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Title: we are young supernovas & the heat’s about to break
Authors: [ profile] annundriel and [ profile] cautionzombies
Rating: Hard R
Genre and/or Pairing: Dean/Cas
Spoilers: Set in 5x03 with a flashback to pre-series.
Warnings: Frottage.
Word Count: ~7200
Summary: Time is fluid and uncertain. Dean meets someone in his past who's originally from his future. It changes everything.

Link takes you to our shared fic journal, [ profile] annombies.
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Love the Sinner [AO3]. Dean/Castiel. NC-17. 1652 words. AU. Prompts: dirty talk, priests. Confession is supposed to be good for the soul. Father Castiel is beginning to have his doubts.

Many thanks to [ profile] cautionzombies and [ profile] dizzzylu. <3

Love the Sinner )
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Title: Beyond the Edge and Falling
Authors: In alphabetical order: [ profile] annundriel, [ profile] cautionzombies, [ profile] obstinatrix, and [ profile] tiptoe39
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: NC-17
Words: ~8,900
Summary: Cas is feeling dejected about his increasing humanity. Dean shows him some of the benefits.

Link takes you to [ profile] tiptoe39's journal, where the fic is being hosted.
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Libation Dean/Castiel. R. 1000 words. Vague allusion to 6.03. Prompts: cut, knife, blood. Cas never asks, he just takes.

Many thanks for [ profile] cautionzombies for giving this a read and helping me iron this out.

Libation )
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Interval. Arthur/Eames. R. 546 words. Prompts: jealousy, lips, memory, slow, travel. It's been six months.

Interval )
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future!Castiel/Dean Smith
[ profile] blindfold_spn fill originally posted here for the prompt: Castiel is probably hallucinating (again), but he doesn't care.

Many thanks to [ profile] mclachlan and [ profile] perfumaniac for beta-ing. ♥♥

Time is more fluid than people - living their linear little lives - can imagine. )
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Off Script
[ profile] blindfold_spn fill originally posted here for the prompt: Jensen likes the Castiel voice.

Many thanks to [ profile] krystalicekitsu and [ profile] shetiger for pushing me to make it a little longer and a little better. ♥♥

Off Script )
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- Porn Battle XI is open for prompts on LJ and on DW! FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR. I've been going through, seeing if I can't get some ideas already.

[ profile] blindfold_spn is also still open for prompt fills.

Four weeks of porn. Fun times!

- I wasn't planning on watching the US Being Human, but then [ profile] perfumaniac was watching it so I figured, hey, might as well. I was pleasantly surprised. Prefer the original, but I think this has some nice potential.

- Don't think I mentioned this, but finally got to see Kick-Ass the other night. Watched it with my parents. Mom thought it was really good. Dad liked it but was less enthusiastic about it. It was really hard to tell if he was enjoying it or not while we were watching it, but he did stay for the whole thing (and stayed awake) so that was a pretty good sign. They both recommended it to my brother the next morning.

Meanwhile, The King's Speech is playing in, well, not the local theater, but at least one that's only an hour away. We're tentatively planning on seeing it next weekend. I am excited!


Sep. 3rd, 2010 10:02 am
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Eric Kripke may lead adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Sandman.

I am not excited about this.

I would perhaps feel more excited were Gaiman involved. Perhaps, as the link states, he'll become involved later down the line. As it stands, I mostly feel anxiety. And a little bit of dread.
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When I Feel That Something. Dean/Castiel. R. 1237 words. Prompt: handholding. Dean wants to hold Castiel's hand.

When I Feel That Something )
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Jensen/Misha, Dean/Castiel
[ profile] blindfold_spn fill originally posted here for the prompt: Showtime has bought Supernatural and wants to push the Dean/Castiel relationship to gain viewers. When Jensen and Misha have to film their first kissing/hookup (not sex) scene together, it's the first time they've ever touched each other like that -- even though they've both thought about it -- and things get out of hand. Since it's Showtime, the director lets the camera continue to roll while they kiss and rut against each other to climax, without ever fully taking off their clothes. Author's choice what happens when the scene ends. Bonus if the cut footage gets leaked to the internet.

Contains frottage, character bleed, and exhibitionism. Sex in public may hit embarrassment squicks.

Getting picked up by a network like Showtime can mean a lot of things. )
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Hiatus. Jensen/Misha. NC-17. 700 words. Prompt: mouth. Hiatus means they get to relax, let themselves go.

Hiatus )
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Porn Battle X is here!! YEA. And no one is as surprised as I am that this is the first thing I write for it.

Tip of the Tongue. Sam/Lucifer. R. 540 words. Prompt: dream, body. Lucifer slips in between wake and sleep.

Tip of the Tongue )
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I was reading in EW yesterday that they are doing an American re-make of the Swedish film Let the Right One In from 2008.

This is highly unneccesary.

Seriously, I'm just sitting here going, "But why?"

I highly recommend the original.
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I got tagged by [ profile] marynyu

I tried to come up with really random things I haven't used on variations of this one before.

- List 7 habits/quirks/facts.
- Tag 7 people to do the same.
- Don't tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag 'whoever wants to do it'.

01. When I play any Legend of Zelda game with Tris, I do the leg- and brain-work and make him take care of the bosses. Because I AM A WUSS OVER-EXCITABLE. We had a lot of fun with Twilight Princess (which we never finished. sad.), and I wasted lots of valuable schoolwork time. Thirteen year olds are a bad influence.

02. Hermann Corrodi's Venice is one of my favorite paintings. I'm not even exactly sure why. Something about the color and light, the water, the sky. It's part of the founding collection at the Frye Art Museum in Seattle and I could stand in front of it for hours just...looking at it.

It's the first one on the top left here.

03. My writing notebooks are color-coded. An idea comes to me and it just...feels like a certain color, so that's the color I use. Then if I continue it, I'll continue using that color for the ease in finding all the related parts scattered through the notebook.

DiNozzo and McGee often end up in blue ink. Maybe it's a suit thing?

04. I hate not knowing words when I'm reading. If I come across one, I have to mark it, write it down, or look it up because otherwise my brain'll get stuck and I won't be able to move on. The dictionary app on my iPhone has saved hundreds of sticky notes from ending up in a pile with page numbers and words written on them.

05. I like things (books, movies, episodes, etc.) that make me sad. I think it's a cathartic thing.

For example, I love the Pacific Northwest Ballet Company's Swan Lake I've seen it twice. It's beautiful and heartbreaking and the ending kills me. I don't think I'd love it nearly as much if they didn't go for the heartbreak. (They talk about it here, with a clip of the final scene.)

06. I have weird issues with frogs. Live frogs freak me out. If you want to know the thing that freaks me out the most EVER, do a search for "surinam toad." ::shudder:: When the females lay eggs, they get embedded on her back and then skin grows over them, forming pockets in a honey-comb like pattern. The eggs hatch and the tadpoles grow up in those pockets and emerge from her back as fully-formed toads.

On the one hand, kinda cool. On the other hand, FREAKS THE HELL OUT OF ME. THEY ARE CREEPY.

Oh, god. Just thinking about it...

07. I have never been able to get past chapter eight in Sense & Sensibility. I've read every single other thing Jane Austen has written, but I cannot get through S&S.

I don't really like tagging people (though I don't mind being tagged; memes keep me entertained), even though I know there's the option to ignore. But I'll do it anyway: [ profile] ember_firedrake, [ profile] ginnith, [ profile] jack_infinitude, [ profile] mclachlan, [ profile] olivelavonne, [ profile] sdrohc_ratiug, [ profile] spacefragments.
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I thought I didn't have any other porn battle fic in me (which made me kind of sad), but then this happened.

Blasphe-Me, Blasphe-You. Dean/Castiel. R. 495 words. Prompt: worship. Dean’s on his knees now, but it’s definitely not to pray.

I love this title, just so you know. It amuses me. But I'm kind of a dork like that.

Blasphe-Me, Blasphe-You )
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Because for me it's not the porn battle unless I get some DiNozzo/McGee in there.

Making the Best of It. DiNozzo/McGee. R. 1379 words. Prompt: closet.

Making the Best of It )
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I wrote porn over at the Porn Battle. Yea!

Sticky. Dean/Castiel. NC-17. 1201 words. Prompt: hands. Dean's got a fixation.

Sticky )


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