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Weekend! For me, anyway. For once nothing is due tomorrow, so tonight I can just chill and watch Ugly Betty and The Storyteller and not stress about the morning.

And because there's nothing to work on tonight, I'm gonna make myself a martini. Yum.
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Woke up to snow and several vehicles of various types struggling up the hill outside. There was even a bus stuck in the crosswalk for the longest time. The walk to class should be interesting. I wonder how many people will make it to Masculinity this time.

I am practicing self-control for once and not letting myself near anything that could possible spoil me for the new episode of SGA. I still have to watch last week's ep. Maybe I can use it all as incentive to get everything else done.
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Saturday two of the poplar trees at home blew down, missing the house by feet and various other semi-important things by inches. I'm so glad I'm not at home now. Unfortunately, now that trees have actually blown over, next time we have a big wind storm my fear of being smushed won't be completely ridiculous. Luckily, my room's mostly between lines of trees. Which is usually a pain, because that means in the summer I get the full afternoon/evening sun without the benefit of any shade. What were they thinking randomly leaving a spot open in the trees?

I'm rambling because it's late and I'm tired, but not quite tired enough to go to bed. Point is, we lost trees. It kind of freaks me out. The end.

Classes freak me out less. I know it's only the second week (first full week) of the quarter, but I can see better now how I can fit all of the readings into my days. Now I think the only stress causing thing will be papers and that's not at all surprising.

I've got the new SGA to watch, but I think I'm going to hold off until later this week to watch it. It seems like people mostly enjoyed this last one, so that's a good sign. Plus I've seen pictures and, well, Sheppard's not hard on the eyes. None of them are. Which is no different than any ep, really. (Except for maybe that one where John develops that nasty skin condition and the ability to scale walls like Spiderman. Seriously, the skin involved with turning into a bug gave me a little case of the heebie jeebies. I don't like skin related things.)

Now for some writing. Or maybe more Yeats. Or bed. Woo.
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Dog-sitting this weekend. Luckily, it's just Kirby. I can handle him. We get along. It's the neighbor's dog that I refuse to watch. Dinkum (I have no idea how to spell it) is partially blind and partially deaf and a bit scary looking for such a tiny dog.

At least being away from campus and having a house to myself will give me plenty of opportunity to do all of the reading that I need to do for Monday and Tuesday. Last night I was a little overwhelmed, but I'm feeling a bit better about things this morning. Hopefully I can also get some more writing done this weekend.

All of the Joe Flanigan stuff going on around the internet this morning/today is incredibly entertaining. I am, after all, easily entertained and he is not hard on the eyes. Except now I really want to watch Thoughtcrimes again.

How great is VH1's America's Next Top Model mega marathon? Great background noise and I never have to wonder what I'm going to watch.


Jan. 2nd, 2007 03:58 pm
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It's been pouring rain most of the day. Surprise, surprise. Oh, Seattle, I've kind of missed you.

Bought my books today. There were three that I already owned, but I still ended up spending, well, more than I ever really expect to spend on books. Especially with most of them used. And I know people would tell me that I shouldn't buy from the campus bookstore, but it's easy and convenient and I am super lazy.

I'm really excited about classes now that I've had a chance to see the books. Hopefully the excitement and interest will remain.

Tomorrow it's just Irish Literature and then work. Not too bad for a first day. I've never had the professor, though I've helped him at the library. We'll see how it goes. Work, at least, should be fairly uneventful what with it being the beginning of the quarter.
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I'm done with classes. The quarter's not over until December 9, but I might as well be done. The two papers and the one take home final aren't weighing too heavily on me. I feeling pretty good about all of them.

It's nice to be able to do other things and not be bothered by schoolwork. I've been doing dishes and some cleaning around the apartment and kind of listening to John Barrowman sing Cole Porter over and over (w/the rest of the CD. I'm not completely pathetic, thank you).

Speaking of JB, I find it kind of hilarious that, according to IMDb, he was turned down for the role of Will on Will & Grace because he wasn't gay enough. And Eric McCormack is? JB's also apparently 6'1", which means that if I were ever to meet him I would not be disappointed that he was shorter than me. Which is something that always kind of throws me. I mean, I watch people on TV and I think of them as being, well, not necessarily larger than life, but not short. And then I find out that they're 5'7". Not that 5'7" is short, just..I'd have to look down, y'know? And it kind of ruins the illusion of big damn hero for me a little. Does that make any sense?

It really snowed last night and this morning it was all gone. I guess that's Seattle for ya.

Anyway. Dad's at the sleep clinic tonight. Fun times for him! And tomorrow is The Nutcracker for us! This is REALLY exciting for me. I've always wanted to go. And now I will!
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Guess what?


Which means my presentation and the paper that goes with it are postponed until Thursday. Even if I do have to write a paper for tomorrow.

Also? NEW SGA!
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So I hadn't looked out a window all day today, but then [ profile] capt_tik_taco makes a post about snow and I just had to put everything on hold to peek out the curtains.

While it's not that exciting due to it turning to a slush-like substance once it hits the ground, it is in fact snowing. First snow of the holiday season here in Seattle. Exciting!

I'd much rather be at home watching Torchwood with my mom and introducing her to some of my favorite new things instead of being stuck here stumbling my way through an exploratory narrative I'm still not comfortable with and worrying about Philosophy papers I haven't even started. Blah blah blah whine blah.

It's really not that bad, I just don't want to. And it's not senioritis. It's my usual end-of-quarter laziness.
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Is it crazy for me to take three 400-level English literature courses next quarter?

I don't have to take them, but two of them I definitely want to experience (Tung! Again!) and the third just sounds interesting. Seriously, is it crazy to do this to myself when I technically don't have to? Should I back away from the heavy reading material before it's too late?

Guess I'll wait and see what my adviser has to say to me.

Mmm, Taffy

Sep. 19th, 2006 11:47 pm
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Classes start tomorrow. And work for me. How busy can a library be the first day of the quarter?

On the way back from grocery shopping yesterday Natasha and I were passing Casey and guess who we ran into? Cumberland. Didn't even notice her until I heard, "Is that Mary Whatsherface?" So we walked with her until we parted ways so she could leave. It made me think of all of the inappropriate things that are connected with talk of her and then it made me feel a little bad because she's fine outside of class, just scatterbrained. So scatterbrained, in fact, that, two days before classes, she still hadn't finished writing up her syllabi.

Glad I don't have her this quarter.

She did ask why she thought I was a senior. I suggested maybe it was because I was always hanging around with seniors and older students. Which is kind of funny because yesterday morning Natasha and I were mistaken for freshman. It was just because we had integrated into a milling crowd to get through them, but still. Freshman? Sheesh.

Have I mentioned that I love not being in the dorms?

And then there was Nip/Tuck tonight. )

Go Me

May. 15th, 2006 03:58 pm
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Today started out pretty good, and then it got pretty crappy, and now it's just okay. But I've been wallowing in...not self-pity exactly. Let's just say general wallowing.

But watching Tammy movies on AMC is fairly entertaining. Right now it's Tammy and the Bachelor with a very young, mostly unrecognizable Leslie Nielsen.

This weekend I watched Bleu for film class. Interesting film. Not entirely sure I understood all of it, but having seen it twice now I'm pretty sure I enjoyed it. I'm curious about the other films in the trilogy though. And looking forward to discussion, I just wish that I didn't have to discuss it with everyone in the class. Some of them are rather annoying and full of it.

So anyway. What made up the good part of my day is still good, if a little scary. (Only scary in a "just another one of my issues" kind of way. I had my advising appointment this morning for next quarter and was told that I have been the model student. I have 45 credits left, and only two classes I have to take. Meaning my senior year can be as easy or as hard as I decide to make it because the only requirement I have to hit is the number of credits. This makes me nervous. I like having a list of things I have to do and I can check off. Direction is nice. My adviser is excited for me because I can basically do whatever I want, expand my horizons. "You could learn to play the piano. Take a second language."

I'm a bit at a loss. What to do? I'm probably going to take Senior Synth (with Father Cobb) and I'm looking at Modernism in Art and Literature (with Dr. Tung) as my final required English elective. But other than that...I don't know. There's a Latin class that could be interesting. Dr. Smith also suggested that I give a writing class a try, which makes me super nervous because I don't feel confident enough in my writing to really share it. But she did point out that as an English major I have less on the line in a class like that than a Creative Writing major because I'm not looking to make a living out of my writing.

I could also minor in something. At this point, that something would probably be Philosophy.

Lots to think about.

If any of you SU people on my flist (you're all graduating, did you know?) have classes/professors that you particularly liked, I'd appreciate any recommendations.
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Dear Classes,

To quote my friend Julia, just shoot me in the face. No, really. It'll be better for all of us.

No love,


Dear Stupid People,

Please go take a long walk off of a short pier. This shouldn't be hard, even though you lack intelligence, considering the piers are not that far away. A few blocks. Hop to it!

No love EVER,


Jan. 3rd, 2006 06:40 pm
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Just ow.

I just want to curl up on my bed with Farscape. My knees and lower back are killing me. And I think I'm gonna have to start buying food to actually put in the refrigerator because the lines at Cherry when my classes let out are LONG.

First day of classes out of the way. More on that later. But now work for four hours.


Nov. 28th, 2005 02:48 pm
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If it doesn't snow tonight, I'm holding [ profile] trademybike responsible for getting my hopes up but leaving me ultimately disappointed. :)

Snow would be cool. (Ha, I'm so funny. Reminded me of the random guy from last year who said, "You know, if it rains tonight, it's going to snow." Right.) And if there was enough snow, they could even cancel classes! And by enough snow I mean, like, an inch. Because Seattle cannot function in inclement weather. It is not possible.

Seriously, if you've seen the way these people drive in the rain, just imagine the insanity of Queen Anne Hill covered in snow. Those are the days you barricade yourself in your home and hope no one accidentally crashes through your living room.

It's cold in the room. My feet, despite the fact that I am wearing regular socks and then super fuzzy ones that make me look like a Muppet from the ankle down, are freezing. All of the windows are closed and the heater is on. Why isn't it warmer?

Working on my Candide/Rasselas paper that's due tomorrow. Mid-way through page two, need four pages altogether. I'm just uber-lazy and really don't want to focus on anything.

Time flies when you're avoiding work.

(I am English impaired today - I wrote "accidently" (a word I can never get right on first try for some reason) and "flys." Woe.)
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Classes, for me, start September 22. That's a Thursday. Move in Sunday, Classes Thursday. Sweet. :)

Plenty of time to annoy roommate. ;) Roommate who was wonderfully accommodating in allowing me to gush and ramble on about SGA and John and Rodney. Pictures were involved. I'm lucky Natasha's so understanding. ::hugs::

Tom starts school on August 30. He's glad to be going back. It's sad when your summer vacation involves more work than the entire school year. Oh, the joys of living on a farm.

Speaking of, I followed Dad down into one of the fields today to pick him up and we almost got stuck in dirt. I always think it's funny that it's possibly to get kinda stuck in nothing but dirt. Really fluffy dirt. Dad even said it was fluffy. Granted, that was only after I used the word, but whatever.


Spent the day chilling and watching The Good Life. Mostly because I didn't get to sleep until 3:30 because of an overactive imagination. It wasn't even overactive in a good, creative way either.

TOM: (through letterbox) Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!
MARGO: (opening door) Tom! (pause) What *is* that?
TOM: It's two dustbins on a trolley.
MARGO: I can see it's two dustbins on a trolley and when I asked you the question it was a rhetorical one which does not need a direct answer as you knew very well in the first place.
TOM: Oh, you make me hold my breath when you do those long sentences, Margo.
MARGO: What *is* it?
TOM: It's two rhetorical dustbins on a rhetorical trolley.
MARGO: Then will you kindly remove them from my crazy paving before someone sees us.
TOM: They'd have less chance of seeing us if we hide behind the dustbins.

Hee. Love. Tom and Barbara. Margo and Jerry. The show makes me happy.


My laptop was making funny noises, so I had to move to the other computer. Hope mine's okay.

Haircut in the morning. Woo.

But for now....
A.N.N.U.N.D.R.I.E.L.: Artificial Networked Neohuman Used for Nocturnal Destruction, Rational Infiltration and Efficient Learning
That was way more exciting than my actual name, let me tell you. Although, if I enter my first and part of my middle name... ) It's all about the "Yearning for Forbidden Repair."
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Actually, I'm really looking forward to this coming quarter. Mostly just to get back to Seattle and school and civilization and people.

So I'm looking at my class schedule for this upcoming fall quarter and it now occurs to me that I only have five minutes to get from Bannon to the library. And, while they are right next to each other, what am I going to do if Astronomy runs over? I always feel bad about getting up and leaving, but I guess I may actually have to do it if that happens. Because I don't want Dr. Berry to get all...snippy at me. I like and respect her.

Guess I'll just be booking it with the elevator on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

On the other hand, no class for me on Wednesdays! How'd I arrange that?

And speaking of Seattle and civilization, a couple of You Know You're From [city/state] When... )


Dyed my hair the other day. It's a bit darker than we expected it to be, but still very nice. Sort of a dark auburn-y red.

Neesha is coming over today and we're going to go out to lunch at her place of work. Finally. :) I almost wish I had a camera, because the Gorge is gorgeous. (hee.) And then we will come back here and watch Sci-fi Friday. Yea.

Maybe it's just my viewing of season seven of SG-1 at the same time as season nine, but I'm starting to miss old SG-1. I mean Jack, Daniel, Sam, and Teal'c and the dynamic they had. I don't necessarily miss Jack *now*, because I don't think he would fit in the same way that he did and it wouldn't feel right. But I miss the old team. Don't really know how to explain it. Oh well. Did get to see Major Lorne in "Enemy Mine." Obviously the stargate thing was old hat to him by the time he went to Atlantis. I love it that they carry people over and bring people back. Even really random ones.

::points:: How come some of my mood icons won't load?
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I've been sick for about a week. Fun times. Tonight will be my first, and only this week, night back to work. I finally feel well enough to actually do stuff for several hours. Woo.

A couple of hours ago I finished reading a piece of SGA fanfiction and now I feel very restless. Do you ever finish reading something that's just so absorbing and beautiful and well crafted that when you're finished reading it you feel sort of at a loss as to what to do with yourself? That's how I feel. It's like my mind is too preoccupied with what I've just read that I can't focus on anything else. It was just an excellent story, plot-, character-, and writing-wise.

(I'm afraid I might have to start forcing my fanfiction reading friends to watch SGA just so I can share some of this with them. But I don't really want to do that because than it will be less shiny for me. Oh, conundrum.)

Anyway. In the past week nothing much has happened. SV had it's season finale. It was good, overall. Laughable at times, but about what you would expect. Best parts? Grodin's teeny tiny part as one of Lex's security men (he did get a line or two and I squeed more over him than anything else) and Chloe pushing Lex into the cave wall. That was *funny*. Don't know what was going on with Lionel and why he and Lex were acting so wonky, but whatever. Also, maybe it was Emperor Zod at the end and Lana will be blown up?

Neesha came over on Thursday and we met a friend of her's downtown for lunch, after which we wandered around Barnes and Noble (were I bought Haunted) and then decided to see Star Wars on a whim. It wasn't any of the originals, but I liked it. Probably more than I should. Obi-wan and Yoda really made it for me. Also, the music. They kept using Luke's theme (I don't know what it's actually called, but I associate it with Luke) from A New Hope when he's staring out at the sunset on Tatooine subtly throughout the movie. And the first time the words "Darth Vader" were uttered, they brought *that* theme in and it was just a squeally, happy, fangirly moment. I'd really like to see it again. And I'd *really* like to see the original trilogy again now.

So Neesha and I saw the movie and then I gave her a tour of campus in the rain and that was wet. We watched the finale of CSI, which I had forgotten was directed by Quentin Tarantino, and an episode of SG-1. It wasn't that exciting, but now she knows what I do on a usual Thursday evening.

The weekend was uneventful. I don't think I even watched anything exciting. This week has also been less than thrilling, mostly because I've felt like crap. But Sunday night Natasha and I watched Saved. Very funny. Liked it a lot. Last night we watched Office Space, which Natasha hadn't seen before. Tonight we'll probably watch Hellraiser after I get off of work.

Tomorrow I register for fall quarter classes. The English and Philosophy classes I wanted are still open, but the Theology one is closed. So I'm thinking maybe I'll just take another English elective class. Or something. I'm not really sure. If anyone who goes to SU reads this (you know who you are), I'd be welcome to suggestions.
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I talked to my adviser and Lit Pix does, in fact, fit under 20th Century British or American Literature on my academic evaluation. Meaning it fulfills a core English requirement and I still have 15 credits for electives. Yea!

Apparently 393 and 400-something classes get plugged in sort of willy-nilly, to fill up whatever hasn't been taken yet. If I wanted to take several classes at that level I could and then have them rearranged. Something like that.

It's a good day. And I'm watching Two Guys and a Girl and omg I love Ryan Reynolds and Nathan Fillion and the main chick who is now on Monk. OK, I love them all. But it's the Halloween episode and Sharon's mind is in Berg's body and Johnny's freaking out. Sharon's all upset because he won't kiss her. And so I almost got to see Ryan Reynolds and Nathan Fillion making out. So very funny.


The sentence that was current at the beginning of the nineteenth century ran something like this perhaps: "The grandeur of their works was an argument with them, not to stop short, but to proceed. The could have no higher excitement or satisfaction than in the exercise of their art and endless generations of truth and beauty. Success prompts to exertion; and habit facilitates success." That is a man's sentence; behind it one can see Johnson, Gibbon and the rest. It was a sentence that was unsuited for a woman's use. Charlotte Bronte, with all her splendid gift for prose, stumbled and fell with that clumsy weapon in her hands. George Eliot committed atrocities with it that beggar description. Jane Austen looked at it and laughed at it and devised a perfectly natural, shapely sentence proper for her own use and never departed from it.
-- Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own

Jane Austen is brilliant. I knew there was a reason she's my favorite.
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I finished reading a piece of fanfiction today. It's taken me a few days, partly because I'm trying to get other things done and partly because it was just nice to have something ongoing. Anyway, I finished it this afternoon and not only did it surprise me, it surprised me several times. It's kind of fun reading something that can get you almost edge-of-your seat worried.

Reading is cool. More people should embrace that.

Today in Brit Lit we finished watching Pandaemonium, a piece of historical fiction about William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. John Hannah, whom I love (there's a whole Mar&EB thing that goes with him), was Wordsworth. Linus Roache (Angelina Jolie's husband in Beyond Borders) was Coleridge. And Andy Serkis and Samuel West were in it! It was like playing "Name the Lesser Known British Actor." Interesting movie. Makes me want to read some real history about them.

Smallville's new tonight. Yea. Someone (else) finds out Clark's secret. I know who it is. Well, not for a fact. But I've had my suspicions for a *really* long time now and there's only one person who could find out and not totally frell up the rest of the series. If they're going to stick to any previous Superman mythology that is. Because I'd have no problem if Lex found out. (He's not stupid. He should know most already anyway.) Although I did find some scans of one of the newer comic issues (I have, like, no idea about the comics. All I know about Superman is the movies and Smallville, which doesn't really count since it's more a re-invention.) in which Lex *does* know and he let's Clark know that he knows and then shit hits the fan and maybe I'm going to have to actually go looking for the comic books now. Because they'd be fun to read. And I'm all for the reading obviously.

Alas, I have to go to work and won't be able to watch it until later. Sigh.

Don't have class until 3:45 tomorrow afternoon. I think I'll work on some writing when I get back.
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Mom and Dad came over Thursday night for the various gift shows in Seattle. Mom spent Friday and Saturday buying stuff for the flower shop. Fun.

Friday Dad picked me up at the dorm after I had my meeting with Dr. Cumberland. It went really well. Really liked talking with her, but still not sure what I think of her in class. We came up with a topic for my research paper, but I think I'm going to change it a little. The idea we came up with had to do with a Classics Illustrated edition of Frankenstein and comparing it with the actual text. But that's going to require hunting down an out-of-print comic. Or finding another version. Which takes *time*. Not a whole lot of that lying around here. So, over the weekend I found a version of Kafka's The Metamorphosis. I'll run that by her on Tuesday.

So Dad picked me up and we went to Kay and Greg's where we watched I Love the 90s, Part Deux and I Love the 70s. Then we went and picked up Mom and spent the night watching the Sci-fi channel. Claudia Black was on SG-1! She was awesome and hilarious. Li'l bit of a girlcrush there. I even had a Stargate: Atlantis related dream. Don't remember it very well.

Saturday we went to the mall and I bought Coupling Season 4!! (Jack!) And Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars!! (Yea!) Also bought a couple of CDs. That night, instead of going to a movie - we were all too tired, we stayed in and randomly watched Ginger Snaps. Not entirely sure just what I thought about it. Didn't think it was a total waste, at least. Then we watched some crap movie on the Sci-fi channel with John-Rhys Davies.

The "major" thing that happened Saturday? A little while after the crap movie finished, I finished reading Barefoot Gen. Really enjoyed it. But it kicked my ass. And then it used my kicked ass to wipe up the floor. Damn, but it was upsetting. At one point near the very very end, I had a slight panic attack at one of the pictures. All I could think was, "OMG, get it away. I can't look. I can't look." I *cried*. It killed me.

Today we saw Nana Fran and went to Barnes & Noble, where Mom bought Jon Stewart's book about America. Then my parents went home. And, yeah, that's about it. Neesha finally gave me her opinion about the very small piece of writing I sent her last week. So I sent her another piece of fanfiction. This one was finished! And even got feedback for already! Score. So, that's awesome. Makes me want to write more. Which is a very *good* thing.

But now, it's off to bedforshire with me.


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