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No spoilers. AU.

The overall idea for this started a few months ago in a conversation with [ profile] cautionzombies about girl!Dean being a stripper and Castiel (male or female) being floored by her. Dragged to the club by Anna, Castiel sees Deanna dance and can't look away. Later, the two of them meet elsewhere and start dating. Sexy hijinks ensue. I went the femslash route and while I've written another bit with the two of them, it's languishing unfinished on my harddrive. Today I felt like doing something quick and dirty, though. This happened.

Cas doesn't notice Deanna's entrance until her hands are on Cas' waist )
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A friend of mine from college came over yesterday and we went to the rodeo. It was a lot of fun and more homoerotic than I remember it being. By which I mean, the rodeo clown tackled one of the pick-up people.

CLOWN: There's poo here. Send the pick-up guys to pick it up.
ANNOUNCER: That's not what the pick-up guys pick up.
CLOWN: Then what do they pick up?
CLOWN: Oh, I bet they do.

It kind of makes me want to revisit that Sheppard/McKay rodeo AU that was bouncing around my head once upon a time. (Oh, God, seriously. Sheppard in those jeans with those slinky hips, fingers hooked in his belt loops as he leans against a trailer in the strips of shadow and light thrown backwards by the bleachers around the arena, teasing McKay with that voice. And McKay falling apart because there is that - Sheppard somehow succeeding at projecting horizontal while standing up - driving him crazy with want and frustration because as much as they click, Sheppard still sings badly to Johnny Cash and drinks questionable beer and swears by football like other people swear by the Bible.

Or, um. Something like that.

Basically, Rodney is doomed. But in a very, very good way. ;) )

They play music throughout the event. The weirdest part was when the music from Due South's opening credits came on over the speakers. Followed shortly after by "Oh What a Feeling" by Crowbar which is totally a Kowalski song and was used in the Due South episode "Eclipse." It was so weird!

Anyway. It was a pretty good night at the rodeo, though a bunch of people ended up with no time and so no score, which was sad. The clown was hilarious. (Sometimes he's not so much.) The trick riding was impressive. The trick roping was blah. (It was this group, though three of the girls were performing.)

It was a lot of fun. Elephant ears are delicious. Bleachers suck.

And then we came home and Mom's peach cobbler was delicious but made me want to kill myself. Damn you, body! Damn you!
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This came about because I was trying to distract [ profile] olivelavonne from her day-before-a-new-job jitters. What started as simply imagining John and Rodney in a Costco environment turned into imagining John in an apron and then John baking. Which has sort of become my new favorite image. Then [ profile] ginnith got involved and I couldn't not write something. So comment fic. In which John owns a bakery. The whole conversation is here.

The newly added title makes me giggle.

Hot Cross Buns )
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When I'm supposed to be working on school work, I tend to retreat into all of those AUs I'm not actually writing. Like the one where Sheppard's a spy, McKay's a Bond girl (except not really), and Beckett's a harrassed doctor friend (so like normal). )

There's a part of me that wishes I'd just go for original characters, but these ones are so much fun to play with. I've got several scenes in mind for this, but I am crap at plot. Blah. So now this has become one of my ways of getting through really boring classes.
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Written during winter break. Apparently, this is what happens when I'm exhausted after a quarter of English and philosophy and attempt to cheer myself up.

SGA Fic. Alternate universe. Sheppard/McKay.

Spring Break )
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Sheppard. John Sheppard. )

So, there's that. Natasha, I would like you to persuade me out of playing with this idea. Really. I don't need to write tiny scenes on scraps of paper. Or figure out just where the other SGA/SG-1 characters would fit into this. (Teyla's a sexy secret agent from another country. Daniel works on decoding things.)


In other, seriously-I'm-not-crazy news, got my driver's license renewed. Yea. Only have the temporary right now, but I don't look like a complete dork in my picture. In fact, ::gasp:: I look like me. Also bought Lost. YEA. Spent part of the evening looking for easter eggs. Actually found some, too. Go me!

Anyhoo. ::is dull::


Sep. 7th, 2005 10:48 pm
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I've taken my job back at the library. Boss e-mailed me and said I could set up my schedule after I get on campus. I'm thinking I'll probably still work nights Monday through Wednesday. I *should* work more hours, but I don't want to work more nights and I don't particularly want to work during the day. As far as I know, my coworkers in Circulation will be the same and I rather like working with them. Call nights at the library a comfort zone of sorts. Maybe I'll add an half-hour or hour onto my work schedule. I'd add more, but then I'd have to figure things out food-wise. Which wouldn't be difficult, but I'm lazy.

Tomorrow Mom and I go to Moses, where I will renew my driver's license (and still get a juvenile one, seeing as how I won't be 21 until October) and buy Lost and possibly House. We may even see The Brothers Grimm, which would be cool. I need to get out and do something other than the exact same thing I do every day. Mainly, nothing.

This week, Mom and I watched The Sure Thing with wee 19-year-old John Cusak. So cute! So feminine! It was decided that he could have been a star in Kabuki theater. Also watched the last hour or so of My Bodyguard, starring a not-so-wee 19-year-old Adam Baldwin. My god! It was ker-azy. It also had Joan Cusak with lots of hair. Then tonight Mom and I watched Die Another Day on the Spike channel and I finally realized why Star Trek is considered enough of a "guy show" to get played on Spike. The women aliens? Space bimbos. Spasluts. Even when they are respected diplomats/scientists/engineers/etc., they are sexy/slutty/wear skimpy outfits. The men aliens? Scary looking. Or Q.

So, yeah, guy show. Why's CSI on there? Stereotyping of women as people who do not want to see violence and crime-solving? Why am I asking this? *Of course* it's stereotyping; it's Spike TV. D'oh.

Have also determined this week that every show would be better if the actors were replaced with Muppets/puppets. This started while watching The Muppet Show and getting a particularly vivid picture of Stargate SG-1: The Muppet Show stuck in my head. OMG, can't you just imagine the puppet!Jaffa! With their wee-tiny staff weapons! (That's kinda dirty right there.) Daniel with his fluffy puppet hair! And wee puppet glasses! Hammond would look much like Bunson, I'm sure. And then Stargate Atlantis: The Muppet Show with puppet!Wraith and puppet!McKay flailing around like Kermit when he gets frustrated. Puppet!Zelenka would have that really floaty puppet hair that moves even when the puppet's not. And the Sheppard puppet would have stolen his hair from the Angel puppet. Ronon would look something like a miniaturized, human-ified Sweetums. It would be *fantastic* and I would watch all the time.

Lost with puppets! LotR with puppets! Firefly with puppets!

Funnily enough, the only show I can't imagine working with puppets would be Farscape. Because, you see, Rygel and Pilot are already puppets and how can you puppet-fy a puppet? You can't. Obviously it would be silly to try.


I'm gonna cut this next part because I'm silly and it's silly and, like, Natasha and Neesha might appreciate it, but other than that, y'all are just gonna think I'm weird. ;)

Everything I watch reminds me of Stargate )


Stargate Fanfiction Recs )


Apparently the first season of SGA will be out on November 15. And then I'll really be able to watch it however, wherever, whenever I want. :) It's the small (but pricey) things in life.
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This morning I had a strange dream. Dad, Grandma, Tom, and I were going to church in the winter time. We got there and parked, but the parking lot was like the one at the high school. And for some bizarre reason I was wearing a dress in the middle of winter. Freeeezing. But there was no snow. Anyway. I was the first to get out of the car, and as I'm standing there bouncing on the balls of my feet to keep warm, a car pulls into the space next to us. It's Mulder and Scully. Apparently they were having an argument, because as they were getting out of the car, Mulder was saying, "People prefer comedy, Scully, over dramas of the psyche."


He then proceeded to put on three wool coats over the one he was already wearing. Scully just looked at him (like she does) and Mulder just kind of shrugged and said, "What? I get cold easily."

And then I woke up. I have no idea what that means. Huh.

A few days ago I had a dream and it was sort of an ER/SGA crossover AU thing. The building looked like a cross between Pigott at school and Atlantis. Sheppard and McKay were wearing green surgical scrubs. At one point a woman collapsed on the floor and McKay ran to her and started yelling medical stuff and checking her pulse. Sheppard wasn't far behind him. That was the most exciting thing. Other than that, the two of them just snarked at each other in a flirty way and pretended they were busy. It was great!

Mom says that ER would totally be a better show if SGA were part of it. I think I agree. Also? It's fun picturing Sheppard and McKay in scrubs. It totally works for me. :)


In other not so entertaining news, Friday was the three year anniversary of my grandpa's death. Everyone, saving me, went to the cemetery at some point on Friday. Mom made up an arrangement of white roses and a "Grandpa" balloon. Sunday I drove Grandma to church and afterward we went to the cemetery and the arrangement and balloon were gone. This isn't the first time someone has snurched things from Grandpa's grave. Every week we add something to it, and every week something else is gone.

It's really frustrating that someone would do something like that. Grandma is paranoid and thinks it's something personal against her and Grandpa. I disagree. I can't think of anyone in Royal who would do something like that to us. But than, I'm fairly optimistic about people and haven't really been around for the last couple of years, so things could have changed.

And in other crappy news, Jana's boyfriend passed away yesterday.


Finished watching season six of SG-1 yesterday. My biggest overall thought? Poor Jonas. I mean, he wants so much to really belong on SG-1 and most of the season it feels like he's just tacked on and O'Neill just puts up with him. And then the last few eps it seemed to me that O'Neill was finally accepting him completely. And it's *sad* because Daniel's just gonna come back and screw that all up. And, ok, maybe that's fine because Jonas will go back to Kelowna and do whatever he does, but I still feel bad about it. Plus, I rather liked Jonas! (Although it is nice to see Daniel again.)

Other than that, loved "Redemption 1 & 2" for McKay (ee!), "Unnatural Selection" for finally officially introducing me to Fifth (I almost said "Six" and then went "No, wait, that's BSG." Whoops.), and "Paradise Lost" 'cause, damn, that was a beautiful ep. "Full Circle" was also good. And "Abyss" is probably my single favorite episode of the season, possibly of the series as I've seen so far. At least it's one of my top five favorite eps. "Abyss" is just...It's got the best O'Neill stuff, the best Daniel stuff, the best Jack/Daniel stuff, and that really cool anti-gravity cell. Although I think it would have been better if they hadn't put Michael Shanks' name in the credits at the beginning. It's more fun when people show up randomly and you're not expecting them to show up randomly.

But "Abyss." Yeah. Wow. The scenes between Jack and Daniel in the cell that show exactly why I *know* that those two love each other, slash or not. And you really get a sense of how Jack sees himself and how Daniel sees him, and the difference between the two. It's just great.


Am so far on "Homecoming" of season seven. I like Jonas' hair. And Daniel in the blue robes. I am shallow. Also, "Jim"? Hee! But also, aw. Poor Jack.


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