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I wasn't going to watch it, I really wasn't, but then it was starting and Mom and I were like, "Well. What the hell."

Spoilers )
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Title: Beyond the Edge and Falling
Authors: In alphabetical order: [ profile] annundriel, [ profile] cautionzombies, [ profile] obstinatrix, and [ profile] tiptoe39
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: NC-17
Words: ~8,900
Summary: Cas is feeling dejected about his increasing humanity. Dean shows him some of the benefits.

Link takes you to [ profile] tiptoe39's journal, where the fic is being hosted.
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This is a little bit, hmm, half-assed? No, that's not quite right. It's not as good as it could be and I've only seen the episodes once (so it's starting to slip). I'm never really going to get down the things I want to say in the exact way I want to say them, but I'm tired of not posting about it, so.

Supernatural )
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First Breath After a Coma
Set during "In the Beginning."
Originally written for [ profile] nyoka's prompt at the Girl's Just Want to Have Fun meme.
Freshly rehymenated and back from hell, Deanna loses her "second" virginity to Castiel.

I'd like to dedicate this fic to [ profile] cautionzombies who did an amazing job beta-ing and held my hand and who was just awesome and patient in general. It wouldn't be the same without her. ♥

This fic is also for [ profile] nyoka. I'm glad your prompt ate my brain.

Thank you [ profile] nanoochka and [ profile] perfumaniac who were both kind enough to lend me their talents as betas.

Deanna dreams about Hell, about heat and fear and fire, about pain and agony. )
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Better Than
No spoilers. Contains rimming and somnophilia.
Castiel worships Dean, asleep and awake.

For [ profile] qthelights. Written last December. Many thanks to [ profile] perfumaniac and [ profile] cautionzombies for betaing and [ profile] oddlyfamiliar for giving it a look. <3

'Do whatever you want, Dean had said.' )
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I won't be posting about the finale for a few days. I need to process. (And would generally rather not talk about it until then, thanks.)

Instead, have a Dean/Castiel drabble I wrote a few days ago. No spoilers. G.

epiphany )
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Thighs to Thighs
Adrianne Palicki/Danneel Harris
A playful evening in.

Originally posted here at the Girls Just Want to Have Fun fic meme for the prompt: Danneel/Adrianne, tribbing.

Many thanks to the wonderful [ profile] cautionzombies and [ profile] stellamaris99 for beta-ing.

Adrianne watches Danneel above her )
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Stress Relief
female vessel!Castiel/Dean
Castiel takes a break from her busy schedule in Heaven to see Dean.

Originally posted here at the Girls Just Want to Have Fun meme for the prompt: female vessel!Castiel/Dean, cunnilingus.

There are other places Castiel should be, other things she should be doing. )
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While the Sky Crashes Down
No spoilers.
It's a dark and stormy night.

I want to thank [ profile] sycophantastic for telling me I should begin this fic with "It was a dark and stormy night" and [ profile] obstinatrix for daring me to do it. The fic wouldn't be the same if they hadn't. I also want to thank the fantastic [ profile] cautionzombies and [ profile] stellamaris99 for lending me their wonderful beta skills.

Castiel lies on his side, feet brushing Dean's, and watches the light change in their room )
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I honestly have no idea if any of this makes any sense. My head won't stop hurting.

Supernatural - 6.17 )

Please keep in mind I am almost completely UNSPOILED for the remainder of the season. Let's try to keep it that way?
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I do not have an appropriate icon. Woe.

Spoilers for last night's Hawaii Five-0 )

Two Things

Apr. 7th, 2011 12:40 am
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1) I have a fic journal with [ profile] cautionzombies! Officially! Nothing on it at the moment, but we hope to have something soon.

[ profile] annombies

2) What primarily spurred us to create the comm:

Click the banner to sign up

Oh yeah. We've joined DCBB together.

I am freaking out on so many levels right now.

Le Sigh

Apr. 5th, 2011 10:13 pm
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Turns out the poll was probably for nothing. A couple of those names are already taken. I swear when I searched for them, nothing came up. Though...I can't remember getting an actual "This journal does not exist" page? Just nothing. It was late and I was sleepy and LJ was, y'know, fucked.


Thank you all for your input, though! I think [ profile] cautionzombies had our leanings beforehand anyway and were probably going to upset the vote. ;)

Poll Time!

Apr. 4th, 2011 01:32 am
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The lovely [ profile] cautionzombies and myself are in the process of creating a joint writing journal for various upcoming projects. It's very exciting! Before we do anything, though, we'd like to have a name for it.

Can we get some input?

[Poll #1726647]
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Double Occupancy
Part of my panty!fic series. Follows Silk Stockings.
Dean and Castiel discover Victoria's Secret.

For [ profile] nanoochka and [ profile] qthelights for giving me the idea. Many, many thanks to [ profile] cautionzombies and [ profile] stellamaris99 for beta-ing.

'Sir, can I help you?' )
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There are many things Castiel would like to do.

I was in the mood for some shower fic. For [ profile] chicklet25.

Castiel doesn't need to shower. )
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First Brush
For [ profile] spacefragments, a bit of a Resident Evil au based on her art and the idea that Chris is still around in Raccoon City when Leon gets there.

First Brush )


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