside personal dislike and take a look at the big picture?
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Earlier today I finished the feature on the funeral home in Othello. Just now I mostly finished the RGA article. Now I just have city council to cover and that's it for the week. Except I'm really very tired of looking at Word documents.

The editor sent me an e-mail this morning asking if the RGA meeting was juicy. I had to rain on her parade and say no. It was only thirty minutes long and everyone was very pleasant and understanding. No voices were raised.

I appreciate this. I don't want to write the dirt.

What's nice about this week's council meeting is that it was only, according to the recording, 36 minutes long. HA. Much better than an hour plus.

Next week, I just have the school board meeting to attend. This could be very interesting, because they're trying to get the community to vote for their bond proposal so they can get money to add on to the district buildings, including a new admin building and bus garage. It's kind of a hot topic.

Here's my issue: voting "yes" for this proposition will increase our taxes, this is true. But where are they going to get the money to make these changes if the proposition doesn't pass?

Mostly people are annoyed by the new admin building. They think that's just, y'know, icing. Unnecessary. One of the boardmembers pointed out, though, that when the building they're using now (and it is quite small) was built, the school district only had so many hundred students and so many faculty members. It's bigger now, and bigger means more paperwork which means more office space. And maybe that's their excuse for a new building of their own. But the additions to the school are needed. (And then there's the whole "music suite" thing and how the board wasted money on putting in astroturf on the fucking football field even though we've been getting to State [and winning once we're there] for the last forever on regular old grass and lord knows that money would have been better spent elsewhere.)

My mom's boss is angry about this because the superintendent will not come out and say what the enrollment at the schools is. She feels that they don't need to be asking us to do this because it's not really necessary. As much as people keeping saying the number of students is rising, the number of seniors in the high school is staying about the same. So the school district must be hiding something, right?

::shrug:: I don't know. Maybe. But when they opened the new elementary school, I was in the second grade and there were no classrooms in the second level. Now they had to add and "intermediate" building to handle the fifth graders because there is just no room in the school. I don't know what's happening between elementary and high school - besides moving, dropping out, the usual - but I think it's pretty clear enrollment is up in the lower grades. Something does need to be done about the space issue. Because if it's not a problem now, it will be in a few years.

The more I go to these meetings, the more I don't understand why people cannot just figure out how to work together. It's like the port and the city butting heads. Ideally, they're both working to better the area. But that gets lost somewhere along the way.

I had similar issues with the fire inspection issue that only recently was sorted out. Oh, man. If it's going to provide a measure of safety, figure out a way to make it work. Stop trying to avoid it all together. Especially if it's in the codes and mandated by the state.

And, yes, I'm well aware that this is very naive of me. But seriously. Make it work, people.

I had no idea this was going to turn ranty when I started. Whoops.
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This evening I figured I could either bitch about people or post fanfiction. I normally don't like to complain too much, but there are certain things going on here that I think I need to just let go and write about.

So. Vent now. Fic later.

Last night I attended another city council meeting. This was actually the shortest council meeting I've been to so far, running just over an hour. (The shortest meeting ever, though, goes to the last school board meeting. Fifteen minutes! It takes me that long to drive there. I wasn't even gone from home for an hour. Out here, that's really nice.)

But the primary subject at the council meeting was upsetting. There have been a serious rash of burglaries the last couple of months in the town and the surrounding areas. A couple of weeks ago, they caught a couple of teenagers. (And recovered a lot of property, though they're having trouble getting it back to the owners as no one knows what brand of DVD/TV/camera/etc. they own.) They've been released, but even then the break-ins continued. Most of these are happening during the day - before noon generally - and they're not even checking to see if the doors are locked. They just kick in the doors and do what they like. One family at the meeting last night had their house destroyed. Whatever the burglars didn't take, they trashed.

It's terrifying. Whoever is doing this is someone who knows the area. They're watching people's houses and taking advantage when they leave. Sometimes breaking in while they're at home. Many people have looked out of the window to see someone suspicious looking back. And the worst part is that a majority of people have a pretty good idea about who's doing this. They're just too scared to say anything. If a neighbor sees something suspicious going on next door, they won't call it in because if they do, and these people find out, their house will just be hit that much harder.

It's frustrating and understandable and scary.

Plus, I will be on my own in the house in a couple of weeks. I will be jumpy.

And that's not me bitching or venting. I just needed to put that out there.

But now I'll bitch a little.

The usual secretary/financial director was not at last night's meeting. The other secretary was. I've never met her before, and after the meeting I approached her with a small clarifying question which she either did not understand or thought I was a moron for asking. Her attitude, which I was not impressed with, came off a little of both, leaning toward "who is this moron?" I hate that.

These meetings are all recorded. Usually, since she works in town and it would be pointless for me to make an extra trip, my mother picks up a zip drive with the recording on it. We have had no problems with this. Today, though, Mom went in and this other secretary says, "Oh, I haven't had time to do that today. She can come listen to it here. That's what [the editor] used to do." Which doesn't necessarily come off as annoying when you write it down, but judging from the way Mom relayed it to me, well. I like having a copy to listen to at home while I'm in the process of writing the article. And I may be young and fairly new at this, but I've received plenty of compliments from community members over the detail and clarity of these articles. I'm going to continue doing what works.

I can't wait for the other secretary to come back.

So what I'm going to do this week is use my notes and call it good. That's what I do with all of the other meetings I go to. And thankfully this was a shorter meeting without so much technobabble and legalese.

There may be other stuff, but I've lost momentum now. Probably for the best. On top of everything, though, last night I started really feeling the winter blahs. Today has been shaded by that feeling you get after you cry - physically and emotionally - except there has been no crying. It's not fun. But tomorrow I'm working in Mattawa tomorrow, so that should give me something tangibly productive to do.

I am not going to feel bad about using the "people:idiots" tag. Because they are. Even if they scare me.
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I've been listening to the recording of the city council meeting I went to last Tuesday and I just realized what the one vocal community member there reminds me of: those people in class that have to reply to everything the professor says just to hear themselves speak. You know, the annoying ones that sit there with their arms crossed and start most of their questions with, "So what you're saying is" and end them with "am I correct in saying that?" while maintaining a go-ahead-and-argue-with-me tone. Followed by periods of, "I disagree with that. That's just my opinion. I'm allowed to have my own opinion."

Basically, the kind of person I wanted to kick in the head.

It's one thing to discuss and ask questions. But this behavior always comes off as vaguely hostile and an attempt to get attention.

I have basically finished with my first draft of the meeting report. It is b-o-r-i-n-g boring. I mean, it's interesting, too, since I'm learning all sorts of things I didn't know previously. But at the same time, I'm learning more about watermains and sewerlines and the placements of both in the town than I ever really wanted to know.

Top Design

Oct. 22nd, 2008 09:27 pm
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OMG, I want to kick Eddie in the head so hard.

I don't care that he works for Martha Stewart. I don't care if they're BFFs. I want. To kick. Him in. The head.
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Project Runway - 5.12 )

While we were watching PR, Mom and I were discussing the events described in this article. Seriously, it's one of the most ridiculous things I've ever read. But it lead to the following conversation that amused me.

MOM: I don't think you should be able to cite an Adam Sandler movie unless
you've seen it.
ME: I don't think you should be able to cite an Adam Sandler movie period.
MOM: Not even Happy Madison.
ME: That's Happy Gilmore. And Billy Madison.
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"Library" is a really funny word if you think about it too hard.

One thing that I dislike is irresponsibility. When I make an appointment, I do my best to keep it. When I schedule work, I do my best to be there. And when I'm there, I do my best to complete the job at hand. Most of the time anyway; we all have our off days.

Today was hectic at the library. They've been working to upgrade the circulation system since last Thursday, meaning that nothing can be checked in (boxes of returned items piling up) and all check-out is done by hand (off-line circulation being unreliable, imo). I was asked to sub, which I didn't mind because I've dealt with the system being down before and, really, if I can deal with finals week in a university library I should be able to deal with books and DVDs piling up.

That wasn't so bad. (I was three sentences past the beginning of this paragraph before I realized I'd written "That was so bad" while thinking "wasn't." Heh.) Especially since Shannon told me to keep trying the circulation system until it let me in. When it popped up with a box asking me if I wanted to upgrade, I said, "Sure! Bring it on!" And all seemed to be well.

No, what really pissed me off, and I'm willing to admit I was probably overreacting, was when the other sub who was supposed to come work four hours with me called and said, "Shannon said she'd leave a note if she wanted me to come in. Did she leave a note?"

"Well, no. Not really. But she did say she had a project you could help with. They want to incorporate the non-cataloged paperback juvenile fiction with the cataloged hardcovers..."

"Oh, yeah, we've talked about that. But that's not really important."

That really annoyed me. Because, what? It needs to be done but you're feeling lazy so I'm going to be the one that does it?

She then asked if the computers were still down and I said it was kind of iffy at the moment, though they seemed to be fine. She said, "Well, I don't want to show up if there's nothing there for me to do."

So I told her, "If you have other things you have to do today, you go ahead and do them. I can take care of this on my own."

She said some more things after that, and I just repeated that a few times. At one point she kind of laughed after I said it. I think she caught my fed-up tone. You know the one. Everyone has one. The one where you're not openly angry, but it's clear that you think time's being wasted and so you're being sort of...professionally nice. If that makes sense.

I feel a little bad about it now. Mostly I feel bad that I feel like I should feel bad. How's that for convoluted?

She did tell me that I could call later in the afternoon if I needed help. I could have used helped later (I could have used help then), but there's too much going on to go looking for a phone number and I like working alone. Plus, this particular person has a really grating voice. And personality. The first time she called this morning, after I hung up all I could think was, "I'm going to have to listen to that for four hours." But then, of course, she didn't come in.

And then there was the part of me that didn't want to call because I wanted to prove I could handle the big scary day all by myself. So take THAT.

I did have a slight moment of panic, though. I called the tech people because transit slips weren't printing when I scanned material that was supposed to be sent elsewhere. When they called back and I said I was using the system, she said, "You're using it? Did we walk you through the upgrade already? If we didn't, then everything you're doing isn't being recorded." I was like, "It asked me to upgrade, I clicked 'okay.' I thought it was all right."

When I called her back after dealing with patrons, she apologized for panicking and said that I was fine. When I told Mom this, Mom asked, "So you did something that they didn't think you were capable of?"

Sure. What I'm thinking is that I'm one of the younger people working there, ready and unafraid to click the upgrade option when a computer presents it. Not that the older employees aren't, but they're the ones that are benefiting from the tech/web related information sessions while I'm sitting there semi-bored because I'm already familiar with it.

So that ended well. I didn't screw anything up. And by closing there were many things to shelve, but it was all generally tidy and not completely chaotic. Which is a win in my book. Even if I am generally frustrated by some of the people involved.

I am going to use my "people:idiots" tag and not feel like a horrible person.
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Last month I posted about my annoyance over the planned American Life on Mars. Nothing's changed. I'm still annoyed.

Tuesday I was at work passing time reading stuff in the New York Times online when I came across this article, "US Television Taps More Imported Series". Now, I am a fan of our versions of The Office and Ugly Betty so maybe I'm a bit of a hypocrit, but the idea of TV shows being imported the way this piece represents them really sits badly with me. I guess it's the whole "imported ideas" thing. I keep getting stuck on, "Why can't we just do whatever needs to be done and see the original versions?"

Basically, why do we feel the need to bring in other peoples' creativity and Americanize it?

Never mind. I know the answer to that. It's not flattering.

There were two specific quotes that particularly bothered me. First, "Another reason for relying on ideas from abroad is the interruption of the flow of home-grown scripts because of the 100-day strike by writers against the TV and movie studios." This is followed by the chairman at DeWitt Media, Gene DeWitt, saying, "If you have a drought, you’re going to look over the fence to see if there’s water there." Which to me, at least Tuesday and at the moment - see, I might just be unreasonable lately, seems like they screwed up and are trying to have something to give television audiences. It comes off as lazy to me. They want money; this is what they're going to do.

Didn't they learn after Coupling?

It just...I don't know. I don't like it. It makes me uncomfortable. They've started showing previews for Eleventh Hour and it looks interesting and I'm sure there's definite possibility of these shows being good (like I said, The Office and Ugly Betty - solid shows). But I don't like that they're talking about transporting talent when the people that are going to be recognized if the shows do succeed are the ones that weren't responsible for the original idea. And that a lot of the television viewing populace will have no idea that what they're watching originally came from some place else.

And, y'know, maybe I'm just being really cynical about this lately. Maybe I wouldn't even think it if they weren't doing Life on Mars. But seriously, there is no way they could make that show and have it be anywhere near as good as the original.

Speaking of previews, does The Mentalist come off as CBS's version of Psych?


Apr. 12th, 2008 11:29 pm
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Apparently the Powers That Be decided it would be a good idea to make an American version of Life on Mars.

This is just...a remarkably stupid idea. I know they've done this before and they always seem to think it's a good idea, but most of the time everything just flops. Like Coupling. omg was that bad. The American pilot was cringe-worthy.

I haven't seen all of Life on Mars yet. I'm saving the rest of it for a rainy day, because I'm kind of loving it a lot and once it's over, it's over. But I'm really kind of appalled that they'd even consider remaking it. Everyone in the original is just so spot-on.

Can't we come up with original stuff anymore? Or are we stuck in a reality television rut?

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I've been in a very "grr argh" mood lately, but only on and off. It's very weird. Or maybe really normal, considering the things that make me go "grr argh" are no different from usual.

I know I'm no saint and I have habits that aren't great, but there are just some things people do that annoy the crap out of me and I have to remind myself not to snap because it'll only make things worse. And I don't want to be a cranky bitch.

Then there's the whole thing where it's Valentine's Day tomorrow and I'm doing my best not to step on any toes. Since Mom's a florist, she gets a little stressed. (Though things have been a lot less stressed here at home this year than I remember.) She's been going to work before six every morning this week and leaving work between three and four. Dealing with stupid people most of the day. It shouldn't amaze me anymore, but I'm always impressed with just how late some people will wait to get flowers for a loved one. You can't come in at four in the afternoon on the day and expect to get a dozen roses. It is not going to happen. And the people that do this seem to do it every year. Learn from your mistakes!


Meanwhile, Project Runway )

I can hear owls outside. It is both really cool and a little creepy. Especially when I have my headphones on and only half hear them.


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