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Today's LJ Writer's Block says it's JK Rowling's birthday and then asks, "Which of her seven Harry Potter novels do you think is the most satisfying read?"

For me there's really no question: Prisoner of Azkaban. Of course, it could be that I need to re-read Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix. It may also be that PoA isn't the most satisfying and is simply my favorite of the seven.

Why? Because it's the first time in the series that everything starts to take on a larger scope. There was already a lot to the world of Harry Potter, but with PoA it felt like the whole thing opened up that much more. You've got the introduction of Remus (who will always be one of my favorite HP characters, though he may have lost some points near the end) and Sirius, the Marauder's Map (and with that Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs), Dementors, the Patronus. There's intrigue and betrayal and history.

I love it because it made the world more real, embroidering it with consequence.

I remember getting near the end of it when it was published and just having this feeling that it was going to be my favorite. Because suddenly Harry wasn't just this boy who had lost his parents and was special and had evil to fight. He was this boy who had all of that, but he was also part of something much bigger and much darker than the sort of episodic idea of the first two books.

Not that they're completely episodic and not that I mean to take anything away from them, but events in the first two have less weight (save for Tom Riddle's diary), I think, by the end of the series than what happens in book three and onward.

The Burrow

Jul. 20th, 2009 10:51 am
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Just thought of another Half-Blood Prince thing I'm a little iffy about.

Spoilers for the movie and the final two books )

Something to think about. And now to get ready for work.
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Yesterday [ profile] sdrohc_ratiug and I saw Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince (which had awesome previews before hand) and then we went out for pho and bubble tea. Bubble tea! In Moses Lake! I'd say Hell has frozen over, but it is way too hot outside for that to be true.

Spoilers )

I have so much more I could say, a lot of stuff just bouncing around in my head. But that's good for now. I'm tired of putting thoughts together.


Apr. 19th, 2009 01:57 pm
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Finished Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows.

I love these characters so much.
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One of my favorite things about the American published Harry Potter books is Mary GrandPre's chapter illustrations.

Meanwhile, I am tired of listening to this guy talk about non-rechargeable 10,000 year old water. Again.

Oh, well. Back to work.
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Currently re-reading Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince and rediscovering my love for the series. Somewhere along the line - before the last book - it went missing, which made me sad.

But last night I remembered just how great it can be to curl up with these characters.

Though I am not looking forward to reading the ending of this one again.

Also, still sick. Blaaaaaah. :(


Jan. 4th, 2008 12:06 pm
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I need to finish reading the last Harry Potter so I can stop being afraid of it being ruined for me. Even my dad's finished it. But I stalled half-way through. Because once it's over, it's over. I've been spoiled for one or two things, but they're minimal. And the longer I leave it unfinished, the more likely it is that someone will just assume I've read it and then I'll have to hurt someone.

At the moment, though, I'm a third of the way through Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell and if I stop reading that, I'll have to start it again.
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SciFi played SG-1's two-parter "Redemption." Which meant I was flipping back and forth between a marathon of ANTM and that just to catch the good McKay bits. Like his Anubis mocking. And the pianist confession. Oh, Rodney. Seriously, I think even if I had seen him on SG-1 first I still would have liked him.

Then EB came over and we watched Doctor Who (during which she was a bit tipsy, which was amusing) and Azumanga Daioh. The song from the end credits is now stuck in my head. It's fine, but all I know is "raspberry heaven" and that's partially because it's the only part in English. At least, that I can remember.

Of course, we could have gone to Hastings for the Harry Potter release party, but we didn't. It will be at least next week before I buy/read it. Partly because I seem to have become generally contrary and partly because I am willing to have it last a few more days. But if anybody spoils me? DOOM. Though I will admit to being mighty curious about what everyone has to say. So staying away from reviews/responses will be hard until I've read it myself.
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So [ profile] olivelavonne came over on Friday and she, EB, and I saw Order of the Phoenix. Enjoyed it quite a bit. The best thing for me was being reminded just how much I love Ron.

Also, there was a preview for The Dark is Rising. No one told me they were making a movie! And that Christopher Eccleston was in it! Unfortunately, it looks like they've totally screwed with the plot. At first I thought maybe the main characters just had the same name when the trailer started because it just didn't seem right. I'm still kind of excited, though, because I'll take what I can get. And if this means I can get friends to read the series, well, that works for me.

However, if it means people avoid the series because the movie turns out to be awful? I will not be a happy panda.

I was actually just looking up The Dark is Rising (the second book in a series of five, for anyone curious or who doesn't know already) on Amazon and one of the more negative reviews was negative because the main character is never described and they couldn't visualize him like they could Harry Potter. Now, I know it's nice to picture characters in your head while you're reading, but I also think it's perfectly acceptable to let the reader provide their own visual. In some ways I think it's more fun to read something and have to contribute something to it (like what a specific character looks like) than have the author hand them to you. I think this is probably something that's particular to me and my reading and writing habits. I just have issues with poorly handled description and how sometimes it's just plopped in there. Kind of like my issues with writers using "the younger/older/taller/shorter/American/Welsh/Canadian/etc. man/woman" when the character has a perfectly good name.

Granted, I'm not sure the reviewer in question realized there were three books after this one that followed up on that particular foundation of plot.

Plus, I get a little protective of things I like. And sometimes anti-trend/fad. Not that HP is a trend/fad. And not that I'm anti HP. Just...there are other series out there, too, and they're also worth reading.

There was also a preview of Get Smart, which I think led to last night's dream with Steve Carell and John Krasinski at some sort of diner participating in a self-help group and/or book club.

Then today Mom and I took Grandma to the eye doctor where a girl was sitting in the waiting room with her mother because she had gotten superglue in her eye. I shouldn't be laughing, because it sounded really painful and dangerous, but at the same time...It's superglue in the eye! How often do you run into that outside of movies?
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Before I do the SciFi Friday thing, I have to share what I found on MuggleNet. A clip of Daniel Radcliffe
on Extras
. I'm traumatized. And amused. Will I be able to watch Harry Potter and not think of flying condoms? Probably not.

SG-1 - Memento Mori )

SGA - McKay and Mrs. Miller )

EB comes tomorrow! YEA.

OMG I just realized that on this recording of Annie Get Your Gun Frank Butlet is played by Tom Wopat, aka Luke Duke from The Dukes of Hazzard. Um. Whoa.
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Which Mix of the Hogwarts Houses Are You? )

Finished writing my myth. I think it's kind of iffy and I did end up playing with the format a little. Which might get me into trouble. But, darn it, quotation marks didn't seem right. And, in my opinion, don't really work for the way I told the story. Oh well. Natasha'll read it and let me know what she thinks. Besides that, I just need a title. Woo.

Still really hope she doesn't make us share these. I've got a bad feeling though.

Meanwhile, I don't feel like doing anything else today. No more Paradise Lost; no more Kant. I just quit for the week. Except that I do have that Ethics paper to write. And I really should be reading.

I don't know what the hell's wrong with me this week.

Mom says there's a possibility Tom will sell me his Nintendo DS. Then I can play the Sims2 on that whenever I want! I've kind of taken over Callie's. It's kind of addictive. Of course, if I owned my own DS, I'd really never get anything done.

Also, there's a good possibility I'll get my new computer at the beginning of next week. If I were *really* lucky, I'd get it by the end of this week. Finally.
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NATASHA: What would Jesus do? ::whisper:: He'd do you.

At which point I actually, literally fell over.

Happy Birthday, [ profile] olivelavonne!!

eta: J.K. Rowling doesn't really exist.

Looking Up

Nov. 18th, 2005 11:15 am
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I've been lazy these last couple of days and done nothing but read (for pleasure) and ogle the SGA DVDs. (Shiny!) Been slowly listening to the commentaries. So far they've all been generally amusing, but something happened during the one for "Hide & Seek" that caused me to have a moment of blank staring followed by a tiny bit of OMG-ing.

Torri Higginson joined Paul McGillion and Rachel Luttrell part way through the episode and they're talking about Jinto and what does she bring up? How Jinto inspired (or something) the idea for "Atlantis, the Musical."


Didn't I have this idea?

If someone mentions puppets, I don't know what I'm going to do.


Yesterday Natasha and I went and saw Pride & Prejudice downtown. )

Obviously, I really really liked it. A lot.

Tonight, we are going with EB and her roommate to see GoF. Woo. There was a HUGE line outside of AMC last night around 6:45 for, presumably, the midnight showing. Because AMC has decided not to sell the tickets on line. What the hell?

But now when I see Daniel Radcliffe, I keep staring at his eyebrows.


Veronica Mars - Nobody Puts Baby In a Corner )

Really good episode. I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to see next weeks. Sad panda.


Got my Burney/Wollstonecraft paper back. The one that I thought was craptastic. Turns out it wasn't. Full points. Because apparently I am a "good writer" and can incorporate what I hear in class and take notes on and know how to bring it all together with what I'm thinking. Ha.

I was so worried, and then at the beginning of class, Dr. Smith gave us this mini-lecture about how if we don't talk or don't write good papers, there's no way she can know if we're reading and give us decent grades. I totally thought I was on her bad side at this point. But no, so yea. Totally made my day.
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It's really really nice to get surprises in the mail. :) Mom sent me the Serenity poster. Because I had a bad week earlier and needed cheering up. And now Mal and River are staring at me going, "Yeah, we'll fuck your shit up" and it's all good. Even if Mal is a bit squinty. But, y'know what? I don't care! Because Mal! River! Serenity! The ridiculous grin won't go away. I had to move my Farscape poster down a bit to make room. Now I just need a larger thing for SGA. (As much as I love SG-1, SGA's the one that has really got my love.) I've got a tiny poster-postcard-thing, but that's it.

So, yeah. Aeryn and River are both holding guns and staring at me and they're just really cool. PRETTY.

If I didn't have to work tonight I would be walking downtown to get my very own copy of SGA season one. But I do work and I'll have to be on my feet and I've done that once with an afternoon in between the walking downtown and back and working and that was not fun. Plus, I don't want to go alone, especially with how soon it gets dark. But, omg, so tempted. I'd go tomorrow, but again with the walking and the work and the going alone. But Thursday night Natasha and I are going to go see Pride & Prejudice, so we'll pop by Suncoast beforehand and if they don't have it there will be hell-to-pay let me tell you. Okay, not really. But there *will* be pouting. And then I'll look at Alderwood when I go on Saturday. And then Friday Natasha and I are going to try to see Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire. Pacific Place is being a jerk and not putting tickets up for sale on Fandango yet. Grr. When seeing it I will do my darnedest to ignore Harry's hair and abnormally large neck.

It's so good no one can see me right now. I'm practically bouncing off the walls with geeky love for everything ever. Amazing how your mood can drastically change for the good with very little prompting sometimes. :)

AND Nip/Tuck is on tonight. Though I can't remember what's supposed to happen...More stuff with creepy Anne Heche? The creepy kid (not to be confused with "the creeping kid")? Julia and Quentin? Will Joan Rivers ever find out what's really in the face cream and will she care? Will Matt get the snot kicked out of him again? What's going to happen with Kimber and Christian? Doesn't Christian get it on with someone else tonight? Oh, yeah, and WHO'S THE FRIGGIN' CARVER ALREADY? Inquiring minds want to know. Although they have a pretty good idea.


Oct. 14th, 2005 11:19 am
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Just a couple of interesting things I've read this morning:

There's No GSA At Hogwarts. I disagree with some of the more general, gendered statements, but the article's very slash positive and an interesting read.

A negative look at Serenity by the person who used to recap/review Firefly on TWoP. We all know how much I love the show and the movie and everyone involved, so let's just say that I'm posting this because it was interesting to read another view of it. Some of it I agree with, like the fact that Joss is not necessarily brilliant when it comes to plots (though I think he has his moments). His real strength is in characters, IMO.

And, actually, I've often wondered whether the show would generate the same amount of love and fondness had it been around longer. As it is, I personally feel all the eps were generally pretty good. (We're not really counting "The Train Job.") So it's a fairly solid set of fourteen episodes. When it comes down to it, I'm pretty much fine with that. Because I didn't have time to get frustrated with it and they had no time to develop anything I could get really frustrated with. Besides the usual "what is Book's/Inara's story?" and "what the hell does the Alliance want with River?"

There's a part of me that suspects that River's story and the Alliance and Reaver story would have been different had they been allowed to develop on a television series. There's sort of this separation in my mind where I think "show" and "movie" and they are the same, but they're also different. Sort of like my feelings on book adaptations. One's a book, one's a movie.

Funnily enough, the part of the review that most got to me was the little dig at the actors over on SGA at the end. Aww, poor them. :)

Anyway. In news that made me squee in a way that was kind of embarrassing and really hilarious, Stephan Hawking is going to be at the Paramount Theatre in November to present his lecture "New Perspectives on the Origin of the Universe." I'm not that well versed in things of that nature, but *Stephan Hawking*. That's just really cool.
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Have been (sort of) packing for dorm move in on Sunday. I figured that if we're leaving Saturday I'd better get my act together. Not that there's a *whole* lot to pack. Mostly clothes and anything I bothered unpacking at the beginning of summer. But still, it's a bit of a pain. I'm just lazy.

Plus, I think I'm packing too many books. I always have this problem. I'm such a book-whore. (Sometimes I do get to be a book-pimp, though. That's fun.) I'll go through the bag again and *really* think about what I want to take with.

Basically have all my movies packed, though. All nicely contained for once. :) Go me!


So, um, thanks to the new trailer for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire I may be getting my HP-squee back. Which is cool. I'm fine with that. 'Cause the trailer? Is NEAT. )

So, yeah. It's probably going out on a limb, but I don't think the movie's going to suck. Of course, as long as it's entertaining and absorbing I wouldn't think it sucked anyway. :) I'm easy like that.
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So, I finished Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.


I'm going to try to write about this in an orderly thoughtful manner. It may not work out though. I did take notes while reading though, because, of course, I am a major dork. I am also an English major. Combine the two and I just can't help myself!

Spoilery Notes & Minor Thoughts )


Thoughts )

Eh. That's all I have for now. It's all still sinking in.

This is the longest that it's taken me to get through a Harry Potter book on the first read. Usually I finish in four to five days, or less, depending on the length. Definitely not this one, though.
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Went with Mom to the dentist this morning. Read HBP in the waiting room. Approximately half-way through. Writing thoughts down as I go. Then went to Ephrata and bought Jason Mraz's "Waiting For My Rocket To Come." Got home and found invitation to bridal shower. Luckily Neesha was invited, too, and I'll have a date. Yea. Didn't want to go by my lonesome. Thought Crimes still has not come. Maybe tomorrow.

So there's all this fuss about the filming of The DaVinci Code. My thoughts? It's sold as a work *fiction*. Get over it.

I watched "Kinetic" today with Major Lorne. Majorly weird. Not nearly as fun as "Zero" with Jonas.

Smallville's Kinetic )

Also watched SG-1's "Need." Funny that I just happen to watch two episodes where the theme seems to be "Drugs are bad, don't use them." Just need to add that whole Willow-Dark Magic-Addiction Buffy arc now. "Need" may not be the best episode, but I love the scene between Jack and Daniel near the end.

Need )

Yeah, I'm fantastic at articulating things. ::eyeroll::

Besides reading HBP, I'm also working through Finding Serenity: Anti-heroes, Lost Shepherds and Space Hookers in Joss Whedon's Firefly, a collection of essays about various aspects of Firefly. It's pretty interesting. All of the essays are pretty good; a couple have been a bit over my head though. For example, "We're All Just Floating in Space" by Lyle Zynda was somewhat hard to follow because all of the existential philosophy. But it's good. Has helped me appreciate the show even more. And reminded me just how much I love Zoe and Wash and their relationship.

Thursday Mom and I head to Seattle to baby-sit the twins for the weekend. Yea! Should be fun.
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Finally had my first little burst of excitement over Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. After my non-reaction to the teaser trailer-thing I was wondering if I was going to be excited for the movie at all. And now I am! A little. Thanks to pictures of, of all people, Barty Crouch that made me go "omg! That's that dude! The one! From The Vicar of Dibley! What's-his-face!" And then I realized that Mad-Eye Moody is played by Brendan Gleeson, who I really liked in Lake Placid and also had a part in The Village.

So now I'm much more excited than I was. Which still isn't a lot, but it's more. :) I want to see these guys on the big screen and watch what they do with the characters.

I actually think the lack of excitement stems from the state of Harry's hair. Cut your damn hair! CUT IT. PLEASE. I am concerned that between his hair and his neck, his actual head is going to disappear.

Also, started reading Half-Blood Prince the other day. Still only on chapter two.

I have the house to myself! HA!
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I'm just going to ramble for awhile. Don't mind me. :)

SGA Spoilers )

Gonna stop now because if I don't, I never will.

Still hate the credits. Stupid people.


Went to Tri-Cities with Mom by a sort of meandering route to figure out how we'll be delivering wedding flowers. It was pretty easy. Bought new clothes, a book about SG-1, Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk, a shiny new planner, and HBP.

Though I'm not reading the book yet (Mom's got it and I'm busy with Diary), if I see Half Blood Prince spoilers not under an lj-cut on my f'list, I swear I will hunt you down and kill you dead. ;) Keep me from committing murder - practice safe LJ-ing.

It's been a good day.

Oh! Since we had to find the place for the reception, we took the Othello route to Tri-Cities and in between Othello (a rather dull town) and Mesa (a town so small you can stand in the middle and see its end in every direction) there was a sign pointing out the road to Basin City. I squealed and had a minor cow. Because I am a geek. Had to explain it to Mom, though. Go Frank Miller.

Also, there's another, longer version of the UK promo for Lost floating around. LOVE.


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