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Being "excepted" to college is not the same thing as being "accepted."

Tonight my parents and I were senior project presentation evaluators at my old high school. The four presentations I saw were all very good, but they had the occasional typo/slip like the one above. I sat there for a couple of minutes just going, "Wait a minute..." So I debated with myself whether to mention it and finally wrote, "Nice presentation blah blah good things. Typo on second to last slide." I didn't want to make a big deal of it, since the presentation is over and done and, really, a few "um"s and "uh"s and a typo in an otherwise decent presentation should not knock the criteria from an A to a B.

There was that and then there was the girl who wrote that she had "five brothers and three sisters" but when she got there she paused, stared at what was on the screen, and said, "Uh. No. I have two brothers and three sisters. Whoops?" Being a small town, everyone had already been going, "What?" It was amusing.

Interesting being on the evaluator side of the proceedings.

Then we came home and watched NCIS )

Meanwhile, I am two episodes into season two of Without a Trace and I'm loving the little bits of background story they're dropping. For example, Martin hitchhiked cross-country and taught accounting at a state prison. The first thing surprised me when he mentioned it off-hand and the second thing made me laugh and laugh when he explained it to Danny because, oh Martin, you nerd.

Also, I love this song a lot.


Jun. 11th, 2007 03:35 pm
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I'm (more than a little) annoyed at the fact that as high school senior class president people are apparently expecting me to plan reunions. No one in my family has ever heard this rule before. No one ever mentioned it to me in high school.

I hate that I care what people think, because what I really want to tell classmates when they bring it up (the rare occasions that I see one or two of them) is that ten years from now I am not going to care. Hell, I don't care now. I may have grown up with the majority of them, but I am so much closer to the people I just graduated with. Ten years from now I'm not going to remember that there's supposed to be a reunion.

In other words, life continues after high school. I don't expect to be counting the days off on my calender while waiting to see these people again.

Also, I was recently asked if "we" were planning a five year reunion for next year. Basically my reply was that no one does a five year reunion because it's too short of a period for anyone to do anything, so no.

Everyone from that class sounds like they're much more interested in keeping in touch than I am. I just...don't really care. I had a wonderful time with them in high school, but I don't think we're at the same place anymore. And maybe in ten years I'll be interested in going, but I'm not interested in heading up the planning. I'm even willing to help out, but do not put me in charge.
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Last night I went with my parents to my brother's last open house at the high school. I wasn't really planning on going, because it's a little weird for a sister to go, but I don't do anything on Thursday nights so I figured what the hell. Turns out I had a really good time. Spent most of it talking with the English teachers that helped shaped who I am. The principal saw me talking to them in the hallway and warned me that I shouldn't be seen hanging around with ladies like them. We all told him that it was too late for that.

Then, because he'd only had one parent in all night, Mario pulled me aside with "You'll be my parent this period" and we talked about my brother and his very negative attitude. We also talked about kids in general these days (ha! like I'm that much older than them) and how being seen as smart is not good for the image. It's really kind of depressing. The most interesting people I know and that I want to spend time hanging out with are the ones that know things.

But that's just me I guess.

Today I've been vacuuming cobwebs and dusting in my room. I think I'm going to shift my Agatha Christie books around now that I've cleared up another shelf. I have way too many books. I've just now come in from picking up apples and pears in the yard. Now we can water and mow and blah blah blah whatever yard work.

My work schedule for fall quarter has been accepted. Yea. I did want to work an hour more each day, but it turns out one of my classes runs until 5:50 and I'd really rather have an hour between four hours of classes than ten minutes. So the schedule's the same: 7pm - 11pm, Monday through Wednesday. Why mess with something that works?

Back to cleaning I guess. And then new SG-1 and SGA tonight! With TWO McKays! (Much as I love SG-1, it's going to be really hard sitting through it tonight.)
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Third full day at home. Today Mom and Dad went to Wenatchee. They'll be home tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I spent the day visiting the high school. Stopped by to see Mrs. Lafser and Mrs. Neiffer. I was told some scary things about teaching and high school students. I'm starting to wonder if the students at the high school are purposefully setting themselves up for large disappointments and big smacks upside the head by the "real world." Apparently, a bunch of the juniors got the new math teacher fired because he - this would be funny if it weren't upsetting - gave them homework. This is his first year at the school, but hardly his first year teaching (or so I would assume. He's not young.). His style's a bit different than the previous math teacher. Which is to be expected. But the fact that they went and complained to their parents who then complained to the school board because he gave them too much homework? That's disturbing. And the fact that the school board (or whoever) listened? Even scarier. So now he's filing a law suit against them and will win. According to Mrs. Neiffer. I hope he does because that is

I was also told that several seniors had failed to pass parts of their culmination project/portfolio and were given several extensions and chances to do so to ensure that they graduated with the rest of their class. The culmination board didn't want to give them second chances, but the other board over-ruled them saying, "Oh, it's not graduation yet" and "Oh, give them a second chance."

Well, y'know what people? There *are* no second chances after high school. Unless you get a really *really* understanding professor or boss or supervisor. Otherwise, no. You screw up, you take what you can get from the situation, and you continue on.

Not to mention the fact that every due date is set and presented to the students at the beginning of the year. There is no reason for them not to be able to meet anything.

Neiffer's favorite response to these students is "Are you planning on taking your mom with you when you move out?" They never get it. "So she can talk to everyone that upsets you when you don't meet their standards..." And they still don't get it. And that's really the problem, isn't it?

She warned me about going into teaching several times during our chat. "If you do go into teaching, be warned that things are changing." Apparently students across the country are becoming worse and worse. They won't do anything, and they won't listen when older students or mentors or teachers warn them that they'll regret what they don't learn now.

This is the moment where I ask, what the hell is wrong with you people? I would really like to know.


Anyway. I think a mouse might have just run across the floor. There was some clicking sounds and a dark shape. At first I thought maybe it was Ginny, since I just put Bebe and Ron outside, but if it had been Ginny she would have continued around the counter and, well, no sign of her. Ick. Mouse.

And I know we have mice because I can see one trap from here and there's another one near the fridge. Plus, this morning I had to take Dad's shoe outside and empty it because when he went to put it on he discovered a bunch of cat food in it. Like, a small handful. Busy little buggers. And now I can hear them making squeaky mouse noises and it's kind of freaking me out a little...

I was going to be really geeky in this post, but now I really don't feel like it. So instead I am going to make popcorn, call Mom, and watch more SG-1. Late I'll be geeky.
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The trailer for War of the Worlds makes me kinda want to see it. Despite the fact that a remake is unnecessary and I don't like Tom Cruise.


Today I went to Royal and saw some of my old teachers. Quite nice seeing people again. I even got to see Sylvia and talk to her for a little bit. Exciting! And then I came home and went to the Christmas concert to support my brother and his musical skills. It, um, sucked a bit. There were moments were it was really *really* good, but mostly everyone was just sort of blah. Part of the problem is that no one, at least in the concert choir, looks like they want to be there. And most of them don't. The class is kind of an easy A. And that's just really sad for them. And the teacher. And the audience.

When we got home, I made popcorn and finished watching season two of Smallville. Some thoughts?

- Clark is dumb.
- Clark is thirty-one different flavors of dumb.
- Chloe kicks ass.
- If I can't have Lex/Clark, I'll take either Lex/Chloe or Clark/Chloe. But someone *please* put Lana in a convent.

I also figured out that the show is really just about parents and children and becoming your own person and blah blah blah. If I weren't so tired, I'd make a cut and then ramble about this. But, no. Maybe tomorrow.

I kinda want to find copies of the early seasons of The X-files. ::shrug:: I don't know why.

And I am not writing fanfiction. I'm *not*. Everything I've written (yes! writing!) in the past couple of days has been completely original and completely about original characters.

Denial's a fun place to be, isn't it?


Sep. 10th, 2004 04:28 pm
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My head hurts. It feels all dry and stuff. Like my eyes and nose and so my head hurts. When it's really windy, which it's not today, there is generally a lot of dust in the air and this dries me out and gives me a headache. Except there's no wind to blame now, so what's my problem?


I went to the high school today to see Mrs. Lafser before I leave for school again. Had a bit of a chat and followed her over to volleyball practice. When I was leaving one of her players asked me if we were sisters. ahahahaha. ha. That would be funny in a good way.

Last night I was in bed with the light off *before* midnight! This is an accomplishment for me. Therefore...Go me!

I think I'm going to go take some over-the-counter medication of one kind or another and go read my book. Or maybe work on that dark, strange story I'm supposed to be working on. Meh.
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So, like, I would have been on-line last night, but the blasted internet refused to cooperate. Sigh.

Tom started school yesterday, first day as a high school sophomore, and apparently it went well. Tomorrow is his birthday and we're going to Wenatchee. Whoopdy-ding.

Today Neesha and I met for lunch at a new Mexican restaurant in Royal. It was pretty good, although I couldn't finish. How Neesha finished I will never know. And I'm not sure I really want to. :) Then we went up to the hs and bothered random people/teachers. It was odd to be semi-introduced to Mrs. Neiffer's September Experience student teacher with first names. Sometimes I forget that I'm old enough to be allowed first names now. Hmm. So I came home and we all had dinner at Grandma's as an early sort of birthday thing for Tom. Fun fun. I made the salad (so HA crazy aunt!) and the rice. And they didn't suck. So there.

I only have one more chapter/story left in Mr. Midshipman Hornblower and then I can continue on. Unfortunately I have now watched all of the HH movies that A&E has thus far made. This makes me somewhat of a sad panda. :( Although I can re-watch and re-watch as much as I like, but still. I want more Horatio! And Pellew! And Bush! And Styles and Matthews!

I also just accidentally allowed my Commodore Norrington Love to approach "insane" again. Whoops.

I also re-established my utter geekiness by ordering a Farscape poster. To keep my map of Middle Earth and Neverwhere poster company in my dorm room. *big geek*


And now, some messages for my friends:

[ profile] overjoy - I'll try and continue writing. Good luck with your first day of high school!

[ profile] bunnysan - Good luck at the job interview!

[ profile] trademybike - I read the bit of script that you sent me, have comments, but AIM is being uncooperative. Arse. Also, happy (slightly early at the moment) birthday!

Grow Up?

Jul. 6th, 2004 03:15 pm
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After much thought, I feel the need to join my friends in their rants about growing up. However, I'm going to happily set up camp on the other side of the argument. I have no idea if the friends in question will even read this, there is a good chance they will not, but now that they've got me thinking about it there are things I want to say. This is my journal in which I can share my opinions. These opinions are not meant to upset anyone, particularly the friend in question. :) Simply to get my thoughts out there. This is what I had to say. It gets side tracked and doesn't always make sense or apply, but it's what I have to say at the moment. So, please, no one take offense.

Not that I plan on being offensive. But when I write my opinion it is sometimes construed that way.

Growing up is not a bad thing, so get over it. I think maybe my issue has to do with the fact that I personally went through the holiday thing when I was twelve. It's frustrating when it happens, I'll grant you that, but it doesn't last. You can still rip stuff open. At EB's we're supposed to wait turns, and we do, but when it's EB's turn she just attacks things. (It's really hilarious.) I don't remember being this type of person. I'm actually embarrassed when I have to open gifts in front of people because the focus is on you and your reaction. Makes me really nervous. So at family gatherings I've gotten very good at sneakily opening things while no one is looking. Never underestimate the power of the sneaky.

But, yeah, there are certain situations where you are expected to act like an adult, or at least your age. In my experience, these situations don't actually happen that often. Many times we can get away with acting like we're twelve. (EB and I do all of the time.) And that's fun. It's fun to let go and be goofy, but I know plenty of adults who are just like that. Goofy and silly and funny, but still responsible people. You can have both.

And really, what's so bad about growing up? There are so many more opportunities and chances and openings once you reach a certain age. There's a freedom that comes with getting older and I'll take that freedom even if the price is my childhood. You have to move on if you're going to be happy. You can't cling.

I really learned this my senior year of high school, and some of you may or may not know that. I spent a lot of the time feeling alone in a crowd, ignored and pushed aside. This made me angry at the other people in the crowd, the ones doing the pushing. It was partially my own fault, most of my friends were younger than me. Many of my friends were less mature than I was. But I liked and loved them and felt sure they felt the same, which is why I was so hurt about feeling this way. (Thankfully, this is all behind me.) I felt like this for a long time, even through summer and the start of my brother's freshman year of high school. I basically felt this way until I went off to college.

Attending SU helped me move on with my life. I met amazing people who shared my interests and understood my eccentricities and obsessions. I met people who I didn't grow up with who liked me for me and not because I could help them with their English homework. I don't feel bitter any more about what happened my senior year, only sad that I didn't feel I could share it. I am extremely grateful for the chances I've had to grow up.

It's funny how unhappy we can be before we learn how to let go and move on. It's funny how much better life is once we do.


Jun. 12th, 2004 11:14 am
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I'm home now! Second day even. And oh so happy to be here (for now).

Didn't get home until around 11:30 Thursday night, but that's fine. It could have been later, but I talked Kevin, one my RAs, into checking me out two hours earlier. Joy! I have no idea how we got all my crap into the car. No idea. And now the living room, as well as my room, looks like something exploded there. Really. It's going to take me a few days to sort through everything. I do actually plan on doing Clean Sweep-esque thing to my room so that we can repaint and stuff. Hopefully that will really happen.

Anyway. So, yesterday I went to the high school and visited the Evil Dark Lord who is moving to Gig Harbor because he and his wife got new jobs. I also saw Stephanie and Laurie and Mrs. Neiffer and Mr. Vanderholm, and that was all very nice.

Mom and I got Dad introduced to Farscape yesterday. He just needs to see the first two episodes to be basically caught up. The first volume of the third season also came and I really want to watch it, but I'm not quite desperate yet, so we'll see how long I can hold off watching new eps. It may be hard.

I also got my off campus work study changed to on campus so I can continuing working at the library next year. Yea me!

I'm so happy. Now I can do all of the pleasure reading I want! And I am feeling very ambitious.

OH! And the new season of Six Feet Under starts tomorrow! Double Yea!!
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"Someone" looks very odd. Is it supposed to be one word? (Asks the English Major.)

I was just going to say GIP! but I actually have something to say. Imagine that.

It's come to my attention, it being May and all, that graduation and senior presentations are happening and/or coming up rather quickly. How swiftly the time does fly. So I want to take this time to ask my senior friends (namely Neesha, as she is the only one who would even remotely read this) how their year is going. How do you feel about projects? How do you feel about graduating? How do you feel about Neiffer? And how do you feel about me? Would you like to throttle me now that I've become a Neiffer-example?

And what of you other student-type people? How's life? Reply or post. Remember, rants are fun. And I'm always listening. Or, er, reading rather. 'Cause my life? Dull-ish. But I make my own fun.

Anyway. Random things...The project presentation due in Sociology today has been moved to Monday. I don't know how I feel about that. I kinda want to just get it over and done with, but at the same time I don't mind wait particularly.

Mom is coming over Friday! Yea. I'm going to skip Philosophy for her. Because I am actually a rebel. No, really, I am. We're going to go see a movie. Probably Van Helsing. Lots of my wanting to see it has to do with David Wenham. And I kind of have an interest in Troy, but mostly because Sean Bean. And a little Brad Pitt because I want to see Achilles.

Is it sad that Orlando Bloom does, like, nothing for me?

I only have THREE episodes left of Farscape Season 1! What am I going to do when I'm done? I need more! It's like crack. Plus, shiny new icon made by saava. One of my absolute favorite scenes so far. Beautifully done.
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So. I finished Prey this afternoon. Let me just say that it is a bad bad bad bad BAD idea to read it at a quarter to one in the morning. BAD. And that's exactly how I read it the last two nights. There were parts of that book that seriously scared me. The kind of scared where you're almost hysterical with wanting to know that everything is alright on the next page. There were times when I wanted to stop because I knew it was a bad idea for me to read more of it at that time, but I couldn't because I knew that if I left it unfinished where it was it would drive me crazy.

Boy, was it a good book though. Really great, really fascinating. And it all just supports what I said in my last post. Just because we can do something doesn't mean we should.

I think I need something lighter to read now. Maybe Pratchett.

Other than my reading, life continues to be slow here. Slow and quiet. Which is nice, but I'm beginning to feel the need to really do something. Perhaps Tom starting school hasn't helped this. Am I such a nerd? I miss school! You know, it's funny, but my Crazy Aunt once said to my mother that I wasn't getting a quality education at my school. They were discussing how I'll handle college life and time management. Mom had mentioned that I would often finish assignments/projects earlier than others, thus having lots of extra time. Crazy Aunt took this to me I was not challenged. Which is so very untrue. But Aunt has little respect for small dinky school district. This is unfair. Most of the teachers that I have had have been very good at what they do. They teach and make it interesting. The only reason I finished things early was because I never dinked around. I got the assignment and I did it then and there. Easy as that. (I've never understood how someone can not do an assignment. My brain can't wrap around it.)

So, Crazy Aunt, how can I miss a school that didn't challenge me? How can I miss people that didn't appreciate their students and what they had to offer? How can I stand up for a district that is small and dinky and slightly poor-ish?

I'll tell you how. I can miss it because it did challenge me. I can miss people because they did appreciate their students and what they had to offer. I can stand up for a district that is small and dinky and slightly poor-ish because it is my school district and I'm glad to have been a part of the community. So there Crazy Aunt.

Um. I don't know how that I happened. I really didn't mean to go into that. Huh. Oh well.
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Monday was Senior Trip. It was a lot of fun. We met at the high school at 6:30 am, which wasn't too bad, and stopped at North Bend for breakfast and some shopping at the outlet mall. The outlet mall would have been (slightly) better if it was actually open. We got there around 9 and it didn't open until 10. So we wandered, waiting for the shoe shops to open and when they did half of the girls went around looking for decent, cheap shoes. Most of us wore flip-flops/sandals, which was not good because theme parks usually require closed-toed shoes. So, yeah. We all found shoes and continued on our way.

The first real stop for our trip was Enchanted Village and Wild Waves between Seattle and Tacoma. That was fun, even if I didn't ride anything or swim. Yes, I am lame. Thanks for asking. I had a great time people watching though. OMG-osh there are some funny people. And some people very comfortable in wearing small swimsuits with no other clothing all over a public place. It was even a cool day! In the Pacific Northwest! I was wearing capris and I was freezing! But they do think that 80 degrees is hot over there on the coast. That is not hot. That is warm-ish.

So, we were supposed to stay at the park until 5:30 pm but it turned out the park closes at 4. New plan! The next step to the trip was a cruise (3 hour tour!!) around Puget Sound so we just went down to the piers and wandered for an hour. I felt so important! I took Amanda, Lindsey, and Melissa around Pike Place Market. I did pretty well, too. Which is good considering I'll be living in Seattle by the end of September. Money was spent by me. I couldn't help it. The boat ride was fun! We had dinner and then a hypnotist and DJ. It was soooo funny. Not sure how hypnotized some people were. There was one person I was pretty sure was completely under, but the others . . . Well. I think the problem this year was that the hypnotist picked too many "unbelievers" to begin with. Anyhoo. It was great. Ride home was crap though. People with long legs should not be made to ride for long periods of time on school buses. It's cruel and unusual punishment. My legs are too long!!

Since Monday I haven't done much. Mostly recuperating (My feet are dead.) and helping Grandma in the yard. Let's see . . . Rented and watched Two Weeks Notice, Frida, and The Animatrix. All of them were good in their own way. Sometime you need a romantic comedy that doesn't require lots of thought. Sometimes you need something that's visually interesting and new. Sometimes you need stuff that makes you go "ooh". Would love to own The Animatrix.

Aaaaaaand the Buffy Season 4 DVD is out. Aaaaaaand the next Harry Potter book is out in 8 days.
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Well. This is it. Tonight I graduate from high school forever. I am finished.

Yesterday was my last day of school. Seniors checked out of periods 1-4 and then went to graduation practice and got pictures taken. Today there was graduation at 10 with the band. It went well. As class president I get to lead everyone in turning their tassel. I have control! Nathan is an idiot though and I'd love to kick his behind. But I won't. My self-control is better than that. He his such a pain. Amanda has told me in the past that he's nice. I told her today that I simply didn't see it. She realized that just because he's nice to her doesn't mean he's nice to everyone.

Anyway. Graduation. Wow. I've been going to school at Royal since I was in Kindergarten. And day care/preschool before that. This is all I know and now I have to move on. Although I realized last night that I have the choice to say "screw this" and not continue my education. Hah! Like I'd do that. No, I'll be sad to be gone, but it's time for a change. And college next fall will definitely be a change.

Neesha!! I'm going to miss you so much! You are my best friend and I've shared everything with you. And probably more than you've wanted to know. You've always been there for me. You've always listened to my crazy story ideas. You've always read my crazy story ideas and said they were good. I have seen you almost every day for the past few years and now I'm leaving and I won't see you for long periods of time. Expect e-mails, letters, and phone calls galore. I don't know how I'll get by without my Neesha to laugh at things with. I love you tons!!!

OK. I'm a little better now. Elizabeth and her parents are coming over today for graduation. Party!

I'm re-reading Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire in preparation for June 21 and I am reminded how remarkably ignorant Harry seems to be about his past, his family, and his enemy. You would think that with him being famous and all he would have tried to find out something about it. Wouldn't he be curious about the history of Voldemort and the Death Eaters? Why doesn't he ask more questions?

Perhaps it is a good sign that he's not obsessing over what happened when he was a baby. The events don't control him. But still, I think I'd be a bit curious. And does he not ask question because he knows Dumbledore won't give him answers until he's ready?

And who the heck told Tom Riddle about his prejudiced dad anyway? They had to have been kicking themselves when he went on his evil little rampage. And does it upset Draco that he can never be Harry's equal enemy, but only a childhood bully? Poor, poor screwed up Draco. I really want to see something interesting happen with him. He deserves some more development and there are so many things that could be done with him.
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Yesterday was Senior Skip Day but I, loser that I am, did not skip. Why? you may ask. Because I think it is wrong. Or something. I rather liked what Nate said. "You didn't want to hang out with those ass wipes." Which, though not exactly how I would have phrased it, is pretty much true. So, instead of following a bunch of mindless ninnies to Vantage, I had a nice quiet day at school. I only went to four of my seven classes and didn't even do anything in the ones I went to. It was very relaxing. Wish that every day there was only three other people in my classes.

I wonder what happened to the mindless ninnies? Hmmm.

I just realized I've got nothing interesting to say. Oh, except that I do feel really really good about this new story I'm working on. I may have finally found something to spend writing time on. Yea me.


May. 5th, 2003 09:46 pm
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Prom! )

In other news, 4 days until my play (my baby, my prrrrrreciiiooouuusssssss) is performed. GAH! I'm v. v. excited. This means I get to miss Pre-Calc for several days to help oversee in-class rehearsals and costume checks. That's always a bonus.
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Well, I've (sort of) gotten over my last post. Over the weekend I decided I would handle this one of two ways. A) I really truly get over it or B) I ignore it. I'm leaning toward the ignoring. And, you know, sometimes that makes the issue feel smaller. And sometimes it makes it bigger. But I don't feel like I can talk with the main players about this so . . . yeah. Amanda says that's not a good sign. Amanda's a smart cookie. In the long run, the only real thing I've decided is that I don't want this to make me cry at lunch anymore. I quit. I'm an adult and I can get through this, whatever it is.

So, on my way to getting over being slighted, excluded, and generally left alone, I decided I'd think of the good things that came out of last week. There were actually a couple.

-- Wrote about a page of some sort of story which I shared with Mrs. Neiffer. We both believe it to have potential and I am very happy with the fact that I got what was in my head down on paper. Wrote an ending for it on Sunday. Like it as well. Shared again. Liked again. So, now have the beginning and ending to a probably short story. Yea me!

-- Got my practice speech/presentation done and out of the way. And it was not a total disaster!

-- Got DVD of Into the Woods. Of all the musicals I've seen, this is one of my favorites.

-- Bought Equal Rites by Terry Pratchett and The Sandman: A Game of You by Neil Gaiman as consolation for crappy week. Read NG in a couple of hours. Looooove him.

An a more freaked-out kinda note-- May 9th is in a couple of weeks!! Aaaaaah!!!!!
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Cut because no one actually cares.

Life isn't bliss )


Apr. 20th, 2003 02:50 pm
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Had the final two performances of Honk! yesterday and now I'm sorry it's over. I mean, I'm glad it's over, but I always hate stepping away from something I've enjoyed being a part of. Even though this time I was only the curtain person. But I was a damn good with the curtain. *grin* It's such a great show and our last performance was certainly the funniest, at least for everyone backstage. At one point a farmer is supposed to net Ugly, but the person throwing the net missed twice yesterday so Ugly just ran off-stage and than back on and all over until they finally got him. We were laughing so hard. I heard from Mom that Mr. Rowley was laughing hysterically from his guitar. And then one of the ducklings was supposed to call from off-stage just a simple, "Daddy!" but this time she hollered, "Daddy! Billy's TOUCHING ME!" It was funny. And the froglets singing "They'll find you sexy!" was just too too cute.

Next year they're going to do Into the Woods and I won't be there! I want to be there! I want to be in it! *pout* I've been singing songs from it, along with stuff from Honk, all weekend. And Mom ordered ItW on DVD. So Yea! there.

Though it may take some time to find em
When you do you'll have a baaaaall
Cause out there somewhere
Someone's gonna love yer
Warts and all!
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Well, for tonight at least. Today I took home my baby for Child Development. It's a Native American girl and she's very cute. And good. Poor Hannah, her baby would not quit crying when she got it. Mine didn't make a peep until almost 6. I hope its crying is loud enough to wake me up tonight.

Just watched Spirited Away and liked it very much. Liked the story, the characters, the animation, the music, all of it. I could place almost all of the English language dubs, but there was one lady (Lin) I couldn't place for sure. I kept thinking, "She sure sounds like Belle from the Beauty & the Beast musical." And then it was! So, I spotted that. And the baby only cried once during the entire 2+ hours.

Tomorrow I have a rehearsal of Tempests and Tea Leaves directly after school and a rehearsal for Honk at 5:30. And there's no telling how long that will go. Meanwhile I still have to finish my portfolio. I can't believe this will be the final time I ever turn it in. Wow. Anyway, it's still not finished and needs to be turned in by 8:30 Friday morning. Here's hoping I won't have to do anything else on Thursday. Besides another rehearsal for the musical.
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Yesterday I started my final research project in Advanced Writing and Research. This is a scary thing. We're doing persuasive/comparative essays/speeches/presentations in APA formatting on whatever topic we drew from a hat. I got "agricultural biotechnology". A little out of my usual realm, as Mrs. Neiffer remarked. Only a little I think. I mean, I may not read Farmer Monthly, but I'm not completely ignorant about it. And I have research skills.

I also got my senior speech back from Mrs. Neiffer and Mrs. Lafser yesterday. I went through and made some of the changes indicated, smoothed some things out. But Mrs. Lafser made a comment about my transitioning throughout the paper being "tense" and needing work throughout the job shadowing and education section. I looked back through it and couldn't see what to change so I asked Mrs. Neiffer about it today. Her reaction was completely different. She said that she thought my transitions were fine. She explained that Lafser was probably looking for the "one-word" transition (i.e. therefore, secondly, however, etc.) instead of whatever it is I do. But she complimented it, so it's a good thing. She even tried to transition it more and couldn't. And she's been around for ten forevers.

Blah Blah Bliddy Blah )

Also had another hilariously fun/creative/why-can't-everything-be-like-this? rehearsal. And will go to Seattle on Saturday. And then again sometime later in the week. Probably (already pretty much planned) meet up with some KD ladies. Yea!

Life is overall good.


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