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I had to introduce [ profile] krystalicekitsu to The Mighty Boosh.

This is now stuck in my head:

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Look, an Inception post with nothing of any particular import!

Going to see Inception for the third time today. Dragging [ profile] sdrohc_ratiug along with me. If she hates it, I WILL CRY.

I now have two Arthur/Eames fics started. Um. Um. They are TWO HOT GUYS IN SUITS two fascinating characters, can you blame me? Here is the only picture I have uploaded of the two of them. Behind the scenes. Doesn't matter. I still want to smush them together in various ways. Hard. Even more so when Arthur's got the three-piece suit going on.

God, I have it bad.

It's embarrassing my urge to call everyone "darling." Same thing happens when I watch The Incredibles, though, so maybe it's not too bad. ;) (I also slip into some accents if I watch too much of something. Power of suggestion, my mind is open to it.)

Meanwhile, I keep listening to the final track of the movie's score. You know how sometimes a theme will just get in your head - haha ideas are parasites - and not let you go? That's essentially what has happened here. It kills me, so good, every time.

"Time" - Inception OST - Hans Zimmer.

If you follow the link to YouTube, I'd suggest not scrolling to the comments in case of spoilers.
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One of my very favorite scenes of anything ever. You can watch it here. It's just...It's so simple, but it's not insignificant. There's a lot of weight behind it. Expectation. It's lovely, and slays me every time.

Backstory to that picture/scene, if anyone's interested )

John and Aeryn have some of my all-time, hands-down favorite kissing scenes on television.

They are...kind of my OTP to end all OTPs. Because 1) they are not a figment of subtext and 2) somehow, someway the writers did right by them. I look back at Farscape (which I missed during its initial run) and I look at the progression of John, Aeryn, and John/Aeryn and there really isn't anything I would change.

I love them a hell of a lot.
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Bazinga )

And a general observation: Is there anyone more friggin' adorable than Jim Parsons? Those episodes where Sheldon's enjoying himself and smiles? Not the creepy Joker smile, the relaxed one? Oh, be still my heart.

Here is one of my favorite scenes from this past season. I laughed so, so hard. (I can think of a way to get Sheldon out of there in no time flat...)


May. 24th, 2010 12:21 am
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I don't care that it's old, I've been watching David Tennant on Never Mind the Buzzcocks and giggling like a loon. My evening was improved.


Meanwhile, yes, writing Misha is much more scary than writing Castiel.
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So this commercial had been around for a while before I noticed how suggestive it was. Now it comes on and my mom and I both go, "OH REALLY?"


- two guys in the dark
- one on his knees out of frame
- straightening of uniforms
- just how phallic is a lollipop anyway?
- they are both pretty chipper, if you catch my meaning ::nudge nudge, wink wink::
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Feeling nostalgic.

I miss these guys.
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Have some Eddie Izzard.

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Sorry for the spam today.

I was going to do a f-locked post where I was completely honest about how I've been feeling lately, but then I decided to do this instead. Because this is one thing that makes me happy. As a child, as an adult. These skits have always and will always make me grin.


I love Tom Keith the sound effects guy. Well. I love everybody, but I enjoy it when they have more fun with the special effects. It's such a neat job.
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I love this title sequence so much.
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Today's LJ Writer's Block asks what the most embarrassing thing is in your music library. I've got three words for you:

High School Musical.

I blame this primarily on the guys in the cast, especially Lucas Grabeel who plays Ryan Evans. Ryan wears colors and sequins and accessorizes (the hats) and is fabulous and can sing and dance and yes. I love him. ::shrug:: I would be a happy, happy girl if Lucas Grabeel would record some Cole Porter or something just so I can listen to his voice without a bunch of other stuff getting in the way.

Also, "I Don't Dance" from HSM2 is the gayest thing that ever gayed. I mean, you've got one guy singing to another, "I'll show you how I swing." It is the flirtiest baseball game/song 'n dance ever.

Proof. (What did we ever do without YouTube?)

It actually kind of reminds me of Justin and Austin from Ugly Betty now. Y'know, the competitive flirtiness.

So there you go. My most embarrassing thing. I love it, though. And it's so much fun when kids get it from the library and I actually can talk to them about it.

Bonus fact: Mark Indelicato (Justin from Ugly Betty) was once on an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody auditioning for and then landing the part of Ryan in their production of HSM. (Here is the audition.)


Mar. 20th, 2010 02:33 pm
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USA is doing an NCIS viewers' choice marathon. I just caught "Chimera", which I hadn't seen all of for a while. Sometimes I watch an episode of this show and it really hits me in the gut how very fond I am of the characters.

I really like that in this episode, Ziva and DiNozzo are really very brother/sister banter-y. Especially Ziva's whole, "You can show him [Ducky] your freckle" jibe.

Plus, you've got Ziva believing in the supernatural. Which made me kind of consider a Supernatural crossover where Sam and Dean pretend to be NCIS agents and end up getting caught by actual NCIS agents. In which case, even their wonderful Winchester bullshitting skills would not save them from Gibbs.

As for the actual episode, there are two specific DiNozzo/McGee things I love a lot. One is, of course, the scene in which Tony thinks he's going to die and they're both sweaty and standing really close and Tim knows exactly how to handle him. ;) (It's at the beginning of this bit here.) That scene is great and intimate, but it's my second favorite.

My favorite is when Tim almost loses his lunch (again) in the mess and Tony reaches out to him.

DiNOZZO: Steady, Probie.
McGEE: Tell that to my stomach.
DiNOZZO: (bending to address McGee's middle) Steady, Probie's stomach.

And then as the scene goes on, you see Tony reach out to steady him again, check if he's okay, as the camera moves past them. D'aaaaw.

Also, McGee looks really young with his hair all loose and flopping forward, face a bit sweaty. I got flashbacks to Thackery Binx.

There should be home-safe-life-affirming-naked-hijinks, I think. Of they, "Hey, I didn't die, McGee. But want to check me for possibly new and dangerous freckles just in case?" variety.

Someone should get on that.
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I've been kind of down the last couple of days, and when that happens there are two routes to go: wallow or kick it in the head. I've been trying to kick it in the head. To help, I've recruited McGee and DiNozzo. By which I mean I just rewatched "Leap of Faith" because, ho boy, that is one Tim/Tony-tastic episode.


I think that therapist is unconvinced about them not needing couples' counciling.

Let me illustrate one of the things I love especially about this scene. )

While I'm at it, I might as well indulge in some really random screencaps I found on my HD.

I love these guys so much it's ridiculous. )

Looking at these, I've just noticed that they're all essentially proof that DiNozzo is smitten, pining, fascinated, over-the-moon, in lurve with McGee. Tim is just...where his focus lies.

As for McGee, I think he's just more subtle about it.
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Dean is Castiel's cheeseburger.

Or something.

I've had this stuck in my head since yesterday. This is the only Veggie Tales-related thing I know. I am stupidly fond of it. So much fun to sing in the car. Or anywhere. Badly.

Call 911...

Feb. 9th, 2010 08:06 pm
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"Are you fucking with me?"




Also! Sherman's little grin when he makes Cooper laugh with the "summer camp" line? Hee!

Mom and I actually watched this one last week. Tonight we watched "Westside." Yea, DVDs.
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I got tagged by [ profile] marynyu

I tried to come up with really random things I haven't used on variations of this one before.

- List 7 habits/quirks/facts.
- Tag 7 people to do the same.
- Don't tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag 'whoever wants to do it'.

01. When I play any Legend of Zelda game with Tris, I do the leg- and brain-work and make him take care of the bosses. Because I AM A WUSS OVER-EXCITABLE. We had a lot of fun with Twilight Princess (which we never finished. sad.), and I wasted lots of valuable schoolwork time. Thirteen year olds are a bad influence.

02. Hermann Corrodi's Venice is one of my favorite paintings. I'm not even exactly sure why. Something about the color and light, the water, the sky. It's part of the founding collection at the Frye Art Museum in Seattle and I could stand in front of it for hours just...looking at it.

It's the first one on the top left here.

03. My writing notebooks are color-coded. An idea comes to me and it just...feels like a certain color, so that's the color I use. Then if I continue it, I'll continue using that color for the ease in finding all the related parts scattered through the notebook.

DiNozzo and McGee often end up in blue ink. Maybe it's a suit thing?

04. I hate not knowing words when I'm reading. If I come across one, I have to mark it, write it down, or look it up because otherwise my brain'll get stuck and I won't be able to move on. The dictionary app on my iPhone has saved hundreds of sticky notes from ending up in a pile with page numbers and words written on them.

05. I like things (books, movies, episodes, etc.) that make me sad. I think it's a cathartic thing.

For example, I love the Pacific Northwest Ballet Company's Swan Lake I've seen it twice. It's beautiful and heartbreaking and the ending kills me. I don't think I'd love it nearly as much if they didn't go for the heartbreak. (They talk about it here, with a clip of the final scene.)

06. I have weird issues with frogs. Live frogs freak me out. If you want to know the thing that freaks me out the most EVER, do a search for "surinam toad." ::shudder:: When the females lay eggs, they get embedded on her back and then skin grows over them, forming pockets in a honey-comb like pattern. The eggs hatch and the tadpoles grow up in those pockets and emerge from her back as fully-formed toads.

On the one hand, kinda cool. On the other hand, FREAKS THE HELL OUT OF ME. THEY ARE CREEPY.

Oh, god. Just thinking about it...

07. I have never been able to get past chapter eight in Sense & Sensibility. I've read every single other thing Jane Austen has written, but I cannot get through S&S.

I don't really like tagging people (though I don't mind being tagged; memes keep me entertained), even though I know there's the option to ignore. But I'll do it anyway: [ profile] ember_firedrake, [ profile] ginnith, [ profile] jack_infinitude, [ profile] mclachlan, [ profile] olivelavonne, [ profile] sdrohc_ratiug, [ profile] spacefragments.
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There have been some things on this season of How I Met Your Mother that I don't particularly care for (plots involving Robin and Barney, mostly).

But then the episode "Girls vs. Suits" happened.

Not only did they have Tim Gunn as Barney's tailor (Tim Gunn! Neil Patrick Harris! In the same room!!), it also included this number (which I wish I could find a non-flipped version of):


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My brain is a little bit on crack under the cut.

Supernatural - 5.12 )


I'm at the Library of Doom tomorrow. [ profile] sdrohc_ratiug as asked me not to die while I'm there. I'll try not to. That town's a little scary these days, though I've never had any problems with anyone in the library. Or anyone in general. I skate by on niceness.

Meanwhile, I started working on a follow-up to Before the Night Is Through. I've also been working on other "Castiel's First Time ____" fics.

And, of course, what I should really be working on is the feature for the paper. The thing about features that freaks me out is that the people they are about will probably read them. I don't want the nice people I spent a pleasant hour+ to be unhappy.
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So the Ood say that the Doctor's song is ending. That all songs come to an end.


The Ood are wrong. Some songs don't end. Ever. Therefore, Mom and I think this song should be the Doctor's new theme.

I make no apologies if this song gets stuck in your head.

omg, now I'm feeling all nostalgic. Shari Lewis was amazing.

ETA: Also, the kitchen timer just went off and it sounds exactly like the drums the Master hears. Weird.
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Mom just realized she maybe should have taken Sheppard's gun away from him in these pictures. Otherwise, she points out, it looks like they're grappling and John's about to shoot Rodney.

I maintain that John is going off to sacrifice himself bravely (like he does) and Rodney is telling not to be stupid and and get himself actually killed. (Ala this scene from "The Prodigal.") So his gun is drawn as part of his action man status and instead of handshakes there are revelatory kisses and desperation.

Also, haha, I was looking for something SGA-related and found this conversation in my post about "Whispers":

ME: John's uncomfortable because he's scared of girls.
MOM: And bugs, right?
ME: Yeah.
MOM: He must be really scared of girls with bugs then.
ME: And girly bugs.
MOM: So put a tutu on a beetle and he must go apeshit.

Which reminds me of the dream I had once where John and Rodney had a beach house and they went out and came back to find a Wraith in it. John wanted Rodney to kill it with bug spray and wouldn't get out of his truck until it was dead.

Sometimes I miss these guys like you would not believe.


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