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Nov. 3rd, 2011 12:59 am
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I have been waiting to rec this all day.

Try This Trick and Spin It by [ profile] cautionzombies. NC-17. Dean/Cas (main pairing), Dean/Cas/Sam, Sam/Cas, mild Sam/Dean. Castiel Falls and thinks no one’s there to catch him. He’s wrong.

I don't know what I can say about this fic that can properly explain how it makes me feel or why I love it as much as I do. There's a real weight to this fic, a substance behind it, holding it up. It's fantastic. [ profile] cautionzombies does some truly wonderful things here not only with language--she kills me, constantly--but also with Castiel, Dean, and Sam. It's a story about Castiel after the Fall, about him trying to find a place (a new place) in the world and where he fits with Dean and Sam. He's angry and struggling and hurt and you want things to work out, for him and for the three of them.

The Wincest is really very light and the dashes of Sam/Castiel are hot and even though this is very much a story about Dean and Castiel and how they relate, the handling of the three of them together is, for me, spot on.

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Practical Adventures and Auspicious Pursuits by [ profile] stillane kind of made my morning. It starts with mysteriously dead goats, works through creepy crawly things, and ends with certain truths being revealed. The characterization is great and I just found the whole thing delightful.

And now to get ready to do the librarian thing.
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Mom, Dad, and I saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull yesterday. I thought it was big, dorky fun. But I love Indiana Jones and that sort of thing. I even enjoy the National Treasure movies. What can I say? I'm a sucker.

I have a couple of specific things to say about the movie )
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I'm avoiding my finals. Yea, procrastination. I just...don't want to. At least, I don't want to do this Tom Jones paper. Didn't read the whole thing, enjoyed what I did read, but I've just got no desire to write about it.

So here I am wasting time by flipping between Star Trek: The Next Generation and Spongebob Squarepants. What can I say, I'm well rounded.

Classes are completely over though, so that's cool.

Anyway. Hopefully will be off campus sometime next Thursday afternoon. Won't get home until, hmm, sometime before the 20th. Which is okay, mostly. I mean, Seattle's great. Love it. There's tons more to do here than out in the boonies. But home's still home.


SGA Fic Rec )


Watched this week's Veronica Mars. Love it. Why can't other shows ::cough::SGA::cough:: have the same type of follow up and emotional continuity? Granted, VM *is* a detective/mystery-type show and that sort of relies on continuity, but shouldn't that just be the way everything is?

Veronica Mars - My Mother, the Fiend )


I have goals for this weekend. Here's hoping I actually achieve them.
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My mini-presentation on Voltaire is tomorrow, so I'm spending today putting together a timeline of his life. Exciting!

So I have to -
- Finish handout
- Read Foucault
- Read Wollstonecraft chapter 12
- Read Candide

Of course, I think I'll probably only finish the handout and read Foucault. Have read the other two before.

One of these days I'm going to learn not to read things that I suspect will make me cry. Because I'm always right. ::sobs::

SGA Fic Rec )

SGA Recs

Sep. 21st, 2005 10:53 am
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So, just some SGA fic recs for Natasha. 'Cause she's demanding it now.

SGA Fanfiction Recs )
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"No, it's just on the street where *you* live."

[ profile] sga_flashfic makes me want to read really trashy romance novels. The kind you buy at the grocery store for a buck.

Isn't it funny that I have no problem reading trashy romance-style stuff if it's wrapped in fanfiction, but have trouble with it in actual paperback form? I think it has to do with the fact that I'm already (emotionally) invested in the characters in fanfiction and in most romance novels (I've only completed one book that could be classified as strict "romance" and it wasn't that trashy) I couldn't care less about the protagonists.

So there's that, I suppose.

But, while some of the fic may be trashy, it's trashy on *purpose* and darn good. )

The recs give me reason to use my Weir/Zelenka icon. If it really came down to having relationships on the show? I think that's probably the one I'd most like to see. Or just more Zelenka. Whichever.

Of course, I'm also allowed to change my mind about this whenever I want. Ha.


Watched part of Ella Enchanted with Mom. It would be too much if Liv Tyler and Anne Hathaway were ever in a movie together.

I'm avoiding packing. Can you tell? I just...don't want to deal with it. Wish I could just, I dunno, wave my hand or a wand or get the Asgard to beam me up and just *be* in Seattle without the middle part. Not like I have that far to go, in the grand scheme of things. I just want to have it done.

Going to stop in Ellensberg on the way to see if we can't find a working set of SG-1 season seven. Gonna stop in North Bend to buy me new shoes! And see if I can't find a new sweater. 'Cause boy do I need one.
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Sci-fi Friday. Again. With new episodes. Yea!

Apparently I become pretty shallow when I watch Stargate.

SG-1 - Babylon )

SGA - Conversion )


Last night was weird. Couldn't sleep *at all*. Went to bed before two and tossed and turned for over an hour. Got back up around three, came up to the kitchen, and read fanfiction )

Anyway, read and went back to bed at four and *finally* fell asleep. Spent most of the day kind of in a haze. Watched a couple more episodes of Lost. Finished with "Walkabout," which from all the episodes I had a chance to see, had one of my favorite endings. Actually, I think I just love all of the ep endings on Lost. It's a beautifully shot show and they know how to work what they've got.

Tomorrow, we go to Wenatchee for school shopping. Maybe a movie. We shall see.


Sep. 7th, 2005 10:48 pm
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I've taken my job back at the library. Boss e-mailed me and said I could set up my schedule after I get on campus. I'm thinking I'll probably still work nights Monday through Wednesday. I *should* work more hours, but I don't want to work more nights and I don't particularly want to work during the day. As far as I know, my coworkers in Circulation will be the same and I rather like working with them. Call nights at the library a comfort zone of sorts. Maybe I'll add an half-hour or hour onto my work schedule. I'd add more, but then I'd have to figure things out food-wise. Which wouldn't be difficult, but I'm lazy.

Tomorrow Mom and I go to Moses, where I will renew my driver's license (and still get a juvenile one, seeing as how I won't be 21 until October) and buy Lost and possibly House. We may even see The Brothers Grimm, which would be cool. I need to get out and do something other than the exact same thing I do every day. Mainly, nothing.

This week, Mom and I watched The Sure Thing with wee 19-year-old John Cusak. So cute! So feminine! It was decided that he could have been a star in Kabuki theater. Also watched the last hour or so of My Bodyguard, starring a not-so-wee 19-year-old Adam Baldwin. My god! It was ker-azy. It also had Joan Cusak with lots of hair. Then tonight Mom and I watched Die Another Day on the Spike channel and I finally realized why Star Trek is considered enough of a "guy show" to get played on Spike. The women aliens? Space bimbos. Spasluts. Even when they are respected diplomats/scientists/engineers/etc., they are sexy/slutty/wear skimpy outfits. The men aliens? Scary looking. Or Q.

So, yeah, guy show. Why's CSI on there? Stereotyping of women as people who do not want to see violence and crime-solving? Why am I asking this? *Of course* it's stereotyping; it's Spike TV. D'oh.

Have also determined this week that every show would be better if the actors were replaced with Muppets/puppets. This started while watching The Muppet Show and getting a particularly vivid picture of Stargate SG-1: The Muppet Show stuck in my head. OMG, can't you just imagine the puppet!Jaffa! With their wee-tiny staff weapons! (That's kinda dirty right there.) Daniel with his fluffy puppet hair! And wee puppet glasses! Hammond would look much like Bunson, I'm sure. And then Stargate Atlantis: The Muppet Show with puppet!Wraith and puppet!McKay flailing around like Kermit when he gets frustrated. Puppet!Zelenka would have that really floaty puppet hair that moves even when the puppet's not. And the Sheppard puppet would have stolen his hair from the Angel puppet. Ronon would look something like a miniaturized, human-ified Sweetums. It would be *fantastic* and I would watch all the time.

Lost with puppets! LotR with puppets! Firefly with puppets!

Funnily enough, the only show I can't imagine working with puppets would be Farscape. Because, you see, Rygel and Pilot are already puppets and how can you puppet-fy a puppet? You can't. Obviously it would be silly to try.


I'm gonna cut this next part because I'm silly and it's silly and, like, Natasha and Neesha might appreciate it, but other than that, y'all are just gonna think I'm weird. ;)

Everything I watch reminds me of Stargate )


Stargate Fanfiction Recs )


Apparently the first season of SGA will be out on November 15. And then I'll really be able to watch it however, wherever, whenever I want. :) It's the small (but pricey) things in life.
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Having a much better day than previously. Really. Today has been nice and quiet and relaxing.

Yesterday I went to Wenatchee with Grandma and Nicholas. That was, um, emotionally taxing. Really, everything would be much better if people just didn't talk sometimes. I almost fell asleep in the car on the way there because it was too early for me and really? Nothing interesting was going on. However, the driving should have been enough to scare me awake. I find it highly amusing that the only time Grandma used her turn signal was when we turned into our own driveway. Yikes.

And then Nicholas is so damned...I don't know, um, prejudiced? With absolutely no compunction about throwing words like "fag" around. First that happened at Dairy Queen, and then on the way home somehow Middle Eastern religions were brought up (seriously, I don't know how this happened. I was happily ensconced in a magazine though.) and he insisted that, even if he had been raised that way, he wouldn't believe all of that "crap." At which point I did pipe up with, "If it's all you know, it's all you know."



Monday my package from Amazon came. Yea! Got Coldplay's new CD. Haven't really listened to all of it yet, but it's damn spiffy. Also got Stargate Atlantis: Rising on DVD. It's shiny. I hope there are bloopers somewhere on the boxed set that's due to come out later. And more commentaries, especially with actors. On Gateworld there's now an interview with David Nykl up. It deserves to be listened to rather than read. He's fantastic. ::hearts::

Speaking of Stargate, Dad and I spent mid-afternoon watching episodes. I'm on the final disk of season four. Woo. Slowly but surely I'm making my way through. I'm not too happy with certain developments (Martouf!), but all in all it's all good. "Window of Opportunity" was friggin' hilarious. Loved the door in Teal'c's face. And the golfing through the 'gate. That would be fun. "Point of No Return" also cracked me up. Especially with Teal'c being "Murray" and the vibrating bed. Anyway, it's been fun. There have been a couple of eps where I start to get involved in the action and worry about SG-1 making it, and then I remember that, d'uh, of course they make it. They make it to season nine. Even Jacob makes it to eight.

Anyhoo. Apparently Tom and I (probably Nicholas too, now that I think about it) are going to see Star Wars tonight. But that's not 'til later.

Also, for [ profile] olivelavonne and anyone interested, here is the link for a truly hilarious piece of Firefly fanfiction. Big Damn Zombies, Sir by Shrift. It's seriously funny. (Look! Oxymoron!)


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