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Death Defying
Castiel, Dean/Castiel
Spoilers for 7.17.
Second person POV. Originally posted as a prompt response here on my tumblr.
"You think death can stop true love?"

Of all the jobs in all the world, this was yours. Pull Dean Winchester from Perdition, save his soul. And you do it, you succeed, but no one told you what price you’d pay. No one knew.

You win and you lose and you fight and you die. You fall for Dean Winchester in every way possible, some you never imagined. He changes your equation. You used to see humanity as God’s most precious creation, tiny works of improbable art. Twice you’ve seen the error of your ways, first when you realized the pedestal you’d put humanity on was wrong and then again when you realized you’d underestimated them. Their living, breathing, bleeding bodies are so much more than you took them for.

You die twice, each time your heart—yours; it becomes yours the first time, Raphael’s might obliterating you—stopping only to come back stronger, the percussive rhythm of its beats urging you to find Dean, go to Dean, help Dean.

You walk out of a river with no memory of yourself or your past. You walk out of a river with no memory and no clothes and a woman finds you and takes you in, helps you find a name and a meaning and a purpose and you are grateful to her, but something is off.

Until Dean Winchester shows up on your front step, appearing suddenly in denim and violence, and your heart trip-hammers in your chest like it’s trying to restart.

You go with him. You learn who you are, who you were. You don’t know yet who you could be, but you have a chance now. He found you. You found him. That’s the long and the short of it. That’s what it all comes down to when you lie in the dark, Lucifer whispering in your ear.

You found him.

He found you.
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