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I'm posting this from the computer of the family I'm house-, horse-, and dog-sitting for. I'll be here a week. There are 24 horses and 5 dogs. Phew.

Also, SNOW.

Supernatural - 6.09 )

If I get anymore spoiled for the next episode than I already am, I will punch something in the face. By which I mean, BE CONSIDERATE WITH YOUR SPOILERS PLEASE. I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW.

Just felt it needed to be said again.


Jan. 30th, 2010 06:03 pm
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Hey, I know! Let's pretend today didn't happen!

Except for the part where I got the feature finished. That part we can keep.

Oh, and the part where I finished a book (The Ersatz Elevator) and started another one (Mister Monday). I am apparently on a Young Adult kick at the moment. Those are good times.

But the parts where I had to chase down puppies (in the cold while my hair was soaked) and got crap all over my shoes? And am now a little hoarse? Yeah, do not need them.

I will stop being so down in the mouth tomorrow.
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Georg seems to think she can help make the bed.

She's wrong.

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So I was going to post about fic difficulties, but then I decided to e-mail [ profile] sdrohc_ratiug instead and save all your flists.

But I will say that we got SNOW. FINALLY. Without it December was just starting to feel like a great big cold spot. And while snow is a pain in the ass to drive in (I should know, I had to tonight) it is pretty! Driving through it at night is like being in one of those starfield screensavers.

Or on the Enterprise.

Also, it is very quiet right now and every now and then I can hear a cow outside. Just this low, lonely sound. I like it better than the coyotes.

Speaking of quiet...I love the sound of the snow falling through the trees here when everything is perfectly still. That and handline going in the yard in the summer are probably two of my favorite outdoor things.

Tim Story's "Asleep the Snow Came Flying" is a piece of music that pretty much always comes to my mind when it snows. It's one of those songs that's tied in with driving home on winter days in the early dark with Mom and watching the snow out the window, toasty warm inside. I think I'll probably always associate it with the same feeling the perfect stillness of winter here gives me.

And now that I sound crazy, I'm calling it a night. :)
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This is why there are no ornaments on our tree this year.

Just got back from the annual Christmas cantata. It was good. First time I've been to a church-related activity since going to mass last Christmas Eve (lapsed Catholic is lapsed).

Made weird by the fact that now whenever I hear "angels" I think of, well, Castiel and Uriel and Zachariah. Which does not quite go hand-in-hand with the white-robbed rejoicing, y'know? And inevitably Dean/Castiel. Which made it a whole lot more amusing but also a lot more sacrilegious.

It was hard not to grin or giggle. Though it did get me thinking about how different things might have been in the SPN 'verse for those angels back in the day.

I probably need an intervention.

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Supernatural - 5.09 )

I'm going to cut myself off there. Have to get the puppies packed up to go to the vet.

Also, SNOW.
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- sending a puppy over to Seattle. We'll be down to six.

- the feature on a local massage therapist

- city council (BOO)

- editing NCIS fic. [ profile] ginnith will be getting a phone call later to hammer out some details. As usual, I will feel dumb reading porn out loud over the phone but she'll make me do it anyway. :P

- posting NCIS fic

- looking on the bright side of life
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[ profile] trademybike suggested I post pictures of the puppies. So that's what I'm doing. They aren't the best because it is extraordinarily difficult to take decent photos of nine (seven now) puppies, but I did what I could.

I'll have to get other pictures of Taz and Copper, but the seven we have left are here.

On to the pics! )

Ah, Friday

Oct. 30th, 2009 01:15 pm
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Supernatural - 5.07 )

With that last bit in mind, I want to say outside of a cut that I am actively avoiding spoilers that go beyond 1) the promos on TV, 2) promo pictures, and 3) episode titles. Sometimes I'm a real spoiler-whore, but I think I'll feel better if I just put my foot down and say, "No, don't go there." So. No spoiling me!


I took [ profile] olivelavonne to the bus stop today. It was fantastic having her here for a week. She needs to come stay that long more often.

Two of the puppies were taken to a new home today. This makes me feel kind of sad. But Dad just talked to the woman who took them this morning and she says she can't stop laughing. They really settled in right away and took over. Every time she looks at them she can't help but laugh. This makes my heart glad.

I went ahead and set up an interview with the massage therapist for the paper feature. Woo. And am now working on school board and NCIS fic. Which I am determined to finish this weekend so I can post it (next week, probably) and work on the other plot bunnies that are starting to pile up in my head.
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Since today started out pretty shitty, I'm going to focus on things that are good or amusing.

- brownies sitting in the kitchen

- the coconut-pineapple-chicken-curry thing we had for dinner (yuuuuum)

- puppies with their little wagging tails

- cats being long and lanky and affection and weird

- the 3700+ word fic roll I am on

- the feature I wrote that I think is really good

- the man in Spook who thought "that Leprechauns...were most likely discarnate humans."

- Spook in general. Except the whole ectoplasm thing freaks me out a bit, what with the emanating from mediums' orifices (like their vagina). Disturbing. (The bit about the woman giving birth to rabbits! Holy crap! Because, yes, sticking skinned rabbit bits up there is a good idea, especially in the mid-1700s.)

- texting with Dahlia and Natasha

- Bored to Death's opening credits


Sep. 27th, 2009 10:54 am
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Bandit, my brother's dog, was killed this morning.

It's...not fair. It's really not.

Yesterday afternoon we were sitting outside and he was sharing his frisbee with the puppies, his puppies. Just...setting it down in the middle of them all and chewing on it with them. And now he won't, not anymore.

I hate this. I hate this so much.
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Of the Good:

- My SPN season four DVDs came yesterday. And season five starts tomorrow! First time watching the show with the rest of the fans. Exciting.

- Glee! TONIGHT!

- Merlin series two preview!



There are two that are practically identical. I call them the Bookends. There's also Dracula and Cracker/Crackerhead (there is a black spot on the top of her head that's shaped like a Goldfish cracker, or a keyhole). And Chuck. As in Ground Chuck. Because he looks like a Holstein.


Of the Less Good:

- Port meeting was 3.5 hours last night. Bleh.

- I'm hoping tonight's Fire District meeting doesn't take two hours. I want to be home for Glee!

- A good amount of SPN-related writing has happened in the last few days. But I'm pretty worried it's mostly pathetic. I'm thinking about trying the same basic thing from a different POV, Dean's. But I'm waiting to hear back on what's written so far.


Aug. 24th, 2009 10:43 pm
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We haz them!

Seven, to be exact. Better make that eight nine.

They are adorable.

Bandit is definitely the father. They're all black and white.

And have such tiny ears.

It's strange, though, how very much they sound like human babies.
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Most recent pic of Georg and Penny. Turns out Georg is a girl. But still a Georg. Still so cute I could die. Even if she does look...what's the opposite of cross-eyed?

Meanwhile, puppies are going to be making an appearance in our lives. Our dog Pepper is definitely pregnant. This will only be the second time we've dealt with puppies from the start. Usually we have our animals fixed. But Pepper was my cousin's dog. Long story short, he's a moron and now she's ours. All the better for her.

And now there will be puppies! The father is my brother's dog and he and Pepper are practically identical, both black and white with spots. So you can imagine what their offspring will look like.


Jul. 15th, 2009 11:16 pm
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It was only a matter of time before I posted pictures.

This is George. We don't know yet if George is a boy or a girl, but either way, George it is. Not something I ever thought I'd name a cat, but for whatever reason, his face makes Mom think of pointillism and so we are naming the kitten after Georges-Pierre Seurat.

We bounced some other things around, but the kitten just seems like a George whenever we look at it.

Mama is...Well, we were thinking Lulu. And then we were thinking Penny. But I can't really bring myself to call her either. I think it's partly because it feels strange to name a cat that's old enough to reproduce. The right name will come. My aunt cycled through random names until her newest cat perked up at Daisy.

Right now I mostly just call her Mama.

Two more pictures )

Okay, so this one I am putting outside the cut because it amuses me.

Somewhat randomly, it amuses the hell out of me that TS Eliot wrote Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats and that it's from there that Andrew Lloyd Weber got Cats. HA. I still have my copy of the book (beat up a bit) from when I was nine.


Jul. 14th, 2009 01:44 pm
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We came home from Seattle with a cat and her kitten. They are currently living in our laundry room and doing their best to adjust.

Here's how we got them: A little over a month ago, this stray cat started hanging out around my aunt's condo. My aunt started leaving food out for it and, when the weather started to turn, shelter in the form of a cat carrier. In which the cat proceeded to have three kittens. Two of them didn't make it.

My aunt was thinking of keeping one or both of the cats, but she already has one (her name's Daisy and she's gray and so soft) and felt that maybe a farm would be a better place for them.

So we brought them home.

Now, what has me particularly excited today? Mama purred! We weren't sure if she just didn't or had forgotten how or what, but she can. And she did for me.

I've been the one interacting with them the most, basically just sitting around talking to them so they get used to me/people. Mama's a little twitchy, obviously. I just walked back there and she got growly and hissy, which she hadn't done to me all day yet, but she was in a new spot (at the window) in the room and away from baby and I may not have been so careful with the door. I either could have gone and let her chill or stayed. I chose to stay because, well, she is going to have to get used to it. So she jumped down to the washer and let me pet her with one hand and then two and before long, sure enough, the faintest purring sound. Which then turned quiet, but could still be felt.

A small, silly thing I'm sure. But, oh, progress.

Aw, Kitty

Jul. 13th, 2009 04:05 pm
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Is there anything cuter than a kitten, only a few weeks old, batting at your finger as it tries to stay up-right on its wee wobbly legs?

So cute I can hardly stand it.
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After the events of this morning, Dad thinks it's a possibility Lady may have tangled with a cougar.

Nicholas' horses got out this morning and they were pretty spooked apparently. And he found some tracks around the corral.

There were signs down the road last year, too.
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Lady is still missing. Today is not a good day. I don't want to deal with it anymore.

Someone distract me please? With anything. What's everyone up to these days? Reading? Writing? Watching?

Not Good

May. 20th, 2009 11:10 am
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Lady is missing.



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