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One day I'll make a post that doesn't have anything to do with SPN or fic or SPN fic. It'll be SHOCKING.

This is not that post.

Supernatural - 6.16 )
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I saw True Grit again, this time with [ profile] sdrohc_ratiug, my dad, and - you'll never believe this! - my brother! I invited him and he said yes! As [ profile] sdrohc_ratiug said, ""I can't believe I'm sitting next to your brother. It's like seeing a unicorn. And then going to the movies with if."

The movie remains awesome. There was more of an audience this time, and they were more responsive to the film. Except for the one lady in the row in front of us who dozed off and snored a wee bit.

I also watched the first part of Downton Abbey on Masterpiece Classics with my mom. It was fun playing, "Hey! That Chick/Dude Looks Familiar!" I also really enjoyed it. That sort of thing is right up my alley.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to get Easy A from Netflix, which I am looking forward to. I've gotten back into watching Avatar: The Last Airbender. Don't know why I paused in the first place; it's such a brilliant show. I guess at least by putting it on hold since October I've managed to draw out the length of the series? Sort of? No? Oh well.


Jan. 1st, 2011 10:13 pm
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Today was a good start to the new year. Better than the start to 2010 anyway.

Went to town with my mom and [ profile] sdorhc_ratiug. We saw Black Swan which was...

Spoilers under the cut )

Short answer? I found it kind of meh. Which is sad.

Last Tuesday, though, I saw True Grit with my parents and LOVED IT. Mattie Ross is my new hero. And the girl who plays her, Hailee Steinfeld, is amazing. She's up there sharing the screen with Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, and Josh Brolin, and all I wanted to do was watch her.

True Grit I definitely would recommend.

Anyway. So we did Black Swan and then we went to a late lunch at a place called McGlinns. I had their Greek Pesto wood-fire pizza. It was SO GOOD. The place was [ profile] sdrohc_ratiug's recommendation, and it was an excellent one. Then we did some shopping and came home. It was a very, very good day.

Now I'm home with my electric blanket (it's like 7F outside), catching up with writing, and listening to the Tron: Legacy OST (which is AWESOME). Good times, good times.

SPN 6.11

Dec. 10th, 2010 10:44 pm
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Supernatural - 6.11 )

Watching some of a version of The Nutcracker on IFC. It's very strange watching ballet on TV now because it's so quiet, other than the music. I miss hearing the dancers landing, their squeaky feet.
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Just got back from a quick trip to Seattle to see my nana. Went over Friday night, came back this afternoon. Woo.

Did I miss anything? How is everyone?

Supernatural - 6.04 )

There's a good chance I'm going to miss next week's episode on Friday. I'll either see it on the road, or when I get home on Sunday.
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I missed last week's SPN due to EB's wedding rehearsal and dinner. Mom, who only had to be there for the wedding, recorded it (ON VHS). We finally watched it before tonight's new ep.

Supernatural - 6.02 )


Supernatural - 6.03 )
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Things on my mind after the premiere. Spoilers, obviously.

Supernatural - 6.01 )

PLEASE keep in mind that I am UNSPOILED for season six. I would like to remain that way.
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- Finish Arthur/Eames fic (SO, SO CLOSE. I EVEN HAVE A TITLE.)

- Work on Arthur/Eames ink!fic

- Work on Dean/Leon

- Continue Jensen/Misha tie!porn

- Watch more Avatar: The Last Airbender

- Take Grandma to hair dresser

- Consider the pros and cons of Inception Big Bang (Goddamn you people. I love you and hate you. You know who you are. ::shakes fist:: )
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Kurt's dad is the best thing about Glee. Along with some of the performances. My mom and I are agreed on this.

Spoilers for tonight's episode, Theatricality )

Before that, there was NCIS.

Rule Fifty-One )


May. 19th, 2010 10:24 am
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Talking to my grandma about NCIS is so funny.

"If they ever got rid of Gibbs and put Tony in charge, I'd stop watching. He irks me so much sometimes. And the way he teases poor McGee..."

"He means it with love! Besides, McGee holds his own."

She's got this thing about how Tony is too old to act the way he does. It amuses me. I think we all know how I feel about their teasing. ;)
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SG-1 came on after Merlin. Mom made the observation that they have a good budget. They could've done the apocalypse up real good.

ME: Supernatural had a good budget. What did they even spend all of it on?
MOM: I think they spent it all on nose candy.

Makes as much sense as anything.

The SG-1 episode is "Redemption, Pt. 1." McKaaaaaay! Also, hi Jonas! Hi!


May. 14th, 2010 07:45 pm
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I greatly dislike editing my own writing.

Sometimes it is okay, and sometimes I get into that head space where I over-think every single verb and punctuation mark, every adjective and pronoun.

Which sucks, let me tell you.

Dear Brain,

Just stop.

Thank you kindly,

Also, Mom took out a chunk of her finger at work today. :( Not a huge chunk, but still. Don't let anyone tell you being a florist isn't a dangerous job.

ETA: Began another fic. Guess how it starts? SOMEONE IS UP AGAINST A WALL. Hello, my good friend predictability. ;)
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There is probably a certain lack of organization and articulation behind the cut.

Supernatural - 5.21 )


I'm sure I've forgotten something in all of that rambling.

Holy crap. One more episode.

My poor mom. (WHO FELL ASLEEP AT ONE POINT. In her defense, it was prom last weekend and Mother's Day this weekend and there was a funeral today and she is a florist so, y'know, CRAZY BUSY. At least no one wanted to get married.) The preview for next week came on and she's like, "Wait, only one more?"

"I told you earlier there were only two left."

Frown. "I thought you meant after tonight."

Sadly, no.

Although, it might be a nice change of pace (for a week or two) to be like "What do I do? It is Thursday and there is nothing on!" instead of spending the whole day going "WHY ISN'T IT 9 O'CLOCK DAMN IT."

Actually, that only really gets bad at 8. The book I'm currently reading totally helped keep me sane and not overly antsy otherwise.
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01. Since I am working on the follow-up to But Soon Again, I thought it might be appropriate to give that series (haha I have a series!) a tag of its own. So Busted through But Soon Again can now all be found under: apocalypse what apocalypse.

02. The copy of The Shining that I'm reading is my mom's. I just realized she would have been reading it at roughly the same age I am now, give or take a year. I think that's neat!

03. I am sick. On the one hand, UGH. On the other hand, it got me out of working in Mattawa today. You lose some, you win some?

04. Getting my hair cut next week. Don't know if after I should dye it more red or more dark. Last time I went more red, so maybe it's time to go the opposite way...

05. I like fives. In those moments of slightly more OCD-ness, five is my go-to number. Like when I lock up the library and have to check the door. I count to five as I make sure the knob doesn't turn. Several times. I wonder if I count to five five times? I can never just do it once.
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ME: The kids are having a badminton tournament in PE.
MOM: Oh, badminton's one of your grandma's favorites you know.
ME: I know.
MOM: Me? I just like saying shuttlecock.
ME: Heh.
MOM: I am my daughter's mother.
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I had a creepy SPN-related dream Thursday night.

Sam and Dean were in a hospital. )

Aaaand now I'm thinking about how cool it would be if Supernatural were directed by Guillermo del Toro. OMG. It would be AWESOME.

Excuse me while I go flail just thinking about it.

ETA: Haha, so I was thinking del Toro's scary stuff, like The Devil's Backbone. Mom, however, suggests a crossover with Hellboy. "Can't you just see Castiel going, 'What the fuck? He's a demon.' and Dean being all, 'He's Hellboy. We can't send Hellboy back to hell!'"

And then, she added, someone would have to point out to Sam, "Hey, we found someone bigger than you!"

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my mom? 'cause, seriously. I do.
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We pick up newspapers meant for recycling at our city hall to put down for the puppies. Mom found this note written a child's scrawl:

Dear Kaylee,

So did you want to do watch a movie, dunk our heads in a bucket of water and maybe Fourwheeler or computer?

ok so call me after school



bye bye

It made us laugh. There is so little to do out here, kids dunk their heads in buckets of water for fun.

Y'know, I probably dunked my head in a bucket of water for fun and for lack of anything better to do back in the day, too.


Dec. 29th, 2009 07:34 pm
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It's a good idea to go eat something when you realize all you've had all day was toast, trail mix, and tater tot type things.

I only now noticed everything I ate started with a T.

Time to go break the pattern with some NACHOS. Yum.

I think Mom was going to suggest using Cougar Gold on the nachos earlier. I can't decide if this means AWESOME nachos or, like, someone from WSU is going to hunt me down and shoot me for using their precious cheese in such a way.
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So the Ood say that the Doctor's song is ending. That all songs come to an end.


The Ood are wrong. Some songs don't end. Ever. Therefore, Mom and I think this song should be the Doctor's new theme.

I make no apologies if this song gets stuck in your head.

omg, now I'm feeling all nostalgic. Shari Lewis was amazing.

ETA: Also, the kitchen timer just went off and it sounds exactly like the drums the Master hears. Weird.


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